Fast Food Review: Angus Burgers from McDonald’s

Back in April we reported that it had been 8 years since McDonald’s last released a new burger.  Yup, 2001 marked the “Year of the Big N’ Tasty”…and people then and now still refer to it as the “Big N’ Nasty”.  Well fast forward to 2009 and McDonald’s hopes to please the palates of the Nation with a brand new creation.  This time, Mickey D’s is going with Angus beef, a big size and some higher quality ingredients.  Introducing the newest members of the McDonald’s menu, the Angus Third Pounders.

McDonald's Angus Third Pounders

In a time where mini burgers and value items seem to be taking over every menu board, McDonald’s is going in the opposite direction with the new Angus line.  These burgers are pretty hefty.   I’m not the biggest McDonald’s burger fan but it is my duty to put all my issues aside and take on the latest offering at the giant that is McD’s.  Each burger is 1/3 pound of 100% Angus beef and is served on a sesame seed roll.  The burgers come with a $3.99 price tag for the sandwich alone. There are 3 Angus Third Pounders to choose from; the Angus Deluxe, the Angus Mushroom and Swiss, and the Angus Bacon and Cheese.  (Note: Burgers can always be customized)

  • Angus Bacon and Cheese – Topped with bacon, red onion, fresh pickles, ketchup and mustard .
  • Angus Deluxe – The classic cheeseburger topped with fresh leaf lettuce, tomato, pickles and red onions (sandwich served with mayo).
  • Angus Mushroom and Swiss – Topped with sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese (sandwich served with mayo).

Bring your appetite because these burgers are the new beasts at Mickey D’s.  Kudos to the Golden Arches for giving the consumer three choices.  I’ve taken 3 bullets for GrubGrade and have tried all 3 burgers.  There is some good and not so good with the new line of sandwiches and it’s important to keep in mind that I’m not a McD’s burger lover in general.  Overall though, I’m happy to say that McDonald’s got it right this time and they are forgiven for the Big N’ Tasty.  The emphasis seems to be on trying out some higher quality ingredients and giving the customer a filling burger for less than 4 bucks.  Let’s get to the reviews:

  • Angus Bacon and Cheese:  Nice sized non-greasy Angus beef patty and very impressive (and dare I say fresh) sesame seed bun.  The Bacon and Cheese version would’ve won me over if not for the bacon being virtually unchanged from any bacon that McD’s has ever released. It  just has this “McDonaldsy” taste…hehe…not sure how to describe it other than that.  It just took a burger that screams “I’m better than any McD’s burger you can remember!” and quiets it down by bringing back the bacon that has always been pretty mediocre tasting.  The bacon had a nice texture and crisped edges, but just tastes like McDonald’s.  I honestly have no other way to describe the taste of the bacon except it tastes like McDonald’s.  There was a good amount of the bacon as it does jut out from the rest of the package.  If you enjoy the McD’s bacon you’ll probably score this one a little higher than I did. There are two slices of cheese on the burger, one above the patty and one below.  I think I’d be OK with just one slice as the second didn’t really seem that necessary (just more fat). The fresh red onion was very un-McD’s-like which is a big plus.  The inclusion of pickles has it’s pro’s and con’s.  The pro is that the pickles are fresh, crisp and nothing like the nasty limp pickles found in the other burgers, but the con is that I don’t feel pickles belong anywhere near a bacon cheeseburger.  There was also ketchup and mustard on this burger but I’ve never been a fan of bacon burgers with ketchup/mustard for some reason.  I thought McD’s could’ve done more with this bacon burger. It is a little too reminiscent of the Deluxe, but with added bacon and no lettuce/tomato/mayo.  Why not make it a Western Angus with some BBQ sauce and fried onion crisps or something?  Nutrition-wise, this behemoth is 790 calories and 39 grams of fat.  A decent burger that could’ve been very good.  So close…  GrubGrade: 7.25/10  (Decent)
Bacon and Cheese Angus Burger from McDonald's

