Fast Food Review: Rodeo Cheeseburger from Burger King

I’ve done my fair share of slamming Burger King products in my day, but there is one particular item that will always put a smile on my face.  Only one time can I remember being disappointed with the Rodeo Cheeseburger from Burger King and that was when someone mistakenly put A1 steak sauce in the place of BBQ sauce.  The Rodeo Cheeseburger is a favorite of mine and I consider it $1.49 of fast food satisfaction.

While some locations don’t have the Rodeo Cheeseburger on the menu board anymore, if you ask for it, chances are you’ll get it.  If your BK doesn’t acquiesce, just order a cheeseburger plain, a side of onion rings and BBQ dipping sauce to make your own.  It won’t quite be exactly what a true Rodeo is supposed to be… not sure exactly how the BBQ sauce for the nuggets would compare to what they’d put in a BBQ burger.  But whatever the case, I’ve done it before with positive results.

The Rodeo Cheeseburger is described like this via Wikipedia (sweet, it has its own Wiki page):

 The Rodeo Cheeseburger consists of a burger patty, American cheese, three onion rings, mayo and barbecue sauce served on a sesame-seed bun.

Well as we all know, Wiki isn’t always completely accurate so here’s a correction:  There’s no mayo on the BK Rodeo Cheeseburger.  If mayonnaise ever got close to my Rodeo Cheeseburger, I’d spike it into the nearest trashcan.  As a Western-style burger lover, I can say with great passion that mayo has no place near it.  The Rodeo Cheeseburger is void of the biggest travesty in Burger King’s arsenal… “fresh” produce.  No droopy, limp, pale lettuce or nubby tomatoes to be found… thumbs up from me.  The generally so-so BK Onion Rings are put to good use in the Rodeo Cheeseburger.  They provide a delicate crunch and hit of onion flavor I like.  Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce is slathered on nice and even to provide a sweet and mildly spicy kick.  The American cheese always seems to be melted onto the rings and standard flame-broiled burger patty just right, getting everything stuck together in one nice tight package.  The cheesy adhesive proves to make this a fairly decent grubbing on the go burger.  I’ve never encountered an issue with the sesame-seed bun and I especially like the fact that the bun to burger to rings to everything else ratio is spot-on.

While the list of things I dislike about Burger King is quite long, I feel the value menu and the elusive Rodeo Cheeseburger are real winners in the fast food world.  If you’re in the mood for a cheap, cowboy-inspired burger from a drive-thru window, you’re in for a treat with the Rodeo.  It’s a favorite or mine and is worthy of my spare change any day.

Pros: Great balance of simple flavors that make up a great fast food cheeseburger. Only $1.49

Cons: May not be available at your local BK.

Taste: 9.25/10
Value: 8.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.25/10
Price: $1.49

Overall GrubGrade: 9.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Rodeo Cheeseburger
Calories – 380
Totatl Fat – 19 grams
Saturated Fat – 8 grams
Cholesterol – 30 milligrams
Sodium – 630 milligrams
Carbs – 40 grams
Sugars – 9 grams
Dietary Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 17 grams

20 comments on “Fast Food Review: Rodeo Cheeseburger from Burger King

  1. Keith says:

    The Rodeo Burger – also one of my nostalgic, fast-food favorites.

    Although I haven’t ordered it in a long, long time, every time I go to BK I’m sure to get their pre-formed – strangely appealing – onion rings and then promptly place between 2 and 4 of them on whatever sandwich I’m eating.

    I’m just sure to get a small, because the rings by themselves get old pretty fast.

    I also agree that simpler is better at BK.. the more ingredients there are, the greater the chance of them screwing it up.

  2. Patrick says:

    Our BK franchises here in the LV are run by a grumpy old man who is a cheap @$$ to boot. I loved this when they had it, but now the BK’s around here refuse to make it since it isn’t on the menu…

    I have to try the whole making it on my own thing, though. Is it the same BBQ sauce as used with the chicken tenders?

