Fast Food Review: Corn Dog from Wienerschnitzel

Why are hot dogs so disrespected?  There just aren’t enough places serving up a nice variety of hot dog.  There are some hole in the wall joints here and there that serve up some killer dogs, but they are few and far between in my neck of the woods.  So much so that I’ve been tempted for years to open up my own hot dog place…call it my little pipe dream, but I think it could work.  While trekking out West, I came across the fast food hot dog spot called Wienerschnitzel and thought about how long it had been since I had an old fashioned Corn Dog.  A cornbread coated hot dog on a stick for just 99¢, I’m a happy customer.

Corn Dog from Wienerschnitzel

An essential part of every trip to a county fair or carnival, the corn dog conjures up memories of slightly sweet and toasty breading and for me, a hot dog in no need of condiments.  Sometimes called a pogo, dagwood dog or a pluto pup, the corn dog is simple and complete. Sure you can chalk it up to being a child’s treat, but I can’t see myself growing out of certain kid tastes (even though it had been years between my last corn dog).  At Wienerschnitzel, you’re not getting anything above and beyond the typical corn dog you remember from the last time you held one.  Part of the Under $1 Menu, this corn dog consists of a regular sized hot dog with a slightly crunchy medium-thick cornbread batter and deep fried (then baked perhaps).  The batter sticks to the dog well and that’s good because I’d hate to take a bite and not get a nice equal balance of dog and cornbread. A classic snack on a stick makes this a perfect grubbing on the go cheap eat.  While the Wienerschnitzel Corn Dog is a nice reminder of the simple pleasures in life, don’t be fooled into thinking this one is anything but kind of average.  No kicked-up corn bread recipe…no special sausage…almost as regular as your grocers freezer I’m afraid.  That’s not actually a bad thing though.  It is what it is and it gets the job done.

Corn Dog

Corn Dog

With old school, traditional snacks and foods, we look at certain items and know what to expect and put absolutely no thought into what it might be like from one taste to the next.  A corn dog is a perfect example of this.  Have you really ever had a corn dog that stood out as amazing and above all other corn dogs? There really is room for improvement with this particular grub but when it comes down to the basics, this Wienerschnitzel corn dog is like all the rest.  A cheap and tasty treat but average to it’s core…and maybe that’s why I like it so much.


Pros: Cheap and simple. Tastes like most all corn dogs and that's fine with me.

Cons: Nothing special. Always room for improvement.

Taste: 6.50/10
Value: 9.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 10.00/10
Price: 99¢

Overall GrubGrade: 6.50/10

Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 250
Fat - 17 grams
Saturated Fat - 6 grams
Cholesterol - 45 milligrams
Sodium - 490 milligrams
Carbs - 15 grams
Sugars - 1 gram
Dietary Fiber - 1 gram
Protein - 7 grams

16 comments on “Fast Food Review: Corn Dog from Wienerschnitzel

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    In my experience, there are two types of corn dogs: The type with a slightly sweet batter, and the type with batter completely devoid of any sweetness. Which type was this? I love a good corn dog, but only if the batter has a little sweetness to it.

  2. Jess says:

    Oh, yes. Best corn dog I had was at a fair, it was an Italian sausage with a sweet, slightly grainy batter, and it was made fresh in front of me with the perfect ratio of dog to batter. Mmmmm…nothing like a fresh corn dog in the fall!

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    I like to mix ketchup and mustard together and dip my corn dog in it.

  4. Ryan says:

    @ Adam Bomb … Yeah I agree…a good corn dog has to have a sweeter cornbreading…this one fits that description.

  5. Guess what guys… I have never had a corn dog!

  6. Ryan says:

    @ Erin … Haha…I actually know one other person who’s never had one either. Still shocking. I’m trying to think of a food that probably everyone on the planet has had but me…? Hmmm….tough one.

  7. I agree with Adam: a corn dog with a hint of sweet in the batter is amazing.

    I like to dip corndogs in a mixture of maple syrup and horseradish sauce. Don’t judge until you try. Amazing.

    Thax for the review. I like the little prescription bag it came in.

  8. plushpuppy says:

    ive never had a corn dog either

  9. RossS says:

    Everybody who hasn’t had a corn dog, this is your assignment. This weekend go to Costco or your local supmarket and get yourselves some frozen corn dogs. They won’t have the freshly deep fried goodness, but the taste is close. Wienerschnitzel is to hot dogs, like any fast food burger joint is to burgers. Not the best or worst, basically the same from store to store. I personally prefer corn dogs sold at fairs over Wienerschnitzel corn dogs…they’re bigger and the corn bread isn’t as bland.

    I’m definitely going to try that maple with horseradish. I love ’em both.

  10. Marvo says:

    You don’t have a Hot Dog on a Stick near you?

    I agree with the others, the batter needs a little sweetness, but even with the sweetness, I like to add mustard on top in the form of a sad face because it knows I’m going to eat it.

  11. BeanThugLyfe says:

    The best corndog I’ve had is from the fair’s vegetarian stand. They do a brisk business so they’re always freshly dipped/fried. I prefer the soy dog’s melt-in-your mouth texture to its counterpart.

  12. Sylko says:

    Weinerschnitzel uses foster farms chicken corn dogs. You can buy the exact same corn dogs at the supermarket

  13. dopealope says:

    My problem is that most corndogs have too much sweetness in the batter. I like the batter to be much more on the savory side. It’s seemed to me that the general sweetness of the batter has increased over the years, to the point where I find most corndogs no longer interest me.

  14. Dude. Ryan. Seriously, You should visit Nashville. We have like 4 hotdog restaurants that take the art of hotdogs pretty freakin seriously..

  15. Adam Bomb says:

    @dopealope: It’s interesting to see that someone prefers a non-sweet batter. That’s a first for me! I can see what you’re saying about some being too sweet, though. I like just a hint of sweetness, as it goes well with the salty hot dog. But that’s just me.

  16. Peter says:

    I love getting a big box of State Fair corn dogs from Sam’s Club. They are so good if you microwave it in the bag for about a minute and then throw it in the deep-fryer. Mmmm.