Bacon and Cheese Angus Burger

  • Angus Deluxe:  Once again, I’m loving the new bun and burger.  Very impressed.  The Angus Deluxe is the winner of the three burger choices.  Pretty much everything works well together. The Angus beef patty is quite good and not overly salty as I have come to expect from McDonald’s burgers.  Two slice of cheese worked better on this burger than it did on the Bacon and Cheese version. What really struck me was that I haven’t seen lettuce like this before at McDonald’s.  Good job on that.  Looks like it was just plucked from the garden, no foolin’.  I expect fresh lettuce from Wendy’s, but McDonald’s?  Seriously?  Yeah and the red onion and tomato impressed me just as much.  You can tell by the pictures, good stuff.  This burger is one that I’d probably not be against getting again if I was making a  McD’s stop. Once again, I must point out that the pickles are unlike the pickles you are used to.  Not dark, salty, bitter hot limp pickles.  These are crisp and fresh pickles slices and I’m hoping it’s contagious and spreads to the others.  Probably the only glaring issue is the huge helping of thick mayonnaise.  Yuck!  I hate to deduct points for distribution of ingredients but putting on way too much mayonnaise is something that seems to be proper procedure at McD’s. I think the Deluxe’s inclusion of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles do wonders in keeping a nice moisture balance.  Trust me that all the mayo isn’t necessary and needs to be scraped off ASAP.  Clocking in with 750 calories and 39 grams of fat, you should be full for a while after conquering the Angus Deluxe.  My favorite of the three… GrubGrade: 8.25/10  (Very Good)
Deluxe Angus Burger from McDonald's

Deluxe Angus Burger

  • Angus Mushroom and Swiss: I’m all about trying to be as fair as possible.  I have to preface my impressions on the Mushroom and Swiss by letting you all know that I’m not crazy about ‘shrooms on my burger.  Maybe if they are subtle enough that they give a meal a little something special I might be OK with it, but this burger was very overwhelming for me.  I tasted mushroom more than any other ingredient.  Yeah, even all the mayo! Actually with the mayo coming in as another “just too much” ingredient, I’m knocking off points for the bombardment of fungi.  Since I’m being fair though, let’s be nice to the mushroom lovers out there.  If you’re crazy about mushrooms in your burger, I think you will enjoy this.  Although I’m not a fan, I can tell you the ‘shrooms didn’t suffer from being drenched in some odd sauce that often plague these types of burgers.  Once again, the ingredients came off as pretty fresh which is still boggling my mind as I write this. The two slices of Swiss cheese came across as pretty mild yet seemed to be of decent quality.  There was plenty of Swiss on this burger too.  Here’s a big issue I had with the ingredients with this Angus version; what I taste the most….I tasted mushrooms 1, mayo 2, burger 3 and Swiss 4.  In order for this burger to achieve a better grade, I would’ve personally preferred it to be burger 1, Swiss 2, mushrooms 3 and mayo 4.  I was impressed again over the great bun that holds together the meal just perfectly.  I just can’t get passed that overwhelming taste of mushrooms.  Ease up Ronald!  I’ll be fair to the ‘shroom lovers and say it’s average.  On the nutrition front, the Angus Mushroom and Swiss will set you back a whopping 770 calories and 40 grams of fat.  Was not and still not a ‘Shroom Burger fan, but I think my grade is fair.  GrubGrade: 6.00/10  (Average)
Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger from McDonald's

Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger

In closing, I’ll throw out a little golf clap for the fast food giant. The quality is certainly a lot greater with this burger than with any other McDonald’s burger before it. McDonald’s already has a ton of options on the $1.00 Value Menu and decided to offer up something new that will satisfy those with big appetites.  The approach taken seems to be is replicating a higher quality sit-down restaurant burger at a reasonable price.  At $3.99, the Angus Third Pounders are worth trying at least once to see if you can be a believer that in some ways McDonald’s is changing for the better.

Pros: $3.99 is a good value for the size of the burgers. Very fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion. Higher quality tastier bread than what I'm used to at McDonald's. For a big burger, not very sloppy thanks to the great bun.

Cons: McDonald's obsession with drowning your sandwich in thick mayo, gross. Not crazy about the Mushroom Swiss version. Clutch at your chest for these 700+ calorie 40g of fat monsters. Holy Saturated Fat!

