Fast Food Review: Whiplash Whopper from Burger King

After hundreds of reviews on fast food products, it’s a little shocking that the Burger King Whopper has never been featured in a review.  A new version of the Whopper burger on the market is enough to get me to shell out some money for a purchase.  A Whopper purchase is rare for me, but I was eager to give the new Whiplash Whopper a taste.  Maybe the Iron Man 2 tie-in has got me hooked or the fact that this burger has crispy red peppers…whatever the case, I bought the burger and here are my impressions.

The Whiplash Whopper features your standard Whopper beef patty and it’s topped with lettuce, tomato, a spicy dressing mayonnaise, crispy fried onions red peppers and Pepper jack cheese on a sesame seed bun. A familiar issue for me with Burger King was apparent from the first bite.  The produce is terrible and the burger itself is pretty sloppily constructed.  Whenever some limp lettuce and nubby tomato slices go into the package, BK menu items seem to just come off as sad.  Mix in a spicy dressing, you’ve got a mess on your hands.  The spicy dressing is indeed spicy.  It packs a tolerable kick of heat that has a peppery taste.  Crispy red peppers are also piled in the mix and some of them are crunchy while others are just stale and hard.  The pepper jack cheese was evenly melted and draped the beef patty completely.  Taste-wise, the cheese didn’t make much of an impact.  The main players in the Whiplash Whopper are the spicy sauce, crispy onions and of course the beef patty.

I’m more excited to see the Whiplash character in Iron Man 2 than I was to try the Whiplash Whopper. Hopefully the movie impresses me more than this new promo burger item did. Burger King’s lettuce and tomato offerings always make for a pathetic display, but at least I’m not reviewing a salad here.  Fans of the classic Whopper will probably want to skip the Whiplash, but curiosity for a little spice in their burger might bring in some sales.

Pros: Decent amount of heat. Filling.

Cons: Poor lettuce/tomatoes. Messy. Pricey at over $4. Some stale crispy red peppers.

Taste: 7.00/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 4.00/10
Price: $4.29

Overall GrubGrade: 6.50 (Average)

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32 comments on “Fast Food Review: Whiplash Whopper from Burger King

  1. TomHandy says:

    I definitely agree about the produce – I used to like Burger King and the Whopper quite a bit, but over the past few years especially, the produce at my local BK has really degraded to the point that it isn’t just tasteless and lifeless but actually ruins the taste of the burger.

    One thing I have to give McDonald’s credit for is that the produce they are using on the new Angus burgers is considerably higher quality than what anyone else in my area is using (BK, Wendy’s)…. the tomatos in particular seem nice and full and fresh…. much closer to what I get from a nice restaurant burger.

    • Crusader says:

      I had the Chipotle Bacon Angus burger and I have to say it was almost restaurant quality.

      • TomHandy says:

        Hrmm, that sounds pretty good – is that a new one they’re testing? At my local McD’s they only have the regular Angus, a Bacon one and a Mushroom and Swiss.

        • Crusader says:

          I don’t know what they’re testing in different locations. I just know that it was delish. But knowing McDonald’s they’re not going to carry it very long as the sheeple prefer their lower-quality burgers.

    • Ryan says:

      Agreed on the McDonald’s Angus produce. I was just looking at the pics I took for my review. Great looking red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Truly puts the BK produce in the same category as trash.

      • Manavee says:

        I love the produce on the Angus burgers. I hate the burger patty, as I find it has that overly salty weird McDonald’s taste to it (albeit better than some of their other swill).

        If you could just transfer a half-way acceptable burger patty to the surrouding bun and produce McDonald’s use for the Angus, you would have an absolutely awesome burger, IMO.

  2. Evan says:

    I just had a chicken sandwich at BK for lunch and the produce looked pretty much exactly like what you’ve described – the shredded “lettuce” is always absolutely everywhere EXCEPT the sandwich every time I unwrap something from them.

  3. maxchain says:

    They totally phone it in on the lettuce. I’ll forever rue the day I bought a salad at BK.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    BK’s produce has been horrid for over twenty years. To be honest, I can’t remember them ever having decent produce, and I’ve been eating at BK since the 70’s.

    I have to ask, is the spicy sauce the red stuff in the pics, or is that ketchup? What is the white foamy looking substance I see in the top right corner of the first pic, as well as the bottom pic? Is that disgusting mayo? I don’t see mayo in the description, so I would like to know. I wouldn’t mind trying one of these as long as I know the special sauce isn’t mayo based.

    • Ryan says:

      Haha…yup I’m pretty sure it’s mayo-based. It’s not really too mayo-y (?) but I know where you’re coming from. I say stay away Raiders! As for the white looking substance, yeah prob straight-up mayo. Ask them to hold the mayo just in case.

