Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Wake-Up Wraps

Ryan’s prediction in the comments section of ‘Food News: Dunkin’ Donuts Wake Up Wraps’ proved correct.  These wraps are quite small.  I was close to asking the cashier if she was joking when she handed it to me, but then I remembered I only paid $1.29 (with bacon) for the thing.  My expectations weren’t too high, but I was still a bit excited because I’ve been searching for a new staple sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts other than a sausage egg and cheese on a croissant.  I’m getting tired of it.  I need something else!

wakeup wrap4

Let me say, I’m really glad I got the wrap at two locations.  The first time I bought the wrap, it looked good.  The second time (where these pictures are from)… not so much.  They tasted just as good, but they just didn’t look so visually appealing.  I think it boiled down to how they toasted the wraps.  The first location used this cover that looked like a blanket and they put it over the wrap.  They then placed it in the toaster.  The result was a nice light toasting.  The tortilla was still flexible, and had a light buttery flavor.  The second location… I noticed no blanket, and it appeared that the wrap became crispier and wasn’t so easy to control.  That buttery note was missing as well. 

wakeup wrap2

Overall, the ingredients were what you would expect.  In the  egg and cheese wrap (99 cents), the most dominant flavor was the cheese.  There seemed to be more of it, and it was even more gooey which I like.  When I got it with bacon ($1.29), the cheese tended to loose it’s gooey-ness, and the bacon flavor takes over.  That’s not to say the bacon overpowered the other ingredients, it was just the most noticeable.  The egg was your standard egg from a Dunkin Donuts sandwich.  Nothing special.

wakeup wrap3

The problem with the wrap is that it just isn’t filling.  When I made the first purchase, I only bought one.  After finishing it, my stomach needed more.  It’s really just a tease.  So on my second trip, I purchased two wraps and an iced coffee.  (By the way, for those of you who dislike that sugar at the bottom of your Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, ask the cashier if they have ‘liquid sugar’.  Most locations that I have been to carry it.  You can now avoid sucking up grains of sugar!)  I think two wraps was a perfect breakfast.  I don’t want to over eat in the morning, so two of these wraps provided just enough.  I still walked away paying less than if I had purchased a sausage, egg, and cheese with an iced coffee.  However, I feel like the egg and cheese wrap could have cost less, and perhaps they could have charged 99 cents for the wrap with bacon.  I know, it’s not that much, but it’s still a difference!

Wake-up wrap1

Will this be my new staple breakfast sandwich?  Unfortunately, no.  The price was OK and the ingredients weren’t awful, but it just couldn’t beat my staple sandwich.  Perhaps their next item will be able to top the sausage sandwich.  I definitely suggest you try it at least once.  It won’t break your bank, so give it a try!   

Pros: Cheap. When wrap is toasted properly, gives a nice flavor. Easy to eat on the go.

Cons: When the wrap is not toasted properly, you're getting tortilla crumbs everywhere. Not filling.

Taste: 8.00/10
Value: 8.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 9.00/10
Price: $0.99 for Egg/Cheese, $1.29 for Bacon/Egg/Cheese

Overall GrubGrade: 7.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Wake-Up Wrap (Bolded numbers represent the wrap with bacon)
Calories - 170/190
Calories from Fat - 90/100
Total Fat - 10g/12g
Saturated Fat - 4g/4.5g
Trans Fat - 0g/0g
Carbs - 14g/14gCholesterol - 105mg/110mg
Sodium - 450 mg/540 mg
Dietary Fiber - 1g/1g
Protein - 7g/9g

23 comments on “Fast Food Review: Dunkin’ Donuts Wake-Up Wraps

  1. Marvo says:

    That looks like a lot of bacon. It’s definitely way more than the amount found in the Burger King breakfast wraps.

    But overall those do look quite small…unless you have huge frickin’ hands.

  2. Ryan says:

    Haha…yeah Marvo, I thought the same thing. I’m pretty sure it’s just that small. That first picture looks like John just rescued a baby bird that fell out of it’s nest. That Cinnamon Twist thing for $1.29 that DD came out with recently was shockingly small too. I figured it would at least be comparable to the size of a donut but it was 1/3 the size of a donut.
    *The bacon on these wraps does look pretty decent.

  3. My problem with this item is you could make it cheaper and way better yourself at home in almost the same amount of time. I would take that option ANY day.

  4. Keith says:

    Does DD still have those waffle breakfast sandwiches? Those looked AWESOME… but I never tried one! Since I’ve been McDonald’s free since 2004 (a record perhaps?) I have been craving one thing; an alternative to the McGriddle.

    This food item looks pretty boring, and I can’t imagine it comes close the croissant sandwich at DD which I always thought was huge (compared to BK’s version).