Value: 7.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.25/10
Price: $3.99

Overall GrubGrade: 8.25/10 (Angus Deluxe) | 7.25/10 (Bacon and Cheese) | 6.00/10 (Angus Mushroom and Swiss)

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition Facts - Angus Third Pounders
Angus Bacon and Cheese
Calories - 790
Fat - 39 grams
Saturated Fat - 17 grams
Cholesterol - 145 milligrams
Sodium - 2070 milligrams
Carbs - 63 grams
Dietary Fiber - 4 grams
Sugars - 13 grams
Protein - 45 grams
Angus Deluxe
Calories - 750
Protein - 44 grams
Fat - 39 grams
Saturated Fat - 16 grams
Cholesterol - 135 milligrams
Sodium - 1700 milligrams
Carbs - 61 grams
Dietary Fiber - 4 grams
Sugars - 10 grams
Protein - 40 grams
Angus Mushroom and Swiss
Calories - 770
Fat - 40 grams
Saturated Fat - 17 grams
Cholesterol - 135 grams
Sodium - 1170 milligrams
Carbs - 59 grams
Dietary Fiber - 4 grams
Sugars - 8 grams

58 comments on “Fast Food Review: Angus Burgers from McDonald’s

  1. pav777 says:

    They look good, although I haven’t seen them yet here in Florida. I agree about too much mayo. I always ask them to hold the sauce and then put it on myself. Hope you didn’t eat all three at one sitting!

  2. Wow, I’m fairly impressed with the Golden Arches and their new burgers. If anything it seems to legitimatize them as a “burger place” a little bit more. Too bad about the mayo…I however am a fan of it when I do eat burgers.

    “I honestly have no other way to describe the taste of the bacon except it tastes like McDonald’s.” – That’s too funny.

    That bun does look phenomenal! Very nice and thorough review. So how much of them all DID you eat? Get any fries with that? Was they cashier like “Okay, 3 Angus Burgers……will that be all for you?”

  3. DHL says:

    I can eat a burger every day, but you slap mayo on it and my stomach turns. If you are wondering, yes, I had a burger yesterday (12 ouncer!).

  4. That is all you guys lol. Those are WAY too much food for me. I do have to give props to McDonalds for actually making a burger that looks like “real” food!

  5. Heather says:

    I found that these burgers were finally in my area,so I had to try one. I am a mushroom lover, so I got the Mushroom and Swiss. It was a little dry, I think due to the mayo being distributed unevenly (and there wasn’t much of it), but the burger had a great flavor, I would definitely get it again.

    I agree that the Big’n’Tasty is the Big’n’Nasty-didn’t like it at all…

  6. maxchain says:

    I, too, am a fan of all things mushroom. I tried the Mushroom and Swiss out–it was good, which by McDonald’s standards is genuinely commendable, but I wasn’t blown away by the burger itself. I think I went into it expecting a little more flavoring. It justifies its price, but you can do better, as far as fast food mushroom burgers go.

  7. I am just glad to see MCD put some focus back on burgers rather than becoming a coffee house. However, they are really late to the game here (4+ years behind Hardee’s Thickburger.) However, they burgers look good. New pickles, romaine lettuce, red onion looks good, not bad for the arches.

  8. Jon says:

    What’s so bad about the Big n’ Tasty? It’s just a quarter pounder with added lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

  9. Bryan says:

    Dang I had no idea these weren’t being marketed wide – I think the first time I tried it was in 2007, but that was the pilot in SoCal. But I’m impressed nonetheless for it being McDonalds, the burger is pretty meaty compared to their other hamburgers.

  10. James says:

    I can’t stand the burgers at McDonald’s, but it looks like they have stepped up their game. These look like they are worth a try.

  11. Evan says:

    One of the main problems I have with McDonalds was that they didn’t have a Whopper-type sandwhich. I’m definatly going to try the deluxe.

  12. Justin says:

    When are they coming to Michigan?

    • Ryan says:

      @ Justin … You might want to check now. They are supposed to be nationwide in August but I’m hearing the big rollout has already begun.

  13. ratbuddy says:

    Wonder how much they charge for a ‘plain’ one with just meat, cheese, bun. The only burger I’ve ever been able to stomach from McD’s is a QPC plain.

  14. Justin says:

    Yup, they’re definitely here in Michigan now. I gotta check it out. I heard we’re testing the Frappes in our area before they’re released worldwide.

  15. jason says:

    Tried one today here in northern Wisconsin and I had the Angus Deluxe version. I must say that I avoid McD’s most of the time but occasionally get suckered in by my kids. That being said I was fairly impressed with this burger. The veggies were fresh and the red onion was mild unlike other places that use the same onion but can over power the sandwich (Subway), the meat was more mild tasting then the normal patties used here and the bun was just the right size to hold up to the ingredients.

  16. HollandJim says:

    By the way, if you’re wondering where McD’s dumped the Big & Tasty, it’s right here in The Netherlands – it’s the “upscale” burger from the Big Mac.

