Fast Food Review: Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Roy Rogers

While I may collect bottles of hot sauce for my very own personal “Wall of Flame” at home, I’m still pretty wimpy when it comes to spicy. I do enjoy a little heat and like to test my tolerance from time to time, but I’m no Scott Roberts. Fast food chicken sandwiches have taken the spicy makeover through the years and I think I’ve tried them all. Most recently, Chick-fil-A introduced their Spicy Chicken Sandwich as a new permanent spot on the menu. While to a lot of the readers out there, Roy Rogers restaurants may be many miles from you, I have the luxury to be surrounded by them. The latest addition at Roy’s is their own take on spicy. No fancy name here… simply the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Available for a limited time only, the Roy Rogers Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a worthy addition to the realm of fast food chicken sandwiches. Roy’s already has one of the best chicken sandwiches there is with the Gold Rush, but the Spicy Chicken Sandwich deserves some recognition now too. While the Gold Rush will always be my #1 seed, I can see myself playing the field and hooking up with Spicy when I’m in the mood for change. The thing I really liked about the Spicy Chicken Sandwich was it wasn’t overly spicy. On looks alone, this sandwich looks scary with the reddish brown fried batter and topped off with a firey orange sauce scattered with pepper flakes. Truth be told, I wasn’t reaching for a cold beverage on first taste. I actually consumed the entire sandwich without a drink by my side and this wouldn’t be possible for me with most every other spicy chicken sandwich. For all you extreme chile heads out there, the Roy’s Spicy Chicken might have you laughing. For all the wimps, give this sandwich a fair shot.

This is a really tasty chicken sandwich that is tastier than it is spicy. You can taste the spices without having any pain following it. A well constructed sandwich not overdone with ingredients, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Roy Rogers is simply a seasoned chicken patty, American cheese, a mild-medium peppery sauce in a bun. There was no wishing for some cool lettuce and tomato to help fan the flames with this sandwich. The sauce and cheese help bring some extra texture to the combination while the chicken patty was moist and flavorful on the inside while bringing up the heat on the outside. The Roy Rogers Spicy Chicken Sandwich is promo priced at $3.49 and there is an option to add bacon for 60 cents more. I love the bacon in my Gold Rush so on next try, I’ll be upgrading the Spicy. The latest at Roy’s is worth a taste and I’m hoping it sticks around for a while.

Pros: Not painful. More tasty than it is spicy.

Cons: Extreme spicy lovers will be disappointed.

Taste: 8.50/10
Value: 6.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.50/10
Price: $3.49

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50/10

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Nutrition Facts:
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9 comments on “Fast Food Review: Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Roy Rogers

  1. Jessica Leigh says:

    This looks delicious and I’m glad to hear it is more flavorful than it is spicy! Way too often, a restaurant will have so much spicy that you can’t taste anything else. Also, the bun on this looks really good.

  2. skippymom says:

    Gotta love a Roy’s toasted bun. And that is a nice sized piece of chicken. A little messy but worth it I am sure.

    And when are you rented me a room in your home so I can indulge in my love of Roy’s on a daily basis? Leesburg is just too far for me to do everyday. ;D

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    I fit into the “extreme spicy lovers” category, but I don’t think I’d be disappointed by the lack of heat in this sandwich. I can appreciate good spicy flavor without that “get me some milk!!!” four-alarm feeling in my mouth.

    Now if there was just a Roy Rogers near me… 🙁

  4. ratbuddy says:

    Hmm, Roy Rogers’ nutrition info on their site is three years old and doesn’t include trans fat content. Pass.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    I have to agree with Adam. I love hot and spicy food, but it doesn’t always have to be blow your face off spicy. I’ll take good flavor over extreme heat more often than not. I do have to question the sauce though, as it has that strange look that makes me wonder if mayo was used as it’s base( I hate mayo and it seems everyone cheats and uses it to thicken their sauces. Blech! I guess nobody has ever heard of pectin.).

    Also, your killing me with all the Roy Roger’s talk I’ve seen on here lately. If they’re still as good as they used to be, they are easily one of the better fast food chains in the country. I haven’t had one of their roast beast sandwiches in almost 30 years.

  6. TylerSC says:

    There used to be Roy Rogers everywhere in northern Virginia-Maryland, Baltimore-Washington area, New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania and Connecticut. Even NC, Indiana, and Ohio. They need to expand again…love the roast beef, Double R burger, and of course, the fried chicken. Wish they would come to Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC areas. We did get Jack in the Box all the way from California. Also miss Bob’s Big Boy, as Shoney’s has not been a Big Boy franchise for years and they’re about gone. But the Frisch’s franchise is still popular in Ohio.

    • Adam Bomb says:

      Hmm, I don’t remember ever seeing a Roy Rogers here in Indiana. Must not have been one in my neck of the woods. On a semi-related note, I miss Rax! Their BBC was good.

  7. Keith says:

    Spicy or not, that sauce just looks awesome.