Fast Food Review: New! Volcano Box from Taco Bell

I grabbed the New! Volcano Box from Taco Bell today.  Clocking in at $6.99, bring your appetite or bring a friend to help finish it.  The Volcano Box features the return of the Volcano Taco and the mainstream introduction of the Volcano Double Beef Burrito.  Also included in the Volcano Box is a Crunchy Beef Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a Large Drink.


Volcano Taco – Your typical Crunchy Beef Taco fired up with a red taco shell and Lava Sauce.  Seasoned ground beef, grated cheese, lettuce and Lava Sauce nestled in the red shell   The red hard taco shell is just for the aesthetics of making it more Volcano-esque as it’s not flavored any different from what I can tell.  Just your typical taco shell with an intimidating new look.  The Lava Sauce is pretty hot for my feeble palette.  It’s a nice spicy, cheesy beef taco that on first bite you’re just hit with flavor and within a couple of seconds, the spicy sauce really kicks in.  It would be cool (and entirely possible) to get a Volcano Taco with some sour cream added to cool things down.  I found it strange that the only taste difference between this and the regular 89¢ Crunchy Beef Taco is the Volcano Sauce and it’s $1.29 for the Volcano Taco alone.  I guess red shells are more expensive.  I’ll deduct some points for the extra cost.  All in all though, I could handle the heat and maybe the next time I’ll ask if I can have it topped with a cooling agent…a nice helping of sour cream.  GrubGrade:  7.25/10  (Decent)


Volcano Taco - $1.29

Volcano Double Beef Burrito – The new kid on the Volcano block really stood out as the hero of the Volcano Box.  This Volcano Double Beef Burrito was pretty solid.  Here’s an attempt to sound like a Taco Bell ad…it’s “Cheesy, Beefy, Saucy, Ricey, Spicy and Pricey”.  How’s that?  The Volcano Burrito is similar to the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito. It contains seasoned rice, beef, Lava Sauce, Red Strips, Sour Cream, and Cheddar Cheese.  I found that $3.19 for the burrito alone was a little steep considering the Why Pay More! Value Menu has a burrito of similar weight and stature (Cheesy Double Beef Burrito) for 89 or 99¢.  The spicy new Lava Sauce is a bit more subtle in the Volcano Double Beef Burrito because there are a lot more ingredients helping to put out the fire.  This was a pretty filling burrito and I’m glad there was tasty rice included.  It would’ve been cool to have this burrito in a red soft tortilla but still nice addition to the Volcano Menu.  GrubGrade:  8.25/10  (Very Good)


Volcano Double Beef Burrito - $3.19

Crunchy Beef Taco – A bit of a break from the heat of the Volcano items.  Your typical, classic beef, hard corn taco shell.  Seasoned beef, grated cheddar cheese and lettuce.  Nothing crazy, just simple, tasty and cheap food you can eat by the bagful.  At 89¢, it’s a no brainer and a perfect compliment to any Taco Bell order.  I’ll go ahead and give it some extra bonus points for being only 89¢.  GrubGrade:  7.75/10  (Good)


Crunchy Beef Taco - 89cents

Cinnamon Twists – Crispy, puffed corn twists, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  This was the first time that I’ve had these and I found them to be bigger than I expected.  Very light and crispy.  Cinnamon and sugary sweetness.  Nothing exceptional but an average sweet treat for only 79¢.  I really just wish that Taco Bell would bring back the Choco Taco.  GrubGrade:  6.25/10  (Average)


Cinnamon Twists - 79cents

Mountain Dew Baja Blast – An exclusive Taco Bell Mountain Dew flavor, the Baja Blast is marketed as a tropical lime-flavored Dew drink made specially to go with Taco Bell food.  Mixing in tropical lime and pineapple flavors, this blue Baja Blast was introduced in 2004.  I still prefer Mountain Dew Code Red.  The Baja Blast is kinda odd tasting.  Not a huge fan but I could see it growing on me if I were to be a repeat drinker.  GulpGrade:  5.75/10  (Mediocre)