    Do like the sauce though…

  17. Ryan says:

    Just found out that Angus line is rolling out nationwide on July 2nd.

    @ pav777 and Bear … I did not pummel all 3 in one sitting, but for the review I did eat 1/3 of each all at once to get my impressions.

    The Angus Deluxe is a burger that I will get again and I’m crossing my fingers that maybe a Western-inspired Angus is introduced at some point. Can you imagine onion rings at McDs?

  18. @Ryan – OMG, why have they not? For whatever reason I hadn’t even thought about that. A Angus Western Deluxe would be outstanding!

  19. Adam Bomb says:

    I was impressed with the Mushroom ‘n Swiss, and the Bacon and Cheese was pretty decent. Regarding the excess mayonnaise, I’m betting that this is a problem that will vary from visit to visit, and restaurant to restaurant. That kind of thing is bound to vary when you have different people doing the job all the time 9 times out of 10 when I order extra mustard on my burgers at BK, I can’t even tell that they added extra. Then there was that one time that the mustard was literally SQUIRTING out from every side of the sandwich when I picked it up.

  20. Matt says:

    The copious amounts of mayo ruined the mushroom swiss burger. I used roughly 14 napkins to scrape it off.

    My arteries thank you for this review.

  21. Spiritfire says:

    I had the Bacon and Cheese Angus burger today. Here in Northern California, mine didn’t have mayo, it has bbq sauce, and no tomatoes, just red onions. Was ok, but the meat was a little dry. That could have been because I got it during the lunch rush. Will try again another time.

  22. Jon says:

    @ Spiritfire – I’d figure the lunch rush is the best time to get a burger at McDonald’s since the burgers won’t be sitting around too long.

  23. Justin says:

    I heard another person complain about the amounts of mayo on the burger, on another site. It’s possible the instruction sheet for making the burger are wrong…

  24. bigHEADinc says:

    @Spitfire – The reviewer was wrong actually. The Bacon and Cheese Angus only comes with Cheese, Bacon, Red Onion, Pickles, Ketchup, and Mustard (No Lettuce, Tomato, or Mayo). I don’t know how you got BBQ sauce but I can only assume it was a mistake.

    I liked the Bacon and Cheese Angus but I think the employees season these burgers themselves. One third of the burger was overly salty and almost put me off of the sandwich entirely. Once I got through that section, though, the rest of the burger was pretty damn good. It’s no Hardee’s Thickburger (Not nearly as expensive either) but definitely tasty. The combo (Including Med. Drink and Med. Fries) came out to $5.29 after tax which was a pretty good deal for it. I would order it again.

  25. Ryan says:

    @ bigHEADinc … The Bacon/Cheese Angus had no mayo or lettuce…I made no mention to those being on the Bacon/Cheese…although you got me on the tomato…thanks for pointing that out…there actually wasn’t sliced tomato on the Bacon/Cheese…Confusion with the Deluxe…I’ll make that correction….and yes there definitely was ketchup/mustard! As for BBQ sauce on Spitfire’s Bacon/Cheese Angus…who knows? Odd yet intriguing. bigHEADinc…Email me your info at and I’ll send you out some free “Be Our Guest” coupons for a couple Angus Burgers if you are interested.

    Thanks again!

  26. Heather says:

    I couldn’t resist trying yet another angus burger. This time I tried the Bacon and Cheese and I actually liked it better than the Mushroom and Swiss. The only complaint is that I’m not a big fan of mustard and it appeared to have an overabundance of it.

  27. The first one I had was at least 3 hours old. It was disgusting. I gave it another shot before reviewing it and was far more pleased. So far I’ve only had the Deluxe, but I’m gonna tackle the other two eventually.

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  29. sweetspot says:

    My 17 yo son works at McD’s and I asked him to bring me home an bacon cheese with mushrooms on one side with no mayo and with ketchup, it was amazing. I don’t really care for fast food burgers and have a very small appetite and could have eaten every bit of it. Loved the bacon, new pickles, red onions, sauteed mushrooms, burger and the roll which I usually don’t bother eating. This had to be one of the best burgers I’ve eaten. Granted my kid made it fresh for me but it really had good flavor.

  30. Jasmine says:

    I didn’t have such a great experience with these burgers. I went through Tampa, FL on vacation and stopped at McDonalds to try the Bacon and Cheese angus burger. The combo was $6.19 so I was expecting something really great. After my first bite, which was pretty good, I look at the patty and noticed that the inside was completely pink. I even saw some blood. I asked for a new one, and it turned out to be pretty good. But by then, my appetite was gone. The few bites that I took were good considering that it came from mcdonalds though.

