First Impressions: Einstein Bros. Double Chocolate Chip Bagel

It’s February, which means love (and chocolate) are in the air.  What fast casual business venture isn’t apt to capitalize on the season of sweet treats? Einstein Bros. Bagels sure is, as the Colorado-based chain continues to roll out distinctly ‘seasonal’ offerings for both their cafe and breakfast menus. Among the winter offerings? Double Chocolate Bagel Poppers, Twisted Bagels, and the new Double Chocolate Chip Bagel.


I loved EBB’s Pumpkin Bagel poppers with all the intensity of a fat kid contemplating on a Twinkie, but I’ve yet to try the Double Chocolate Poppers. While I’m not nearly the chocolate fiend as some in my family are, I recently did try their Double Chocolate Chip Bagel. It was a fairly adventurous choice considering my usual “go-to” are more on the savory side (Pumpernickel, Potato) but a free coupon — courtesy of the restaurant’s new and dare-I-say swanky Facebook page spurred me on.


If you liked their regular Chocolate Chip Bagel, the Double Chocolate Chip bagel should go down well. Otherwise, I can’t say it was very distinguishable for the company’s ‘regular’ product, except for what seemed to be a slightly musty and darkened color that may have hinted of cocoa. While the ingredients and nutrition of the bagel have not been disclosed, it’s more than likely that the only “double” chocolate part of this bagel is the addition of cocoa powder to the plain bagel base. Still, it’s an Einstein Bagel so you can’t go wrong (especially for 99 cents), although I would recommend a trip in the toaster (to melt the somewhat small and scattered chocolate chip pieces) and the application of your favorite sweet cream cheese (I like their pumpkin flavor) to boost the flavor.


Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Double Chocolate Chip Bagel is only being offered for a limited time, so get them for your sweetheart before the season is over!

8 comments on “First Impressions: Einstein Bros. Double Chocolate Chip Bagel

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    I wanna try the twisted bagel! that thing looks cool.

  2. Adam says:

    Even if you aren’t a chocolate fan you should give the poppers a taste. If you ask someone in the store nearest you if you can sample one they should be more than happy to oblige. At our store we try to sample them all day and even the biggest chocolate haters among our employees can’t help but have one or two 😉 They are much better than the double chocolate chip bagels by themselves (due I think to the chocolate icing). And I’d highly recommend the Asiago/Cheddar twisted bagel too.

  3. MMMM chocolate bagel with cream cheese, wait I’m going into a day dream of yumminess now!

  4. SkippyMom says:

    When are people going to stop? This is sheer stupidity – chocolate, sorry DOUBLE chocolate for breakfast? What does this get you but a sugar rush? I know most everything contains sugar, but to eat this, get the high and then crash and burn before lunch?

    Just dumb. And yes, I realize you can buy one in the mid afternoon for a treat, but let’s not kid ourselves that bagels are sold as breakfast and lunch meals.

    I am sorry but I find this a marketing ploy [obviously]. Why screw with something so good to make it something it was never meant to be. Everything about it is just gross.

  5. Adam says:


    A bagel a week is not going to kill you. Please relax. Also, not everyone is on a 2000-calorie, 9 added sugar teaspoon a day diet. I understand your concern, but does everything have to turn into a crusade for all natural, super healthy food?

  6. Echo710 says:

    Do the Double Chocolate Chip bagels replace the regular Chocolate Chip bagels during their limited-time run, or does Einstein Bros currently offer both? It would be interesting to compare the two in a “side-by-side” tasting.

    I love Einstein Bros. bagels, but unfortunately do not live near one right now… I hope to have the opportunity to be close enough to an Einstein Bros. to try one of these Double Chocolate Chip bagels at some point before they stop offering them. (I assume that will be at the end of the month?)

    I would enjoy seeing a review of the “Poppers” variation on this flavor as well… actually, I would like to see reviews of Einstein Bros. bagels (and other menu items) a bit more frequently on GrubGrade; at least I could enjoy them vicariously (or perhaps just become insanely jealous while reading the reviews and looking at pictures of the food).

  7. Rob says:

    Oh my… this looks and sounds unbelievably disgusting.

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