Fast Food Review: Original Chili Dog from Wienerschnitzel

The bond between hot dog and chili is a strong one.  The foundation of bun and frank can be topped in hundreds of different ways, but transforming a basic hot dog into a chili dog is one of America’s favorites.  Fast food hot dog spot, Wienerschnitzel has a very traditional version this favorite and it’s simply called the Original Chili Dog.

Original Chili Dog from Wienerschnitzel (wrapped)The Original Chili Dog from Wienerschnitzel can be seen as an introduction to the chili dog universe.  It’s really nothing spectacular and I guess calling it the “Original”, makes it so.  Standard hot dog bun, standard dog and a tame meat chili.  If you can imagine grabbing a bare bones hot dog from a fair, you can imagine the Wienerschnitzel value offerings.  I’m not trying to say this is a bad thing, it’s just pretty regular. No spicy heat coming from the meat chili, no diced onions, no shredded cheese, no jalapenos. It’s a cheap and somewhat messy item that can be inhaled in 3 or 4 bites. With so many ways to dress up your dog, the Original Chili Dog is a sad display and should be reserved for bored and sleepy taste buds. Sadly, this dog was lacking in the taste department.

Original Chili Dog from Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel Chili DogWith most every chili dog, the main focus is taken off of the actual dog and put solely on the chili.  Wienerschnitzel’s Original Chili Dog is quite boring but it’s not a travesty when it only costs $1.51 (odd price right?).  I’m not likely to get this again because this particular dog was purchased in California.  Around my great state of Maryland, we don’t have many good hot dog options but the local 7-11 offerings would probably compare closely with the Wienerschnitzel fare.  Very forgettable.

    Wienerschnitzel Collage

    Pros: Cheap. Decent if you are looking for a bare bones chili dog.

    Cons: Nothing exciting. Lacking diced onions, cheese and heat. Messy.

    Taste: 5.25/10
    Value: 5.75/10
    Grubbing on-the-go: 4.00/10
    Price: $1.51

    Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

    More Info:
    Nutrition Facts:
    Original Chili Dog
    Calories - 290
    Fat - 13 grams
    Saturated Fat - 4 grams
    Cholesterol - 30 milligrams
    Sodium - 1000 milligrams
    Carbs - 31 grams
    Sugars - 3 grams
    Dietary Fiber - 1 gram
    Protein - 11 grams

    9 comments on “Fast Food Review: Original Chili Dog from Wienerschnitzel

    1. Josh says:


      I am telling you…you need to get over to NoVA and go to The Vienna Inn…if you love Chili cheese dogs or chili in general…this is the spot…

    2. SkippyMom says:

      Ryan is 100% right. When we were first married we lived a mile from the Vienna Inn – and it is worth the trip for you – Couple of warnings tho’ – it is an institution and it can be packed often [with a lot of locals] It is a complete and utter dump – don’t let that throw you and the waitresses can be surly [probably because they have been there since the dawn of time] – but they are good at what they do.

      When I read your review of this dog I laughed and thought “Well there is the kiss of death – comparing it to a 7-11 dog.” LOL

    3. Yum Yucky says:

      Just realizing now I’ve never had a chili dog in my life. Ever.

    4. I am from Detroit where the Chili Dog is an institution! If you can serve a chili dog in a paper wrapper–it ain’t worth the experience!

      Detroit Coney Island restaurants are a part of our DNA, if you have the occasion to visit the motor city, go to Either Lafayette or American Coney Island in downtown Detroit, where the Coney Island Chili dog was born. They are literally next door to each other. The debate rages daily as to which is the best.

      I am an American Coney guy myself, but you can’t go wrong at either spot. Trust me, you have a Coney and you will understand why they do such brisk business online with their Coney Kits aimed at expatriate Detroiters who find themselves jonesing for a Coney on a regular basis.

    5. Obbop says:

      Mighty fine review of a critter (chili dog) that can be difficult to write about.

      Think about it… ponder, if you will, the difficulty one would confront if attempting to write a full-length book, a screenplay or a doctoral thesis about a chili dog!!!

      Pert-near incomprehensible in my Disgruntled Old Coot opinion!!!

      However… surely there are times when a plain old nuthin’ special chili dog may be just the concoction for shoving down that hole smack dab in the middle of the front of one’s head?

      Another possibility is to scurry home with a Weenie Hut (what we called Weinerschnitzel back in the ‘old days’ within our backwards section of north-central California) chili dog firmly clenched in a paw.

      Place the chili dog upon a plate and commence adding to it as we often do with a frozen pizza; add extra toppings such as extra salami or cheese, whatever.

      Creativity knows few bounds.

      Toss on some jalapenos or hot sauce. Cheese, lettuce whatever.

      A great way to use up some leftovers!!!

    6. mike says:

      is this weinerschnitzel in national city? looks pretty familair

    7. Bif Mcgee says:

      I’m a really big fan of these things and they are 100% better tasting when they put the slice of cheese on ’em.

    8. TJ says:

      I’ve always thought these were great, for $1 menu fast food though. It’s basic, but very consistent and tasty. It’s the hot dog equivalent of much of the value menu stuff the other joints offer.

    9. Melissa says:

      I have to agree with your write up but I will say, I grew up with this chili cheese dog and it is more about the memories it brings back, than the spice, bun or hotdog! It something you just gotta have!