  31. Taylor Hulsey says:

    I had the Bacon and Cheese Angus Burger today and I am totally disgusted. It tasted just like a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese + Bacon. The bun was awful and damp….the meat was absolutely a 1/4 pounder….I took a piece of it and gave it to another co-worker who also frequents McD’s as much as I do and he laughed at me and said the same thing…quote “man you just got ripped off”. Either the burger is awful or the McDonald’s. I went to ran out of Angus and threw a Quarter Pounder burger on the new bun. But what is up with all the positive feedback on this burger. Go to a regular McD’s where the employees don’t give a flip and order this burger and see what you get!!!! My rating a blistering 1 out of 10.

  32. jesi says:

    i love me a mushroom swiss burger… its my burger of choice at the sportsbar/mom&pop burgery restaurants that are so common here in Mn… but mayo on a mushroom and swiss!! i also like mayo on a “deluxe” style burger, but no no no, not on a mushroom swiss! mushroom swiss is best with a little heinz 57 or dunked in ranch. the one from culvers is AMAZING, a hell of a burger.
    but since mcd’s is one of the two places available to me for lunch while im at work, im pretty psyched for some new options… unlike the other fast food chains that seem to have a new item every week, mcdonalds NEVER changes their burgers which has gotten pretty tedious, to the point where i havent eaten there in forever. i just like more crap on my burger… i like something special. hopefully ill like the new burgers.

  33. jesi says:

    also gotta agree on the mcd’s bacon. i sometimes get the breakfast bagel, which is egg, bacon and cheese, and the bacon is pretty bad. its not disgusting, but its the most lackluster bacon. its always limp and pretty flavorless. its just kind of there. how scary is it when bacon has no flavor?? then it cant be real bacon… what IS it??

  34. pav777 says:

    Just had a deluxe Angus yesterday and was not overwhelmed. The burger patty was larger than 1/4 pound as advertised, but there was no discernible difference in taste from their other burgers. Toppings were skimpy, one small piece of lettuce, tomato and onion. Not a bad burger overall, but I wouldn’t have another.

  35. Bear Silber says:

    Just a note here. This is the ingredients list on the Angus burgers:

    “Grill Seasoning (salt, black pepper) and Angus Burger Seasoning: Salt, sugar, dextrose, onion powder, maltodextrin, natural butter flavor (dairy source), autolyzed yeast extract, spices, garlic powder, vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat), natural (animal, plant and botanical source) and artificial flavors, dried beef broth, sunflower oil, caramel color, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oil, gum arabic, soy sauce solids (wheat, soybean, salt, maltodextrin, caramel color), palm oil, Worcestershire sauce powder [distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor (fruit source)], beef fat, annatto and turmeric (color), calcium silicate and soybean oil (prevent caking).”

  36. chris says:

    Angus Bacon and Cheese tastes great! The bun was soft and good. And McDs actually SEASONS their beef, which some fast-food burger joints seem to think is unimportant( cough..Wendys…) I do wish McDs would rethink their bacon. Its not bad, but it isn’t great. I think this burger could be over-the-top w/ excellent bacon. That said, its still damn good.
    Is it a charbroiled Angus burger? No..but I PREFER a flat-top burger. Charred burgers are good, maybe twice a year at a cookout. MCDONALDS must be doing something right, since their sales increase every year, while others struggle to compete.

  37. BRITNEY says:


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  39. Joel says:

    I love a good burger. I normally only get my burger with cheese & ketchup and maybe bacon. Being that I don’t eat a lot of other stuff on my burger (lettuce, tomato, etc) the flavor of the meat is the dominating flavor. I have to say the new McDonalds angus burger ain’t it. It doesn’t hold a candle to Hardees thick burger or Wendys. It has that same processed lunch room cafeteria flavor that I remember from high school 30 yrs ago. Yuck, yuck, yuck. The only reason I go to McDonalds is because their fries rock. You would think that some of the burger places would try to imitate the best fry in the business but they just don’t seem to get it. Especially Burger King, whos fries are terrible. Get a clue.

