Fast Food Review: Roast Beef Sliders from Roy Rogers

In a country where giant portions of grub can be found at every corner, there are times when snacking on something smaller than your head feels like a welcomed change. Sometimes good things come in small packages.  There is no exception to that as Roy Rogers joins the “Slider” market with their New! Roast Beef Sliders.

Roast Beef Slider

It’s tough comparing these new sliders to the Original Roast Beef Sandwich (we did the review in May),  but let’s just say I was quite impressed with the new size.   Not much of anything to talk about when comparing the taste of these sliders to the Original Roast Beef, you’re just in a much smaller size.  I’ve noticed that burger sliders have a tendency to lose “something” in the cooking (shrinking) process.  Since we’re dealing with roast beef here, there’s nothing different taste-wise. The bun is soft, slightly toasted, and holds the sliders together very well.  The Roast Beef is the same original USDA beef as in the Original, just a lot less on one sandwich.  The roast beef on the sliders was just right.  Not too dry and not too moist.  No need for any condiments on this day.  If you must, you’ve got (among other choices) horseradish.

Roast Beef Sliders from Roy Rogers

You can get the sliders in “packs” of  3, 6 or 9. I ordered the 6-pack and I was  expecting them to come in a box with six sliders all stuck together.  Instead, they wrap each slider separately.  I really like that they were wrapped individually as it keeps each slider fresh and makes grubbing on the go really easy. The time of the prep process might take a hit with the practice of wrapping each slider but I liked the careful touch.  As I mentioned before, I ordered 6 of these sliders…I’m just a little girl so I had to go and share some with my happy boyfriend. 🙂

Roy Rogers Roast Beef Sliders

These sliders would be great for a picnic or a party. They are tasty, neat and fit in the palm of your hand.  Note: Not my hands in the pics. Since they are individually wrapped, I think Roy’s should sell them individually.  One thing Roy Rogers lacks that I feel is taking a bite out of their sales is a VALUE MENU!!!  These little sliders might be a great item for a menu like that.  As it is now, you can get 3 sliders for $3.99 so a little over a dollar per slider.  A set of 3 sliders is filling enough to replace a full size sandwich.  I’m thinking 89¢ a piece would be a lot better.  It’s actually not a horrible value but I’d think it would be tough to compete with most other chains prices.  I’d just like to have the option to get any quantity.  Come on Roys!

Roy's Roast Beef Sliders in Hand

Roy’s did a great thing coming out with these sliders.  I prefer them a tad bit more over the Original Roast Beef, since they are smaller, you don’t get an overabundance of Roast Beef.  If you have a real hearty appetite, though, I would still suggest the Original Roast Beef.  The slider market is hot right now, what is going to be next, Roy’s Gold Rush Chicken Sliders???

Pros: Great size, easy for grubbing on the go. Roy's Real Roast Beef. Nice buns.

Cons: Would like the option to buy them individually. A little pricey.

Taste: 8.75/10
Value: 5.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 9.25/10
Price: $3.99 (3), $6.99 (6), $12.99 (12)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition Info not available at the time of writing this so here's the info for the full-sized Original Roast Beef Sandwich.
Calories – 320
Total Fat – 10 grams
Saturated Fat – 3 grams
Cholesterol – 62 milligrams
Sodium – 875 milligrams
Carbs – 29 grams
Fiber – 3 grams
Protein – 31 grams

4 comments on “Fast Food Review: Roast Beef Sliders from Roy Rogers

  1. rob says:

    I think selling them individually would be great also.

    Let’s say you are eating healthy for lunch and have a garden salad with low-fat dressing … but you want to feel like you actually ATE something before you go back to work … a single roast beef slider will fit the bill, but if you eat three then what was the point of having the salad?

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    Good review!

    Okay, I’m going to ask a question that may have been answered elsewhere. How does Roy Rogers’ roast beef compare to Arby’s? I’m nowhere near a Roy Rogers, so I can’t find out for myself!

  3. Ryan says:

    @ Adam Bomb … Roy’s roast beef is a lot better than Arby’s IMO. Nice flavor, not dried-out…it’s the real deal.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    We used to have a Roy Rogers, and their roast beef was the best of any of the chains. Look at the pics, where you can see the meat cracking/tearing apart. You don’t get that with the fake processed Arby’s roast beef. Nor did you get that with Hardee’s back in the day(Which was better than Arby’s as well). Roy Rogers at least makes an attempt to have something that looks like actual roast beef, instead of some brine filled slap of processed beef product passed off as such.