  5. Ryan says:

    @ Keith … Not sure if the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich is still available. I think it was just a limited time thing. John reviewed that too … check it out …

  6. @Keith – McGriddles are the crack of breakfast….those things are AMAZING!!!

  7. EFC says:

    mmmm sausage egg cheez mcgriddle…. 2 for 3.33, cant beat that !!

  8. Adam Bomb says:

    I’m surprised that they put 3 pieces of bacon in there for that price. Also, the egg looks kinda creepy. It’s all…pre-formed looking. Has anyone seen the eggs used in the breakfast items at Subway? Equally creepy.

  9. john says:

    @bear…. you now have me wanting a mcgriddle. and I agree about making this at home! cheaper and better!
    @adam bomb… yeah it does have that preformed look to it. It even looks like it’s sweating in one picture, although it’s probably just from the cheese/bacon.

  10. Momschlep says:

    Dear Adam Bomb – they all use preformed eggs. They do the same with their egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin, but it tastes just fine. Looking forward to trying this one, too, but I wonder about the nutritional info. Those pieces of bacon would certainly add more than 20 calories, so either the DD pictured here is not making it according to the script, or they’re lying about the calories.

  11. I always wonder about the calorie counts anyways…how truthful are they. It would be interesting to see what an actual item comes out to….I wonder if anyone out there is doing that.

  12. Adam Bomb says:

    Momschlep – So, the eggs are actually cooked before they get to the store then? I guess that doesn’t surprise me that much. They can probably just pop an egg patty in the microwave and warm it up. Quick and easy, lol.

  13. Adam says:

    @Bear…There actually have been a number of local/national news reports which have checked the stats for “healthier” menu offerings. Most of the time they do it for chain places (think Applebees, Chilis, etc) and have found pretty big gaps between the claim and actual offerings. As a pizza maker I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that every product you make is not uniform, so minor disparities should be expected, but needless to say if something looks and tastes bad for you when the claim is that it is good for you, chances are it’s actually bad for you. Maybe thats why Boca burgers suck so much?..

  14. Danielle says:

    I feel this little wrap is more then enough for breakfast. just take smaller bites and concentrate on eating.. dont scuff it down.. this is the reason america is obese.. one is 190 calories. Thats 400 calories for 2 and 24 grams of fat! you do not need all that for breakfast plus your sugar sweetened coffee…

  15. Adam says:

    400 calories too much for breakfast? Are you kidding me? Some people need more than that (myself included). America is obese because we sit on our computers usuing twitter all day, not because we eat too much for breakfast…

  16. Manju says:

    I tried this. I did not quite like it. it is very tiny & bit salty also. Not buying this again.

  17. the man says:

    How is it that 3 pieces of bacon add only 20 calories, 2 G Fat, 0.5 G of Sat Fat…

  18. @the man – Calorie counts are all lies….lies I tell you. I bet some of them are WAY off.

  19. ChrisA says:

    Just finished one of these… mine only came with one bit of bacon but they did use the gauze “blanket”. I should have bought two.

  20. StamfordCity says:

    Just had one this morning…I think if your looking for a low-cal breakfast on the go,this is the best option…I got it with bacon (there was just 1 small slice) and it was pretty good. I would def get it again if I’m running late…(very easy to make the same thing at home for cheaper if you’ve got the time)

    Dunks other sandwiches might taste a lot better and be a lot bigger, but lets face it…400 calories is def too much for breakfast. I think 200 is just about right! (unless you eat small lunches and dinners…and then I guess 400 cals would be alright…but who eats a dinner thats only 4-500 cals?)

  21. Eileen says:

    Two thumbs up for a new “BellyFatCure” guinea pig. Low sugar & carbs!

  22. Kim says:

    Have you tried the sausage egg and cheese wrap at Dunkin? It is 420 calories while the bacon egg and cheese wrap is 190. There is a another new one….the ham cheese and egg wrap? Does anyone know how many calories are in that one?

    I have tried them all and I like them all, but since I’m not a big fan of ham and the sausage one is too high in calories, I think I will stick to the bacon egg and cheese wrap?

    Does anyone know how many calories in a black caramel swirl coffee ?

  23. Charlie says:

    My wife & I wasted a good gift card on these this past Saturday morning! Since we almost always share foods, we got both a sausage, egg & cheese, plus a bacon, egg & cheese, and cut them in half.

    The shells on both had crispy, hard air holes with no give or flavor, the sausage was literally about the size of a nickle (one cut half actually had none!), and the bacon version unfortunately proved no better.

    In both, the egg occupied little more than the space of perhaps a silver dollar, and, now that I think of it, probably tasted more like a coin than an egg!

    Thank goodness we also picked up some muffins! DD should stick with what made them famous in the first place. Mickey D’s should have no concerns about competition with their “egg McMuffins”.