  40. C says:

    OK, I am not a big fan of burgers and probably only eat red meat about 5x/yr if that often, HOWEVER, I do get a craving once in awhile. I have had the classic and the mushroom swiss… I got them without mayo, and I thought both were pretty good for $3.99. Personally, I tend to only get these when I have missed a meal or two and am starving but if you want to avoid having a 1000 calorie meal, just have half and eat the other half later… The lettuce/tomato/red onions are fresh and the mushrooms are really plentiful and good.

  41. Stahi says:

    I guess I should feel lucky that I was in a test market for these as my local McDonalds has had them for months before now.

    Compared to the rest of the menu it’s darn good. 😀

  42. cress says:

    These are good burgers. And Hardees has good burgers too. But has anyone tried Backyard Buger? They are the bomb. They are primarily East Coast, and have excellent burgers.

  43. cress says:

    That would be Backyard Burger, not Buger, sorry.

  44. Gary Z says:

    Tried Mushrooms and Swiss Anger Burger – most disgusting burger I have ever tasted in my life. I could drink the grease there was so much on it, and with only mayo as a condiment put on so thick it was just simply disgusting!

  45. disgusted says:

    I just ordered the Bacon Angus burger and took one bite and noticed it was cold. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the burger was not cooked all the way. I took another bite just to see if it was the outer perimeter, but the middle was even bloodier. I don’t mind rare meat, but not with hamburger meat, especially fast food hamburger meat. I tried calling the Micky D’s I ordered from, but no one answered. I took the extra time out of my lunch and drove back to the location. I spoke to the manager and she agreed that it was not thoroughly cooked. She offered me a new sandwich, but I felt at that point a new sandwich for all my trouble was not enough. The only thing she said she could offer me was my money back. I took the money. I will say the first time I tried the mushroom n swiss, which was good, but make sure that when you order this thing it comes cooked.

  46. Theoboley says:

    I’ve gotta say that McDonald’s is doing a justice to all the mushroom and swiss lovers out there. I tried this burger and thought it was delicious. A welcomed substitution (but never a replacement for) the Hardee’s Mushroom and swiss… no fast food joint will ever beat that sauce they used to use.

  47. Kmauryo says:

    Totally agree, Nastiest smelliest funkyest burger this side of the planet, thought it was either spoiled or rancid, I slung the whole #.00 burger out the window, and I never litter, thats how gross it was, went back becuz I couldnt believe how gross it tasted was given one for free and took it apart and smelled the pickles, they were limp and gross, maybe it was the mushrooms that were funky, I gave up and didcarded that also….

  48. Daisy G says:

    I am not a fan of Mc Donalds but I gave in and tried the Bacon & Cheese, it was nothing like a Mc Donalds burger, I was actually enjoying it other than it being a little salty. Until I finished it and I had that Mc Donalds after taste. I probably won’t be going back.. if it weren’t for that after taste I would be tempted to go for another one.

  49. I tried the bacon cheese. I’m tired of 1) that pre-cooked weight thing of theirs, and 2) the slathering of ketchup.

    To me, this tasted, resembled just an mildly oversized quarter pounder.

    I couldn’t really distinguist any difference in the taste of the “angus” beef from their other burgers. IMHO

  50. babooy says:

    Mushroom and Swiss minus the mayo has absolutely no taste except the mushrooms and whatever seasoning they used to to spruce them up. Angus fried on a grill, leaves no flavor of beef, only the guilty shame of eating the whole grease filled bomb, because $3.99+tax is too much to waste and hunger demands something to eat. Call this burger the ‘bulimics special.’ I know this is in bad taste, but 6 hours later I can’t get the horror out of my mind. I needed to vent so I came here and see what others are saying about the new Angus.

  51. babooy69 says:

    One month later the ill feeling I had in my gullet after consuming this tasteless grease bomb still lingers. Every time I see one of Micky Dee’s truck and trailer combos drive by with the nauseating rolling trailer billboard, my stomach begins to heave and the sarcastic name McDonald’s new “1/3 LB ANUS BURGER” comes to mind.

  52. RAH says:

    My wife and I had one (each) yesterday for the first time in St. Paul. First, they were saaaaalllty; so salty that I could not taste the burger. My wife got sick; these things were nasty and will never compare to Hardee’s burgers.

  53. Wildcat#14 says:

    I LUV the mushroom swiss burger. Surprised that I actually like it. I’m not a big fan of Mickey D’s burgers but I luv the mushroom angus. Big fan of mushrooms:)

  54. m says:

    finally had one of these just last week … enjoyed it much, until I checked the calorie count … nearly 800 for the bacon cheeseburger … ouch … it wasn’t THAT good.

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