Fast Food Review: Bacon Deluxe from Wendy’s

I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a First Impressions post on a product and followed it up with a full on review.  Well, I felt the latest from Dublin, Ohio based Wendy’s was worth revisiting.  I first encountered the Bacon Deluxe way before it’s nationwide debut.  Following a trip to the grounds of the Wendy’s Headquarters (trespassing 😉 ) I was anxious to check out what a nearby Wendy’s restaurant had been testing.  Sure enough, I stumbled upon the next up and coming big burger that was due out for nationwide consumption many months later.  It’s time to have another taste, so here’s another look at the new Bacon Deluxe from Wendy’s.

Bacon Deluxe from Wendy'sThe Bacon Deluxe is described like this:

Four strips of Applewood smoked bacon piled high atop a hot ‘n juicy beef patty, made to order every time. Add American cheese, cool and crisp veggies with a little condiment love and you’ve got a burger to satisfy your senses.

Most people cannot be fooled by this new bacon burger.  What’s really so new and different about it?  Everyone remembers the Big Bacon Classic burgers right?  Well the short answer to what’s so new and different about it is…really not that much.  In the case of the new Bacon Deluxe line of burgers, there are some subtle changes but nothing of a complete overhaul. I don’t see this as a particularly bad thing.  When you can take an already tasty burger and tweak it a little bit to make it better, then by all means, go for it.  I know there is this new nationwide campaign Wendy’s is rolling out with the mantra of “You Know When It’s Real” and the new spokesmodel for grub is a burger that doesn’t really blow you away as new and innovative.  Like I said before, this is not a bad thing.  There’s really only so much you can do with a burger and by taking a tasty formula and upgrading the ingredients, you’re improving upon your brand.  In the eyes (or tastebuds) of your consumer, making an effort to raise the the quality of your product is huge.  So what’s the upgrade in the Bacon Deluxe over the now retired Big Bacon Classic?  The bacon.  The Big Bacon Classic used two strips of hickory smoked bacon (the same bacon you still find on the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger).  The new line of Bacon Deluxe burgers use a new thicker cut Applewood smoked bacon and doubles up from the Big Bacon Classic by including four strips instead of two. The bacon isn’t all that much thicker than the previous versions, but the extra couple of slices makes a difference.  The bacon is smoky and flavorful and cooked just right so as to not be too crispy or too chewy.  As is usually the case with my Wendy’s experiences, the square beef patties are tasty and not dried out, the lettuce and sliced tomatoes are fresh, the American cheese is halfway melty and the Kaiser bun hefty enough to hold it all in.  It’s a nice package that is put together well and for a bigger burger, not a sloppy mess.

Wendy's Bacon Deluxe (open)The Bacon Deluxe comes in a Single, Double or Triple burger patty choice.  Marvo from The Impulsive Buy bravely took on the Double. At a price of $3.99 for the Single, this is the Wendy’s “bigger burger” option in the world of the McDonald’s Angus and Hardees/Carls Thickburgers.  I can’t help but feel $3.99 is a tad steep because the Single isn’t as big and filling as I would’ve hoped.  So there it is and I feel better.  On my First Impressions post of the Bacon Deluxe, I wasn’t very happy with the quality of pictures and I really felt that the latest from Wendy’s deserved a better post with some fresh and tasty pics.  The Bacon Deluxe is not at all innovative but it’s one of the tastier burgers in fast food.  Good job Wendy’s.

Wendys Bacon Deluxe

Pros: Made well. Fresh and crisp lettuce/tomato. Decent bun. Tasty burger and a thicker cut of bacon.

Cons: Not as filling as what I expect from a $3.99 burger.

Taste: 8.75/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: 3.99 (Single)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 640
Fat - 35 grams
Saturated Fat - 14 grams
Cholesterol - 125 milligrams
Sodium - 1620 milligrams
Carbs - 46 grams
Sugars - 11 grams
Dietary Fiber - 2 grams
Protein - 37 grams

8 comments on “Fast Food Review: Bacon Deluxe from Wendy’s

  1. Jacqi says:

    I just tried this the other day. I personally don’t like mayo & catsup on my burgers as well as tomato & cheese and requested these left off which is a feature I like. I didn’t eat this burger until I reached home and the lettuce and bacon were still crisp and the burger warm. I loved the flavor of the bacon and will definitely return to purchase this again.

  2. Yum Yucky says:

    I tried to get my kid to order this at Wendy’s other day. I wanted to eat the bacon off, but she didn’t order it. Dang-it!

  3. SkippyMom says:

    My new favorite Wendy’s commerical [or burger war commercial] is the one where the new hire cook at [I am assuming McDonald’s] gets the frozen patty stuck to his hand when he tries to throw it on the flat top grill. Cracks me up everytime.

    This looks good but $4 is a little steep for me – but I don’t eat out that much and will happily pay $1 off any value menu for my sandwich. Bacon looks good.

  4. wibi says:

    the bacon looks good, but I would probably step it up to a double. Event at a double, it is 1/3 lb then? The top bun looks pretty big on the sandwich.

  5. cress says:

    Is this supposed to be the new “premium” burger Wendys is rolling out this fall? If so, NOT IMPRESSED. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a good sandwich. The lettuce and onions were so fresh and flavorful and should be envied by other fast-food places. And the BACON is the BEST of the big three. But its been touted to have a better beef. I didn’t taste it. In fact, the beef was the thing I really didn’t taste too much in this sandwich. I think Wendys hit a double w/ this burger, but they need a homerun. It really brought nothing new to the table. Hardees has had a great Thickburger for awhile. McDonalds new Angus is a completely new beast to their menu(and its pretty good), BK introduced the XL burger(not that good, sorry). Wendys Bacon Deluxe is nothing new, basically. It tastes good, but is nothing any different from what you can already get at Wendys. Honestly, Wendys’ Bacon N Bleu is more groundbreaking than this thing. What fast-food place has a Bacon N Bleu burger? That sounds like a sit-down restaurant burger at a fast-food place, but it get NO promotion. And I haven’t even tried it. But it sounds like a more upscale and enticing choice. The Bacon Deluxe tastes like every other Wendys burger.

  6. BeanThugLyfe says:

    I had this again today, and I noticed the bacon is thicker than before. Last time I got a double, and it was almost too much sandwich w/two layers of bacon, et al. The single is much more manageable.

  7. Jake says:

    $4 feels high to me. Still its worth a try to check it out I think.

  8. Michael says:

    I got the Bacon Deluxe Single combo today at

    12975 BEACH BLVD.
    STANTON, CA 90680 US

    They have good cooker their. Cost me $2.78 plus tax. 🙂 Thats cuz I got an ad from them that has a coupon for buy a small fries and drink get a FREE Bacon Deluxe Single.

    I am going to eat there today with my brother, this time I am going to use the buy a Bacon Deluxe Combo get a FREE Bacon Deluxe Combo. Think I am going to try the Large Bacon Deluxe Triple meal, wonder how much it cost for a large upgrade…

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