Fast Food Review: Chicken Tenders from Burger King

First off, this is a review on chicken nuggets not tenders.  I consider chicken tenders not to be minced up chicken in nugget form.  Who’s with me?  Chicken “tenders” are more like chicken strips right?  A good example: Carl’s Jr. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders.  Put up an all-white meat strip of hand-breaded chicken up against what Burger King is calling Chicken Tenders and you’ll see that they are pretty different… because one is a tender and one is a nugget.  Sorry for the minutia.  Anyways, BK has done away with the mediocre Crown-Shaped Chicken “Tenders” and now has an all new creation sans-crown, dubbed simply Chicken Tenders.

Burger King describes their new Chicken Tenders like this:

Four pieces, eight pieces, twenty pieces. But don’t let that limit you. If you want 24 of the new, crispy Chicken Tenders, just order a twenty and a four. Thirty-two? Order a twenty, a four and an eight. What’s that you ask? You want an odd number of Chicken Tenders? Easy. Order any amount, take one, dip it in some BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, or Sweet & Sour sauce, eat it and presto. An odd remainder. (Frankly, most of the mathematical variety here will depend on you eating a few. Mmm. Crispy, delicious mathematical variety.)

When you cut through the annoying description, the only pertinent word used to tell me what these tenders are like is “crispy”.  So are they crispy?  Meh, I’ve had crispier. I’d describe McNuggets as “crispy”, these BK tenders I’d describe as a bit on the soft side.  Soft isn’t a word that should be used to describe a breaded morsel of chicken.  The breading isn’t too bad, but the chicken itself feels overly processed and nothing like a chicken tender should be.  Chick-fil-A Nuggets holds the title of nugget quality more so for the quality morsel of chicken and not having to rely on breading.  The BK tenders have that same squishy quality that you find with Wendy’s nuggets (but still “crispier” than Wendy’s).  The breading doesn’t seem to be skimped on these things, but they provide little impact and very little crispy crunch that I’d hope for.

As for taste, a great nugget stands alone without the help of dipping sauces.  That said, a nice selection of dipping sauces can definitely help out a struggling nugget (or tender).  These new BK Chicken Tenders don’t stand alone well, they require a good dipper.  Luckily, there are a nice number of options.  You’ve got 6 (not 4) to choose from here with some standard tastes:  BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch and Sweet & Sour…. along with the slightly more interesting Buffalo Sauce and a Zesty Sauce. I was a big fan of the Zesty.  Nice smoky taste and mild heat, the Zesty Sauce quickly became my sauce of choice.  I’d put Burger King’s sauce selection right behind Chick-fil-A in terms of quality and selection.  Well done.

In closing, it didn’t seem like a difficult task to improve upon the old Crown-Shaped Tenders (which in my humble opinion, I found quite mediocre).  The new Chicken Tenders are an upgrade and still have a nice price at just $1.00 for 4.  They won’t be winning any awards for stand-out quality, but they are a step in the right direction.  At the end of the day though, they still only move from the realm of  disappointingly mediocre

Pros: Price. Selection of dipping sauces. Slight improvement over the Crown-Shaped Tenders.

Cons: Lacks quality chunk of chicken. These are not tenders, they are nuggets. Boring, not-that-crispy breading. Does not stand alone well without dipping sauces.

Taste: 6.00/10
Value: 8.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.00/10
Price: 1.00 for 4

Overall GrubGrade: 6.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Chicken Tenders (4 count)
Calories - 190
Fat - 11 grams
Saturated Fat - 2 grams
Cholesterol - 25 milligrams
Carbs - 8 grams
Sodium - 310 milligrams
Sugars - 0 grams
Protein - 10 grams

30 comments on “Fast Food Review: Chicken Tenders from Burger King

  1. Elise says:

    I’ve been wondering about these, and why BK thinks it’s ok to call them tenders when they are clearly nuggets! Probably wouldn’t go out of my way to try them (especially after this review) but I got coupons in the mail for a 4-pc free. So I’ll try em sometime! And I agree, zesty sauce rocks.

  2. skippymom says:

    Totally agree – definitely not tenders, but an improvement over the crowns. Sort of.

    They don’t have my fav’ sauce. I like the hot mustard. 🙁 Price is nice tho’.

  3. xericwit says:

    Not a BK frequenter. Used the coupon cuz free is good. Almost not worth the effort. Tenders* mediocre, mine seemed strangely bland aside from the faint chicken taste that’s more prominent on the classic chicken sandwich patty. Didn’t realize so many sauce selections either, BBQ sauce didn’t help much.

    *BK using shape to define, sorta like Morningstar’s diff between nugget & tender?

  4. Bunny says:

    They look like frozen banquet chicken nuggets. Email BK, these aren’t even close to being chicken tenders.

  5. Lot-O-Choc says:

    I would agree that tenders are strips of chicken, these definately look like nuggets. So many different types of sauces!!

  6. Nick T says:

    Tried them today and was disappointed. Burger King is still the only major fast food chain to have never offered real chicken breast tenders. McDonalds has chicken selects, Arbys has prime cut chicken and even Wendy’s had real chicken strips on its menu for a while.

