Fast Food Review: New! Jr. Turkey Ranch Sandwich from Arby’s

McDonald’s doing oatmeal? Dunkin’ Donuts doing egg whites? Chick-fil-A doing spicy chicken on biscuits? Really folks, this is getting ridiculous! Where have our fast food staples gone? What happened to the days where I could count on McDonald’s serving me up fare that would lead to an early death, as opposed to – you know – farts and a haughty sense of breakfast elitism? At least I can count on Arby’s. At least they haven’t changed their tune, and are sticking to nothing but the same pre-chopped, low quality roast beef in all its salty-fatty goodness.

Oh, how silly of me – that was in 2010, not 2011! No, in 2011 Arby’s is adding a new item to it’s rapidly expanding Value Menu, and this protein sandwich choice comes from a bird of a different feather: turkey. That’s right, turkey. If serving up a lean cut of non-chicken white meat between a bun wasn’t crazy enough, Arby’s has even resisted the temptation to pair its latest creation with the familiar accompaniments of cranberry and gravy. The fast food world, needless to say, is in for a shock. We are truly living in uncertain times.

Launched amidst virtually no fanfare, the Jr. Turkey Ranch Sandwich is being offered as a limited time menu item on the value menu. I snagged mine at a Maryland mall location for $1.69, although I imagine that at non-mall locations it is offered at $1.00. Regardless, Arby’s has this to say:

The Jr. Turkey Ranch Sandwich features oven-roasted turkey, freshly sliced turkey with creamy ranch sauce, lettuce and tomato on a toasted sesame seed bun.

As usual, Arby’s sold me on this with their ad, which features a deliciously and well portioned sandwich piled high with thick-cut turkey, market-fresh veggies, and an intriguing peppercorn ranch sauce. $1.69? Sounds like a bargain. And even though I’ve made a staunch resolution to eat nothing but fast food crap this year, a little post Holiday healthy eating might be good for me.

OK, so we agree it’s an interesting concept, but does it work? Well, yes and no. While the size may not live up to the ad photo, it is a bit bigger than most value menu sized sandwiches, including the Jr. Ham and Cheddar. The bun is well toasted, and has a chewy, slightly sweet and nutty taste. Because the meat used is roasted turkey deli meat, the bun isn’t overwhelmed. That, unfortunately, might be part of the problem. The turkey itself is par for the course with what you’d expect to find from a pillow pack of Hillshire Farms roast turkey in the market, but with less than two ounces of meat on a fairly large bun, it gets lost. And what’s up with this description of “freshly sliced turkey”? I didn’t notice any difference in the two shredded deli slices on mine, and while they weren’t factory made salty or overly processed, they didn’t taste just out-of-the-oven fresh either. Eaten alone, it’s salty, a wee bit sweet and slightly savory, and it does get a little pepper kick from the tart ranch sauce, but I couldn’t help but lament that the meat to bun to lettuce ratio was out of whack.

As you noticed, I got my sauce on the side. I’ve always been a little leery of sauce overkill, and I wanted to taste it as is. I’m not a huge ranch guy, but I still liked the sauce, which is described as a “Parmesan Pepper Ranch Sauce.” It definitely has a black pepper taste and a kind of lemony tartness that most ranch sauce’s have, but I really did detect an extra savory flavor – no doubt the “Parmesan” element.

No, it ain’t the most flavorful sandwich. But it’s cheap and healthy (220 calories and 1 gram saturated fat) with a very good sauce. Once more, knowing the vast array of sauces Arby’s has in its arsenal, I can imagine someone coming up with just the flavor combination to hit the spot. But do yourself a favor and at least try to request double meat; without it, and you might just find yourself wandering over to the nearby McDonald’s in the mall wondering “do I dare” in a world where oatmeal has become the new burger and coffee the new coke.

Pros: Turkey for the cheap at a fast food restaurant. Healthy post Holiday eats. Non-slimy or overly sodium enhanced turkey meat. Warm toasted bun. Tasty and zesty Parmesan and peppercorn ranch sauce.

Cons: >Another sign of the approaching apocalypse as confirmed by a fast food chain going outside the norm. No way that sauce isn't that bad for you when they actually put it on themselves. Paying an extra .69 cents for something that should cost a buck. Too much bun for even a carbophile like me.