Large Mountain Dew Baja Blast - $1.89

So for your $6.99, you get a big box of quick-serve Mexican grub that is certain to fill you up.  A good way to sample some new offerings at Taco Bell.  The New! Volcano Menu currently has just the Volcano Taco and the Volcano Double Beef Burrito.  You can make pretty much anything “Volcano” by adding the Lava Sauce.  Down the road I see an expansion to the Volcano Menu that I’m hoping will implement a few innovations other than the Lava Sauce alone.  It would be cool to get some red soft shell tacos or burritos.  Only time will tell.  The bottom line is that the Volcano Menu brings the heat and it is sure to satisfy Taco Bell fans out there.  The Volcano Double Beef Burrito is a nice addition and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Price: $6.99

Overall GrubGrade: 7.25/10 (Volcano Taco), 8.25/10 (Volcano Double Beef Burrito), 7.75/10 (Crunchy Beef Taco), 6.25/10 (Cinnamon Twists), 5.75/10 (Mountain Dew Baja Blast)

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
The Volcano Taco has 240 calories, 17 grams of fat, 35 mg cholesterol, 470 mg sodium, 14 grams of carbs, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 8 grams of protein.
The Volcano Double Beef Burrito has 800 calories, 42 grams of fat, 70 mg cholesterol, 2010 mg sodium, 81 grams of carbs, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 6 grams of sugar and 24 grams of protein.

26 comments on “Fast Food Review: New! Volcano Box from Taco Bell

  1. Man…that box, with the soda, sets you back what…like 1,800 calories? Diznamn!

    “I guess red shells are more expensive.” – Hehe 🙂

    Seriously, why did they stop selling the ChocoTaco? I’ve got them in my restaurant….right next to the Its-It, but ya’ll non-Californians don’t no nothing about that.

    Good review…..very thorough!

  2. Great review Ryan… Do you know if you can get Volcano sauce added on something like a Chalupa instead of “Baja” sauce? I would agree the price point for the burrito is a little steep considering like items on the menu.

    I applaud TB for always coming out with new menu items. Some fast food menus are getting stale, but it seems like YUM puts a lot of dough into R&D.

    After that big box of food, I have a good feeling that you wrote this review with your laptop in the men’s room.

  3. Joe says:

    Hey, good review, but what exactly is in the burrito? Is that sour cream? Can’t really tell from the picture

  4. ultradave says:

    Baja Blast is frighteningly addictive. And Bear, yeah, I grew up in the Bay Area so Its-Its are a great childhood memory. I remember driving by the factory at nights and smelling them being made. Oh man that was great stuff.

    Dammnit now I want a Coffee Its-It. Stupid Texas.

  5. Ryan says:

    @ Bear … Yeah I see Choco Tacos in the freezers at convenient stores but there’s something more appealing about them if it’s through a Taco Bell drive-thru window.

    @ WIBIA … I don’t see why you couldn’t get Lava Sauce added to anything…maybe it’s just reserved for the featured items though…if they were to run out of the sauce then the whole backbone of your featured item is done. Worth asking for though. In all honesty, the regular crunchy taco I’ve had 1000x before so I didn’t need to eat that to review it, I split my burrito and only ate 3 or 4 cinn twists…and about 3/4 of the Vol. Taco….20% of the Baja Blast drink. In my advanced age of 28, I can’t get myself to pummel the entire box…maybe 10-15yrs ago.

    @ Joe … Oops…sorry…thanks…I updated the Volcano Double Beef Burrito to include … “The Volcano Burrito is similar to the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito. It contains seasoned rice, beef, Lava Sauce, Red Strips, Sour Cream, and Cheddar Cheese.”

    @ ultradave … Yeah I can see how a Dew product can be addicting…I feel that way about Code Red. Someone ship some Its-Its my way.

  6. Francois says:

    I find it hard to believe that those red tortilla strips and sour cream account to $2 in costs (otherwise, they’re the same burrito, aside from that “red sauce” on the cheesy double beef one). $3.19 for the volcano burrito is just weird.

    Maybe they’re using organically-grown, local sour cream, produced from free-range and grass-fed cows that graze with unicorns, though.

  7. @Ultradave – They’re amazing!!! So yep…Texas sucks 😛

    @Ryan – I’ll have to work on shipping some out…or you could just visit my shop 🙂

  8. Justin says:

    Um, yeah, that $2.99 price for the Volcano Double Beef Burrito is NOT RIGHT.