  7. Jade says:

    We don’t have many Burger Kings over here in the UK apart from at service stations/airports/train stations/theme parks – they have done really badly for some reason, which is a shame as I prefer their burgers to McDonalds’. McNuggets are definitely the superior nugget of the two though – especially as over here, McDonalds do Curry dipping sauce 🙂

  8. Jade says:

    And by ‘done really badly’, I mean that they used to be McDonalds’ main rival up until the early 00s, but most of their branches have closed down now. KFC are now McDonalds’ main competition in the UK…not going to lie, their new Spicy Italian Tower Burger is pretty damn good 😀

  9. Adam Bomb says:

    BK is kind of “hit and miss” with new products, and this is definitely a big miss. I honestly think the crown nuggets were better. These are like frozen Banquet nuggets, like someone else said, only these are worse. I’d rather eat Banquet nuggets from the oven. The new tenders (yeah, right!) are not crispy, and the flavor and texture are very lackluster. Not even sauce could make these right 🙁

  10. J says:

    review nuggets – 4-2-2011 metallic metal after taste.

  11. Mike N says:

    Yeah, boo on BK for calling these “tenders”… BUT, kudos to my local BK for having by-one-get-one Big Fish…

  12. TBT says:

    Just want to confirm – is this Zesty sauce the same sauce as they serve up for onion rings? If so, it is delicious.

    I wonder if you can get any of these sauces with onion rings too now.

  13. Kurt says:

    These are an improvement, but still just OK. I think the Zesty sauce has been around for a while actually….usually they serve it with their onion rings.

    • Ryan says:

      Yup, you’re right. For some reason I’ve only really had BK Onion Rings straight-up w/o sauce… I’d just create a bigger Rodeo Cheeseburger with them 🙂 So I guess BBQ sauce was the only thing i went for.

  14. Ugh says:

    I went to bk not realizing that they had revamped their nuggets and was expecting to chow down on one of my favorite fast foods. Wow was I disappointed. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind that they had changed their recipe. These nuggets were so awful tasting that I thought I had just had some bad luck and had been given a batch of rancid spoiled nuggets. I went back a few days later asuming the issue of rancid nuggets would have been resovled but nope, these are apparently supposed to be new and improved. Yuck. No more bk nuggets for me. So disappointed.

  15. A.S. says:

    I think that what used to set BK’s tenders apart (a long time ago) was that they were the first fast food chicken nuggets, aside from maybe Chick Fil-A, to be made with only white meat. So that’s possibly why they could get away with calling them “tenders.” Either way, I’ve never been too crazy about them either.

  16. Francois says:

    Forget the nuggets, I’m now almost tempted to drive down to Burger King just for this legendary “zesty sauce”.

    • Heidi says:

      I agree! I am in love with the sauce. Those must be mini tenders…I’ve never seen any that short before!

  17. rob says:

    Back in the 80’s BK used to have tenders that were long, thinner strips of chicken, they were the only fast food that my girlfriend would eat (“Shut up and eat your tenders”), they were pretty far ahead of the pack in the fried chicken finger food category, for some reason they abandoned that approach.

    • Kate says:

      I was born in ’91 and remember eating the longer BK chicken fingers as a kid. I don’t remember when they switched to the crowns, but I do remember being disappointed. Now I just go for the chicken fries instead.

  18. T2 says:

    Had these last evening – they are NO MATCH for Wendy’s spicy nuggets, which are hotter and more crisp (crisper? crispier?) than ever. Best value at 2 five-piece-orders for .99 each.

  19. I tried these last week and liked them MUCH better than the old crown-shaped nuggets. I agree about the sauces though – they need a BIG improvement and better variety. I actually HATE every single dipping sauce that they offer.

  20. Amanda says:

    I could not believe how horrible these “tenders” were, I would rather have the “crown” style nuggets any day.These ” new/better” version, I honestly find is a way for BK to scam people out of their money by selling a cheaper product for a LITTLE less of a price.

  21. Patty says:

    These chicken tenders are absolutely terrible. I usually would eat 20 of the crown shaped tenders with no problem. I went to bk at like midnight right before closing a few weeks ago ordered 20 tenders expecting to have a great midnight snack and ate 3 and then couldnt eat anymore. They were so bad i literally threw the whole bag out. I thought they had ran out of the crown ones since it was close to closing so maybe they had back up ones. But to my dismay ordered more and got the same shitty ass ones and threw them away again. Cant believe one of my favorite fast food snacks of all time has been changed into so disgusting thing i will never eat again! Heres to hoping they switch back

  22. Donkey says:

    The BK by my house just did a complete remodel– they even tore the old building down. A week before the reopening, they sent out a mailer with some coupons… free 4 Chicken Tenders with any purchase!

    I just tried them… mine were right out of the fryer, burned my mouth; smaller than a McNugget, but okay overall (mine were crunchy and the meat was not too mushy– but you knew it was a nugget). The zesty sauce is good, but I (yeah, throw tomatoes at me for this) checked the nutritional information and one small container of zesty sauce has almost as many calories as the 4 piece nuggets.

  23. jesi says:

    the zesty sauce is pretty awesome… i get it with my onion rings and always end up dipping my burger in it too.
    i do miss the really old chicken tenders… pre-crown shape, the ones that looked like little fingers. yeah they were pretty medicore quality-wise but i ate tons of them back in the day. i liked the flavor of the breading, a bit of pepper.

  24. […] selection of dipping sauces can definitely help out a struggling nugget (or tender). These new BK Chicken Tenders don’t stand alone well, they require a good dipper. Luckily, there are a nice number […]

  25. August says:

    I tried them once and will not return for seconds. They ARE nuggets and even though the price is low they aren’t worth even that!