  5. Burger King’s Burgers are better than Five Guys or Cheeburger in my opinion. That flame grilled taste is very hard to beat and the price is much better. In fact. As hateful as I am, I go to Burger King for the Burgers and Five Guys for the fries. The fries at Five Guys are a ridiculously good value and quite tasty. Since these locations are a couple thousand feet from each other… I don’t waste money on gas.

  6. Adam Bomb says:

    This review went exactly as I feared it would, lol. BK’s crappy tomato/lettuce are legendary. My favorite gimmick Whoppers in recent history were the Angry Whopper and whatever it was they had when the last Indiana Jones movie came out. I think it was called the Indy Whopper. It had some killer spicy sauce on it that I loved. I don’t think I’ll be bothering with this one, though.

  7. Justin says:

    The lettuce probably needs to be shocked, and the tomatoes cut properly.

    I’ll try this tomorrow, maybe at lunch or after work, sans tomato and lettuce…

  8. Bob says:

    Nothing worse than bad produce.

  9. Manavee says:

    Just had it today. I agree with you, my reaction was “meh.” I didn’t find it spicy at all, and would have preferred they ramp up the spice a bit. The onions were pretty flavorless, although they did provide some good texture (at least with my burger). An underwhelming experience.

  10. Justin says:

    First of all, the burger does not have fried onions, it is fried red pepper strips. Perhaps this is why you thought they were stale.

    Secondly, I had this today and thought it was amazing. I just took the tomatoes off. It’s the best burger BK has had in years. It’s not as good as McD’s Angus burgers, but I enjoyed what I had.

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. BK’s own website doesn’t have the specifics on this burger. I did just find out that the ingredients are listed as “melted Pepper Jack cheese, crispy red peppers and spicy mayonnaise”…but not on BK’s site.

  11. drpep says:

    Tried one today. Not a big Whopper fan. I always get more bread taste than meat taste. Left the tomato off. Lettuce looked good, always seems good at my local BK. Removed about half of the fried pepper strips. Was spicy but could have been just a tad more. Will buy another one before the promotion ends.

  12. Will says:

    id take mcdonalds or five guys or checkers over bk any day, but i have to say this double whiplash whopper is delicious. reminds me of the angry whopper they had which was my favorite. i still prefer the angry whopper over this but its good nonetheless, id get it again. some bacon wouldnt hurt. why did they get rid of the angry whopper, that thing was delicious

  13. Will says:

    i also get all of my burgers without lettuce or tomato, so i cant comment on the produce. the idea of L and T on a burger is gross to me

  14. manny says:

    MMMm i disagree !!! This whopper is the best!!! It taste great and further proves bk is the king of burgers!!!

  15. nothingxs says:

    I’m a pretty huge fan of the McDonalds Angus burgers. I haven’t had them in a while but now I’ve got a hankering for an Angus Deluxe.

    Also, thank you for finally putting to words what my problem with BK burgers has been all this time. I never realized it was just that the produce sucked complete butt. That explains why I prefer them plain despite liking lettuce + tomato + onions on my burger.

  16. kent j says:

    The movie has no whip and no lash. It sucked. I would take an angry whopper anyt day over this piece of fried movie

  17. Minnie says:

    It looks like BK is not doing a good job of checking expiration dates on the produce, other wise it would not be looking so sad. I worked there for 2 yrs and have to say that ours looked pretty good. I think the management team needs to be doing their jobs a little better so customers don’t get this poor quality. 🙁

    • jesika says:

      agreed… having worked at subway we were pretty strict
      about checking exp. dates on everything before it went out. but
      sometimes we just got shipments of shitty, underripe tomatoes etc
      and we just had to make due with that. i do miss working there so
      that i could pick only the best looking veggies to go on my
      sandwich! some workers just wont care and will throw anything on
      there. the good ones will toss an icky-looking peice of lettuce in
      the trash.

  18. Tim says:

    Had one today. First special whopper I’ve ever tried (usually just go with the Jr whopper these days) an it was awesome! Was there produce on that thing? If you guys are going to BK for produce then you’re pretty dang stupid. That burge has a great kick, a great crunch, and was really good!

  19. Rob says:

    I had one yesterday, it was ok. Not worth the price though, talk about sticker shock..over $7 for a off. What disappointed me like the Angry Whopper is that it’s not spicy enough. It was weak, expensive and the crunchy things had no flavor. Won’t be buying again.

  20. Our iron man promo was the angry whoppers 3rd return, don’t get me wrong I like the angry incarnation and all but this sounds so much better…I love red peppers especially roasted

  21. and it was around $8

  22. Crusader says:

    Bring back the McDonald’s Arch Deluxe!

  23. Shannon says:

    I must say that I agree with most of you about the lettuce. Why anyone would shred lettuce for a sandwich is beyond me. I always take the tomato off anyway. That is where the agreement ends. I really like Whoppers. They have a nice taste while being very filling. It’s the only sandwich whose contents dripping and oozing all over the place would not bother me.

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