    I guess the corporate guys will figure out the mistake by next week when they realize how horrible the sales are. I already complained.

    • Ryan says:

      @ Justin … $3.19 was the price listed where I went. Zac at Everyview reported the $2.99 price tag too. Pretty high when you see the items on the Why Pay More? Value menu.

  9. RossS says:

    Just thinkin about burritos wrapped in a red tortilla gets me all nostalgic for El Pollo Loco’s discontinued Chicken Caesar Burrito. It was my favorite go-to food for quite a while.

  10. DJ Dedd says:

    I was similarly surprised by the price, but really wanted to comment about how vile the cheesy double beef burrito is. I would hope the volcanic one is less cheesy, otherwise I’ll steer clear.

  11. Francois says:

    Just out of curiosity earlier today, I asked the guy at Taco Bell to put some of the volcano sauce on a cheesy double beef burrito and he didn’t charge me extra.

    That sauce could probably make any Taco Bell item better, in my opinion.

  12. AK says:

    The lava sauce is $0.30 extra on an item. It’s really good on their nachos.

  13. I haven’t had Taco Bell in ages. Thanks for the review. I love spicy food, so I might give the volcano menu a try. Thanks for such an extensive review.

  14. asdfasdf says:

    holy shit you must be a giant disgusting fatass

  15. Tommy says:

    Yeah just get that double beef burrito and add volcano sauce, practically the same thing for less than half the price.

  16. PukOrNoPuk says:

    The Volcano Burrito doesnt even taste that diffrent from the regular one. If it only cost 30cents to add lava sauce to any item, why not just buy a regular cheesy double beef burito for 89 cents and buy the lava sauce for an additional 30 cents. that would come out to less than $1.20 instead of $3.29. I love Taco Bell but they really screwed up this time. Atleast taco bells burritos and tacos look exactly how they look on the commercials unlike every other fast food restaurants. Not pointing any fingers at MCDONALDS AND WENDYS(Baconator especially)

    Volcano Cheesy Double Beef Burrito
    Taste:No Puk (Taste Same as regular Burrito)
    Appearance:No Puk

  17. […] It Again?  No.  I only say this because of the value factor, it tasted just fine.  I agree with Grub Grade’s review.  The Cheesy Double Beef Burrito is $.99 and I am not sure where TB is figuring out how to charge […]

  18. Shannon L says:

    Taco Bell is my favorite! I want to try that volcano burrito although the price is a little steep. I have been noticing they are raising their prices. I went to get a CrunchWrap, another favorite, and it was almost 3 dollars! And they took off spicy chicken! The spicy chicken burrito was my staple there. I hope they don’t take off the Baja Blast because that is my absolute favorite. I go there sometimes just to get Baja. I call it the flavor of the blue portion of a rainbow popsicle.

    Great Review.

  19. Bunny says:

    They raised the box price a whole 2 bucks? It was a great deal at $5, For $6.99 I’d rather go to a restaurant instead.

  20. Christian says:

    If you go inside a Taco Bell that has strawberry soda fill your cup up with about 80% of that and about 20% Baja Blast. Really good.

  21. whammersbach says:

    I actually stop there just for the baja blast! love it

  22. John W. Oliver says:

    I ordered the volcano burrito by mistake instead of a volcano taco–was very surprised at the steep price $2.99. At least, I was hoping it would be something special (which it was not).

  23. […] will definitely help prevent cheesy fingers.In 2009 I did a full review of the Volcano Box and I graded the standard Crunchy Beef Taco from Taco Bell a solid 7.75/10.  I felt this was a fair score for a menu item that is simple and done right.  Subbing out the no […]

  24. MP says:

    I…. LOVE the Volcano taco. I love that Lava Sauce (even tried to make it at home numerous times), purchased sides of it & used it on other things. $1.19 (still) is a great price & has I think the most heat of any product they sell & it has a tangy flavor. It is my absolute favorite thing at Taco Bell. Never tried the burrito version because it looks like a poor value.

    If they ever put the Lava Sauce in packets or sell it by the bottle, I’m buying via case. Whatever it is (nacho cheese or powder cheese or crushed cheese crackers, mayo, pickled pepperoncini juice or vinegar, paprika/chili powder) it is one of the greatest fast food creations I’ve ever had.