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t think its the same BBQ sauce that is used for the tenders… close enough though, still BBQ sauce, I’m sure it’s still good.

  3. Steve says:

    These are my favorites. Order them three at a time. They’re the only thing I really eat at Burger King anymore. Not on the menus around here though. That makes me feel special and mysterious. I wish they had a password i could use.

  4. Kristopher Kachurak says:

    What is the definition of a “Western-style burger”? Does this mean a burger from the West coast? Don’t many West coast burgers proudly sport mayonnaise?

    Or by Western-style, did you mean, with BBQ sauce?

    Is this a community-wide term I did not realize the definition of?

    • Ryan says:

      Western-style to me always meant ingredients like BBQ sauce, some sort of fried onions and usually bacon. Usually reserved for burgers like the Applebee’s Cowboy Burger or the Roy Rogers Tumbleweed Burger. I guess it’s all open to interpretation.

    • rob says:

      Western-style is how the cowboys used to make their burgers when they were out on the range on a cattle drive.

  5. Seeker says:

    I take my rodeo cheeseburger with a bit differently. And by a bit different I mean just get a $1 BK stacker and stuff onion rings in it since it’s marginally cheaper and includes bacon. BBQ sauce for dipping.

    • Ned says:

      That’s the way to do it!

    • LauraBumblebee says:

      I do the same thing! I ask for no Stacker sauce cause it’s too close to being mayo for my tastes, and when they remember to leave it off (which is annoyingly rare) it’s perfection. The bacon at my BK is always really darn crispy, and it absolutely makes the Fauxdeo Burger experience. Well that and pretending that I cooked…cause adding stuff to a premade burger is more involved than just ordering. And that TOTALLY counts as cooking.

      Come to think of it, that’s all I ever get at Burger King. I’m guessing I’m not missing anything by not branching out…

  6. J.B. says:

    This is about the only BK product that I actually like.

  7. Matt says:

    I love these, pretty much all I get from BK these days. This post got me to think of another temp sandwich that burger king had on the value menu; does anyone remember the chicken tenders sandwich? Also a great cheap option

  8. Dan N says:

    Two things. I’ve NEVER heard of a Rodeo Burger at any location in SC or VA and if I asked for a Rodeo burger in these states the people working the counter would look at me like I’m crazy. Second your nutrition values are WAY WAY too low. The bun and burger alone probably have 380 calories. More like 550 – 600 calories.

    • Keith says:

      It’s a fairly small burger – there’s no way it’s 550 – 600 calories. Maybe if it was Whopper sized.

      The nutritional info is widely reported and not only is it illegal to misrepresent the info, but fast food places – particularly BK – have been found to be the most accurate as far as the information is concerned.

  9. Dan N says:

    Ok Keith I can believe its less than 550-600 calories if its a mini burger. Like I stated earlier I’ve never seen the burger. Even a mini burger the nutirtion info doesn’t add up. Here are minium values:
    Bun = 120 calories
    Meat = 160 calories
    Cheese = 60 calories
    BBQ sauce = 40 calories
    Onion rings = 50 calories
    Total = 430 calories

    All that is very very conservative numbers leaning on the side of supporting BK and not reality.

    BTW your statement about the nutrition information at restaurants being correct couldn’t be farther from the truth. A lot of the posted values are laughable and I’ve corrected several restaurants on their nutrition numbers. It’s their “best” guess and they have no incentive to guess correctly.

    • Nick says:

      seeing as it’s pretty much their plain cheeseburger which is 290 with nothing extra added it’s not a stretch saying that the onions and bbq sauce only add 90 more calories. Hell you even listed they would have that much combined. Do your research before you make claims.

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  12. Charlotte Bryant says:

    my totals come out to 549, give or take a few. but you know i just love those rodeo burgers

  13. Nick says:

    I am surprised no one dunks these things in Zesty sauce. It’s the only way to eat them

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