Taste: 7.00/10
Value: 9.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.75/10
Price: 1.69 (Price may vary by location)

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75 (Good)

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Arby's Jr. Chicken Ranch Sandwich
Calories: 220
Total Fat: 7 grams
Saturated Fat: 1 gram
Trans Fat: 0 grams
Cholesterol: 30 mg
Sodium: 700 mg
Total Carbs: 26 grams
Fiver: 2 grams
Sugars: 5 grams
Protein: 15 grams

17 comments on “Fast Food Review: New! Jr. Turkey Ranch Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. jesika says:

    arbys used to make a totally awesome turkey ranch wrap that
    was my go-to when i ate there. it was fucking delicious… i think
    they still have the market fresh turkey ranch sandwich but its not
    as good.

  2. i do remember once vaguely enjoying some sort of wrap at an
    arby’s, but i honestly feel like there is nothing they can offer
    that will give me a reason to go there other than their regular
    roast beef sandwiches. am i wrongly prejudiced against

    • Adam says:

      IMHO, yes. Their value menu items are the best in the
      industry in terms of variety. Anything with their chedder sauce is
      addicting as heck, while their curley fries are great too.
      Actually, their roast chicken is pretty good as well. I like Arby’s
      a lot, but maybe I’m the biased one haha

      • true about their cheddar sauce. i always get a meal with the curly fries and the sauce, and go crazy. my big problem is i like their roast beef sandwiches so much that i feel like it’d be a waste of a visit not to get one.

  3. skippymom says:

    This looks like sandwiches I make at home [without the
    ranch] for the family’s lunches. With food costs – I can almost see
    paying a $1.69 if I ordered it at Arby’s. Stuff isn’t cheap
    anymore. I’d pay it if I was in the move for turkey – but I don’t
    go to Arby’s for turkey. 🙂 Speaking of turkey sandwiches with
    cranberry sauce [and other type of thanksgiving-y touches] have you
    ever reviewed any of the sandwiches at Starbuck’s? I don’t remember
    – but I spent some time in one over the holidays [I needed their
    internet! and I learned to like their tea – at least that is
    cheap-er]. Anyway I saw the most amazing sandwich in their cold
    case with turkey, lettuce, dressing and cranberry sauce but didn’t
    know if I should get it. They also had other types of sandwiches
    and snack packs and desserts. I didn’t know if the Bux counts as
    fast food – but thought I would ask. Thanks!

    • Adam says:

      I’m a college student. Aka, I cannot afford to buy a coffee
      in Starbucks, let alone buy their food haha

    • Scott says:

      skippymom wrote: “…but I don’t go to Arby’s for turkey.”
      Really? I don’t go to Arby’s for their “roast beef”! (Yes, I put
      “roast beef” in quotation marks, and I’d do it again too if I were
      writing this in some parallel universe food blog somewhere). Arby’s
      “roast beef” is suspect at best. HOWEVER, the rest of their food is
      pretty delicious, but usually overpriced. I’d go to Arby’s more
      often, but the memory of their “roast beef” keeps me away.

      • Rusty Shackelford says:

        Arby’s in the Richmond, Virginia area use 100% Grass fed
        beef for their Roast Beef, shipped in from New Zealand.

    • Anon says:

      I’ve had the turkey & cranberry and tuna salad sandwich at Starbucks. I’ve also had the sausage, cheese & egg muffin. The sandwiches are good. Better than your average sandwich, worse than your deli and far better than your typical packaged sandwich, which it is. I really liked the tuna, which tasted fresh and like you would make from home. Both good.

      Arby’s is great for it’s roast beef, but it’s getting expensive at $2.99 for a regular. I tried the $1 junior once before and was wondering where the beef was. Bring back 5 for $5! Haha.

  4. IBeAnonymous says:

    Did you ask for sauce on the side? Or do they just give it on the side so the sandwich doesn’t get soggy?

  5. maxchain says:

    You know how it is with these Jr. whatevers at Arby’s. As many as you’d have to buy to fill up, you may as well just spring for the real deal. That said, I’ll give this a fair shot.

  6. Sarah says:

    here’s the thing lol i work at an Arby’s and there are creative ways to make the “jr. whatevers” a hell of a deal… i’ll even share the secret with you… for a dollar you can “double ” the meat….. but for example for a roast beef sandwich that means you get an extra 3 oz. of beef ( making the jr rt. beef have 4 oz of beef total) you can do this with any sandwich and on the 3″ bun 4 oz. of beef is A LOT…. anyways that’s what i suggest to my customers who want a filling sandwich without an empty wallet.

  7. Pete says:

    This item is a winner!!! I bought one for the idea of trying it and giving it a chance..It tasted well and for the price it was a hit across the board!!!

  8. biffburgerfan says:

    That is like McD’s. Order a $1 Sausage McMuffin, and then tell them to add an egg for $.99. The Sausage McMuffin with Egg is like $2.39 or $2.49, or something like that. They don’t like to do it but that have to if you order it that way.