Fast Food Review: Value Menu Nachos from Taco Bell

The economic troubles of today provide extra opportunities for businesses to lure customers in with value menus.  One of the best examples of an exceptional value menu is the one over at Taco Bell.  Many consumers may forego the pricier new Grande Quesadilla for some cheaper alternatives.  A good number of offerings can be found in the $0.79, $0.89 and $0.99 price range.  Today we will cover three of those “under a buck” options with the Value Menu Nachos from Taco Bell.

Value Menu Nachos from Taco Bell

Value menu nachos at Taco Bell have barged into the territory once held by the bigger and pricier Nachos Bell Grande.  The Nachos Bell Grande is still available, but with these cheap newcomers getting all of the attention, the big brother has become the red-headed stepchild.  Each one of the 3 “value” nachos occupy one of the 3 price points in the Taco Bell value menu line-up.

79cent Triple Layer Nachos

79cent Triple Layer Nachos

At 79 cents, you get the Triple Layer Nachos.  These nachos are your stripped-down, simple nachos.  No point complaining because at 79 cents, it’s still a great deal.  It consists of tortilla chips topped with refried beans, Taco Bell red sauce, and nacho cheese.  No meat in the Triple Layer Nachos so take notice vegetarians.  The ingredients are what you’re used to at Taco Bell.  Nothing really new or exciting.  The red sauce has a little kick to it and you could always spice it up more with some hot sauce packets.  The refried beans and nacho cheese smother the chips pretty well and had me almost wanting a few extra dry chips to help with the mess it becomes.  This definitely isn’t a great “Grubbing on the Go” item, as you will most likely make a mess even when sitting at a table.  At a price of 79 cents, it’s hard to find things to complain about.  Sure it can get a little messy and a few more dry chips would help, but this is more of a side item or snack that would be a nice bonus to complete a cheap meal.

89cent Beefy 5-Layer Nachos from Taco Bell

89cent Beefy 5-Layer Nachos

The newest member of the Taco Bell nacho family is Beefy 5-Layer Nachos for 89 cents. The Beefy 5-Layer Nachos take the refried beans, Taco Bell red sauce and nacho cheese found in the Triple Layer version and add a shredded 3-cheese blend and seasoned beef.  With the addition of beef you automatically need to recognize that the added protein will equal a more filling meal.  Adding on just 10 cents for this upgrade is an awesome deal.  There is some weight to this plate of nachos and it still suffers some from being a heaping mess after you’re halfway through it.  The addition of shredded cheese to the already cheesy, gooey meal may turn off some but it never becomes overwhelming.  All in all the focus should stay on the seasoned beef.  It provides something more substantial for your tortilla chips to scoop up.  I think these nachos could’ve been a bit beefier and less cheesy but I have to remember, it’s only 89 cents.  This was a very good value and it’s too bad it’s a limited time item.

99cent 7-Layer Dip Nachos

99cent 7-Layer Dip Nachos

The 7-Layer Dip Nachos come packed with a nice variety and a nice price of 99 cents. Good luck finding a chip that isn’t smothered.  The 7-Layer Dip Nachos consist of refried beans, Taco Bell red sauce, nacho cheese, diced tomato, crunchy red tortilla strips, guacamole and sour cream.  While the variety of toppings is nice, the lack of seasoned beef was a little disappointing.  I constantly had the feeling like something was missing.  It really seemed impossible to grab a hold of a chip that wasn’t completely coated with every topping.  These nachos would benefit the most from having an extra handful of dry chips.  The mix of ingredients is nice, but who are we kidding, this isn’t high quality stuff.  The guacamole tasted a little off but it’s difficult to notice with 6 other layers getting in the way.  Once again, the running theme here is that it’s all less than a buck.  It’s a satisfying quick bite and the value is hard to contend with.

Taco Bell Value Nacho CollageIn these tough economic times it’s great to be able to get a decent sized plate of nachos for some loose change.  If you find it difficult to choose one, why not choose two or three?  Getting all 3 of these value menu offerings will run you less than $3 (and you’ll create about 15 layers of nachos in the process).

Pros: Super cheap. 3 choices. Tasty and simple.

Cons: Could use a few more chips. Messy. Triple Layer Nachos may be too bare bones for some. Beefy 5-Layer Nachos may come across as too cheesy. 7-Layer Dip Nachos could benefit from added seasoned beef.

Taste: 8.00/10
Value: 9.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.75/10
Price: $0.79 (Triple Layer Nachos) | $0.89 (Beefy 5-Layer Nachos) | $0.99 (7-Layer Dip Nachos)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.75/10 (Beefy 5-Layer Nachos) | 8.50/10 (7-Layer Dip Nachos) | 8.00/10 (Triple Layer Nachos)

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
[caption id="attachment_1384" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Triple Layer Nachos Nutrition Triple Layer Nachos Nutrition[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_1385" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Beefy 5-Layer Nachos Nutrition Beefy 5-Layer Nachos Nutrition[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_1386" align="aligncenter" width="240"]7-Layer Dip Nachos Nutrition 7-Layer Dip Nachos Nutrition[/caption]

11 comments on “Fast Food Review: Value Menu Nachos from Taco Bell

  1. I love me some Taco Bell…..never eat it but love it. I always thought that being the guy who comes up with new Taco Bell menu items would be the best job!!!

    “…(and you’ll create about 15 layers of nachos in the process). ” – Haha, too funny.

  2. Lex says:

    Very nice review!

  3. rob says:

    I’m going to splurge and go for the 7 layer version. On a dollar per calorie basis it is hard to beat.

  4. Cassaendra says:

    Holy crap! I need to go to your Taco Bell, because the Taco Bells here serve portions like were under wartime food rationing.

    15 layers for under $3. 🙂 While looking at the pics of the 79 and 89 c versions, I did wonder about sticking both in a larger container and shaking it up. With the way our servings in CLE go, I wouldn’t worry about insufficient amounts of dry chips.

  5. Lee says:

    I had the 7-layer nachos. They cost me $1.89. And they were GROSS.

    I wrote about them too:

  6. myke c says:

    I just had the 7 layer nachos and they WERE GROSS!! only because of the super nasty off taste guacamole.. i recommend holding off on the guac. othen then that they were good value

  7. I like my own, 6 layer nachos.. everything minus the sour cream. :p

  8. amy says:

    good review, I love the 7 layer nachos, One time I ordered them they had the seasoned beef, then at a different taco bell they were the regular way again so I chalked it up to they made a mistake the time they put the beef on them, I can definitely say I liked them better with the seasoned beef…

  9. ali says:

    i ate there nachos for 5.50 and they tast so bad and i hate it.

  10. Jenny says:

    Remember when they had the actual 7 layer dip with chips on the side? Anyone? That was the best thing Taco Bell ever had!

  11. Tip for all you $1 menu nacho lovers. As soon as I get my 7-layer nachos, I flip the container upside down. Open it. Then I pick out all the crisp chips from the bottom and put them in the lid. If I am taking home for later, I flip when bought and then pull out the crisp chips as soon as I get them home and store in a different container.