Fast Food Review: BBQZILLA from Checkers

I’m on this personal quest to track down and consume every BBQ cheeseburger I can find.  A great BBQ burger consists of spicy-sweet BBQ sauce, fried onions and a decent cheesy melt that holds the package together.  The beef usually just takes a back seat to other bits and pieces that complete the sandwich.  On my grubbing journeys, I’ve encountered cheap and delicious in the form of Burger King’s Rodeo Cheeseburger and I’ve suffered through the likes of the mediocre-at-best Western Bacon Thickburger from Hardee’s.  I’m approaching “expert status” when it comes to these burgers… honestly though, I just know what I like.  Add the BBQZILLA from Checkers to the list of best fast food BBQ cheeseburgers around.  Time to review.

The BBQZILLA from Checkers is very deserving to be spelled out with all caps.  This thing is hefty and at $4.69, it’s a big enough burger to satisfy a hearty appetite.  The BBQZILLA consists of two seasoned beef patties glued together with American cheese, crispy bacon, fried onion “tanglers” and a sweet-tangy BBQ sauce.  I normally abhor mayonnaise in my BBQ burgers and although the BBQZILLA had some coating the bottom bun, it was barely noticeable and not an issue.

There is a lot of good going on with the BBQZILLA.  First off, the fried onion tanglers were abundant and full of flavor and crunch.  These tanglers were on par with the fried onions found on the very delicious Tumbleweed Burger from Roy Rogers I reviewed last year.  When you can actually hear the crunch of your bite, you know you’ve got the good stuff.  I’m usually indifferent when it comes to bacon on my BBQ cheeseburgers, but it worked well with the BBQZILLA.  My indifference would normally come from how I feel bacon tends to get lost with so much else going on.  This bacon stood out, so I came away impressed.  Crispy enough, smokey flavor and no rubbery chew earns a thumbs up from me.  I felt the BBQ sauce would have had a better impact if it was more spicy-sweet rather than tangy-sweet… minor gripe.  The Checkers bun deserves mentioning.  Corn-dusted and bordering on bakery fresh… yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

By now I’m a self-proclaimed connoisseur of fast food BBQ cheeseburgers.  So take my word for it, the BBQZILLA is among the best.  I’ll still give the #1 nod to the BK Rodeo Cheeseburger for its value menu pricing and best tasting BBQ sauce.  The BBQZILLA has a lot going for it, but missed the mark just a bit in the BBQ sauce department.  When you have BBQ in your name, you’ve got to make sure it’s the standout hit (personal opinion of course).  If you are up for the chest-clutching challenge of the behemoth you see above, I doubt you’d come away disappointed.

Pros: Beefy, cheesy, bacon-y. Awesome onion tanglers. Great bun, fresh and sturdy. Props to my local Checkers #1027 for almost always providing quick service and well-constructed grub.

Cons: Gigantic and will more than likely require a veggie detox 24hr diet. BBQ sauce could use a little spicy kick.

Taste: 9.00/10
Value: 7.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.75/10
Price: $4.69

Overall GrubGrade: 8.75/10

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24 comments on “Fast Food Review: BBQZILLA from Checkers

  1. PlatypusTheRabbi says:

    Checkers keeps making me happy.

    This sandwich looks great, interesting to note though – there are sandwiches that substantial on the 2-for-$4 menu, while this one alone is nearly $5. It seems this is just their Bacon Cheese Double Cheese with fried onions and BBQ sauce, and that sandwich is 2/$4.

    It’s worth keeping in mind if you’re a fast food bargain hunter.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    That looks amazing, especially the bacon [there is a lot] and the crunchy tanglers [stupid name] – yum. That is too big a burger for me to eat tho’. Do they have a smaller version I wonder?

  3. Adam says:

    The stuff your Checkers makes sure looks better than mine haha! How is the crust on that burger?

    • Robert says:

      Tell me about it! I have two Rally’s within a 20 mile radius. Naturally the one that’s far further away does a HELL of a lot better job cooking this stuff.

      I still love Rally’s (Checker’s, whatever). Their spicy chicken sandwich is the best in the business (under $3, natch).

      I can’t believe this thing is $4.69 though. I’ve NEVER seen a burger, no matter how monstrously huge it is, for more than 2/$5 over there!

  4. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    Wow, a 9! I usually dont dig western burgers but I might have to give this a try.

    • Chefprotoss or dan says:

      Yes, this is clearly food porn. Checkers couldnt take a better pic lol.

      Can you order just a side of bacon? That is putting my quesadilla from chipotle I am eating as I type to shame.

      Yes, that was foreshadowing. =P

  5. Shannon says:

    I’m surprised that I have yet to hear about this burger. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it though. I was beginning to think that you guys just didn’t care that much for Checkers.

    • Shannon says:

      My local Checkers has been phenomenal in the past. I was busy next door and saw an UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT sign. I guess that’s supposed to be a good thing, but I am concerned more than anything else.

  6. J.B. says:

    I love all BBQ bacon burgers, whether they are good or bad and Checkers/Rallys actually makes good ones. I have to try this.

    For a minute I was excited and thought this had a fried egg on it, that would have been awesome.

    My Rallys is cool as hell, they will usually put the onion crisps on anything I want and I don’t believe they have ever charged me extra for it yet.

  7. Robert says:

    Checkers when done right is fantastic. Sadly they seem to be so inconsistent store to store and even day to day. I have always thought if they could become as consistent as say chick fil a they would be a real force in fast food.

  8. Steve says:

    I did not know about this. I always forget about Checkers. Lunch tomorrow is planned.

  9. fah fah fah says:

    Checkers keeps coming up with burgers that are really good. I don’t know about this one at almost $5 although it looks pretty huge. I’d go for the 2/$5 Roadhouse Burgers or the A1 Burgers they have now in Pennsylvania. I cut way back on fast food but I grab some Checkers weekly.

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    I loved the Baconzilla, and this looks even better. Rally’s/Checkers really knows burgers and fries, and I wish I didn’t have to drive an hour to eat their grub. This looks like it might be worth the trip, though. And Ryan, there is no nobler quest than tracking down and consuming every bbq burger out there!

  11. The Papa says:

    Oh my, I’d put that burger down my pants.

  12. Mike N says:

    Hey Ryan, your quest will not be complete until you get thyself to Steak-n-Shake for a Western BBQ-n-Bacon Steakburger!

    • Ryan says:

      I will seek it out. I have yet to try Steak n Shake. Will require a road trip.

      • Mike N says:

        There’s one in Fredricksburg VA, that’s probably only a couple hours from you… Memorial Day road trip!

      • Chefprotoss or dan says:

        I have heard nothing but bad things about that steak n shake. It is like two miles from my house and I have no desire to eat there. Don’t ruin a perfectly good roadtrip ryan. =P

        • J.B. says:

          Steak & Shake is excellent when you have had a couple of drinks and have left the bar at about 3am. I have never had it any other way so I can’t comment about it past that.

          So that is pretty much my suggestion for how you should try it. lol

        • Raiders757 says:

          I haven’t ate at one in years, but it was my go to stop on a trip from Va. to Branson Mo. many moons ago. For a semi-fast food joint, it was pretty darn good. I’ve been wanting one in the Tidewater area of Va. ever since. The burgers were better than most common fast food fare, and the shakes were awesome. I can only hope the place is just as good as it was for me back then. If not, I’m in for a huge letdown the next time I swing by one.

  13. Mitchery says:

    This looks awesome…I always go to the checkers on grove rd because my office is right next to it. I will be trying this out on Friday.

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