Fast Food Review: New Roast Chicken Club Sandwich from Arby’s

Last week I posted that Arby’s has expanded their menu with some interesting new offerings.  Today I gave Arby’s new Roast Chicken Club Sandwich a try.

Roast Chicken Club from Arby's 1Unfortunately, there’s nothing too special to report back.  The sandwich consists of sliced oven-roasted chicken, pepper bacon, swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and something called “chicken addiction sauce”.  All crammed between a soft roll.  The Arby’s ad claims it’s a toasted roll, but mine was not.  Not sure if it would’ve changed my opinion of the sandwich at all.  I was pretty disappointed with this new sandwich.  It wasn’t bad, but it seems like a huge step back from Arby’s stellar line of Market Fresh Sandwiches.  The Market Fresh menu of sandwiches at Arby’s is a real winner and it’s unfortunate that this newcomer will stay in it’s shadow.  If this Roast Chicken Club made it into the Market Fresh family, it would benefit from better bread and a heftier weight all around.  This sandwich alone is priced at $3.99 and it struggled to satiate.  There just wasn’t enough food to be worth the price.  The “chicken addiction sauce” was zesty and the pepper bacon was crisp and tasty.  These two ingredients provide the bulk of the flavor in this sandwich.  The swiss cheese was barely noticeable.  

Roast Chicken Club Sandwich from Arby's 2While far from bad, the new Roast Chicken Club from Arby’s failed to make a great lasting impression with me.  It’s a very average sandwich.  Maybe the new Roastburger line has something better to offer.  Stick with a great thing Arby’s, the Marketfresh family of sandwiches is hard to top.

Roast Chicken Club Sandwich from Arby's 3

Pros: Tasty bacon. Pretty good zesty "chicken addiction sauce". Fresh ingredients. Plastic shell packaging.

Cons: The mediocrity is loud and clear. Not very filling. Lackluster value. Swiss cheese is barely noticeble. Mess of shredded lettuce.

Taste: 7.25/10
Value: 5.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.75/10
Price: $3.99

Overall GrubGrade: 6.50/10

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  1. […] Editor The Arby’s menu is expanding with some brand new items such as the recently-reviewed Roast Chicken Club Sandwich.  Arby’s looks to improve upon their roast beef sandwiches with a new burger-like offering. […]

  2. Sam says:

    Awww, bummer you didn’t enjoy it.

    If you want to give ’em a try, Schlotzsky’s just came out with three new “Big League Clubz” sandwiches alongside a baseball-themed promotion ( – I highly recommend them! The Beef ‘n Bacon seems to be a popular choice, haha.

    The grand prize is a trip to St. Louis in July, so if anyone you know is a baseball fan and wants to see all the stars, let ’em know! It runs till 5/31/09 🙂

    Let me know if you try the sandwiches and what you think!


  3. J Smith says:

    it’s chicken ADDICTION sauce, not addition.

  4. Toasted says:

    …You state that the bun wasn’t toasted but in the third picture it clearly is…

    • Ryan says:

      @ Toasted … Hehe…yeah you’re right. It’s an illusion though I assure you….well in my experience anyways…the bun may have been toasted at some point…but by the time it got to me, the toasty marks were just for looks…texture-wise I didn’t get any impressions that it was. Good eye! 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m still stuck on the not toasted comment…….The bun is clearly toasted and trust me if you had one untoasted you would know the difference. These fast food joints don’t toast the buns to make “toast” out of them they do it to warm them….carmelize them….make them look nicer thus improving on the taste. I’ve had non-toasted buns from places before and they made the sandwiches horrid. Well this is all just my two cents though….to each their own.

  6. Ryan says:

    You’re right Ryan. They aren’t making toast out of them but advertising the bun as toasted I guess gave me a different idea of what was expected. Have you had the Arbys toasted subs? maybe it’s the different bread but those are perfectly toasted and you can tell. This Roast Chicken Club roll may have had toasty marks painted on for all I know hehe…good point though about if it was really untoasted I could tell the difference. I might have to revisit this sandwich in the near future. 🙂

  7. Jack Roper says:

    Roast burger, give me a break. Why pretend when you can get
    the Real Thing. A Goody Goody, The World’s Greatest Cheese Burger at Kutchie’s Key West. Kutchie Pelaez makes those Great
    Cheese Burgers Him Self. Never Fake, Never Frozen. Just The Real
    Thing. Add to that Kutchie’s Famous Key Lime Pie and you’ll think
    that you died and went to heaven.
    Kutchie also makes some Awesome Prime Ribs and Great Steaks.
    The wait staff are also great lookers. Who could ask for more.

    Jack Roper, South Carolina

  8. B Cordes says:

    I think the chicken club is awesome! if anyone has the recipe for that ADDICTION SAUCE please don’t hesitate to share!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love love love this sandwich. Unfortunately the Arby’s around my town seem to have switched the Addiction Sauce for mayo…and THAT is not cool…

  10. c brennan says:

    I work at an Arby’s, and i just wanted to let you know that the bun was definitely toasted. The buns start off pure white on the inside, sometimes with a dusting of flour. Then they are quickly put through a ten-second toaster, which browns them, warms them up, and makes the more crunchy. it also sometimes has the side effect of flattening the bun. The sub roll, on the other hand, is put through a thirty second toaster, which is much more thorough. If normal buns are put through this one, they burn. Just wanted to add in my 2 ents and clarify the issue 🙂

  11. jennifer k says:

    This sandwich isn’t really “new”. They used to have one, slightly different bun, which was better than this bun. I was so excited to see they had brought it back, that i bought one today. The bun was a little dry and over powering for this sandwich. i love the shredded lettuce although it is a bit messy. I wish they would have done it like they used to, but i have to say, i love this sandwich! unless you go to a “sandwich shop” no one else (fast food) even has a deli type chicken sandwich. I hope they dont decide to get rid of it once i get back into my addiction for these!

  12. L Zook says:

    I Love It!

  13. june says:

    just had one, i asked for extra meat. so it was very satisfing ive learned if you order regular sandwiches without extra meat from arbys they are not filling. since ive started ordering them this way ive been much happeier! 1.00 more it worth it! the sandwitch did look toasted but did not feel or taste toasted at all just a regular bun! good though!

  14. Julie says:

    Had one of these babies today piled high with sliced chicken and thought it was amazing. Loved the black pepper and tasty bacon, not to mention the freshest bun I have had in a long time. Mine had “cravin” sauce which is a tomato based zesty sauce, one slice of tomato and several large pieces of dark green lettuce not shredded lettuce. Not thinking about the calories, I would have loved to see one more slice of bacon. However, I could not finish the whole sandwich, and had to toss about three bite-fulls worth. I do agree that the cheese doesn’t do anything for the sandwich and is rather bland and processed tasting. Next time, I’ll omit the cheese altogether. But, at over 400 calories and 19 grams of fat, I won’t be having this sandwich too often.