Review: Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut

The last time Murray reviewed pizza from a place that overuses the word “Crazy”, it ignited a great debate over whether or not the term was describing the pizza or the people who eat the pizza (see Little Caesar’s review here).  The last time Murray referred to himself in the 3rd person was last sentence…strike that, it was this sentence.  The last time I went to Pizza Hut was a lot longer ago.  In fact, it was long enough ago that I was surprised when their plastic glasses weren’t the classic semi-translucent red I remembered.  Nowadays, they have these fancy clear ones with their weird logo which I guess is an impressionistic version of their signature roof, although it looks more like a summer beach hat for a middle-aged woman.  Well anyway, I am here to try Pizza Hut’s latest crust gimmick, the Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza, and not to reminisce about the days of yesteryear.Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza HutAs I ordered, I couldn’t help but think about how long Pizza Hut has been in the business of gimmicky pizza.  I immediately thought of their first foray into the world of trick pizza with their “Stuffed Crust” pizza which was endorsed by that flabby dude that put himself in the ring against Tyson back in the mid 90s.  Man, that’s a long time ago and yet they’re still coming up with new stupid ways to get people to try their product.

Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza HutTheir more recent variations on pizza had to do with packaging more than anything else.  You get two of these with four of those, plus a dipping sauce!  I thought maybe they had finally given up on trying to reinvent the crust on the heels of their largely unsuccessful “Hot Dog Crust” run, but if at first you don’t succeed, just try something else.  Really, the Crazy Cheese Crust doesn’t amount to much more than a cheese stuffed crust with weird pocket shaped grease reservoirs. Cheesy Crust PizzaThe crust, with its mozzarella cheese stuffing, was pretty obviously a pre-packaged, frozen crust, on which the local store puts its sauce, and toppings to order.  Mrs. Murray and I ordered a simple, one-topping pepperoni.  We asked for a medium, but were told the pizza only comes as a large.  One of the first things I noticed was that, despite the intricate nature of the crust’s shape, there really weren’t any burnt edges or underdone areas between pockets.  The crust was nicely browned, soft and chewy, not crisp in one spot and mushy in another.  This was, unfortunately, the end of the line for any above-average attributes.  The rest of the pizza, in a word, was bland.Crazy Cheesy CrustI know, I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza, so I can’t expect a myriad of flavors, but there was just nothing which could be described as taste.  Again, I understand that mozzarella is a mild tasting cheese and the crust is often just a vehicle for the rest of the pizza’s ingredients because you can’t just serve a pile of meat and cheese melted together… or could you?  There it is, Pizza Hut’s next gimmick:  The No Crust Pizza.  But seriously, you have to find somewhere to sneak in some taste.  Usually, the taste comes in with the sauce.  To my disappointment, this pizza’s sauce was nearly absent.  I actually lifted up the cheese at one point just to make sure they hadn’t forgotten it.  I will say that the pepperoni wasn’t bad (like Little Caesars’), but it wasn’t particularly plentiful either, and for $12.99, I thought maybe it was a little skimpy.Pizza Hut Crazy Cheesy Crust PizzaI want to make clear that this pizza wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good.  Sorry, Pizza Hut, but for my first time back in probably a decade, you didn’t really impress me.  Maybe your next gimmick should be to add taste.

Pros: Well browned crust. Decent pepperoni

Cons: Bland. Skimpy on the sauce and toppings. Pricey.

Taste: 5.50/10
Value: 3.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.00/10
Price: $12.99

Overall GrubGrade: 5.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
1 Slice Pepperoni: 390 cal, 20 g fat, 50 mg cholesterol, 910 mg sodium, 34 g carbs

24 comments on “Review: Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. rondoman says:

    This wasn’t really a review of this pizza but more of a review of Pizza Hut. If you dont like Pizza Hut you aren’t gonna suddenly start because of a cheese pocket crust.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    I loved Pizza Hut’s pan pizzas back in the ’80s. Good times. So sad they’ve fallen off the wagon.

    • Mike says:

      You have no idea what “falling off the wagon” means, do you?

    • J says:

      Have they, though? Or did we just grow up? It was the 90s for me. Eating stuffed crust pizza while just the right amount of grease was on my video game controller so I could have a legendary Crazy Taxi run. It was so much better then. Or were we just younger with worse taste?

      • Mike says:

        No, you were younger and less pretentious, the sort of person who didn’t regard the simple pleasures of mass-produced Americanized pizza as somehow being beneath him/herself. I am happy to say that I can enjoy a night of fine dining at critically-acclaimed local restaurant and then turn around a week later and enjoy a pan pizza just as much.

        • Ryan says:

          Well said. I can enjoy a cheap frozen pizza immensely one day and not have to try and compare it to the finest slice I’ve ever had. I like your philosophy.

        • J says:

          Ha. Wow. I really don’t think it is pretentious to admit cheap, mass-produced food is better in the eyes of a child. I can absolutely eat Pizza Hut and Dominos and be satisfied. It doesn’t keep me from admitting my satisfaction was at a higher level when I was seven. Thanks for the generalization, though.

        • Mike N. says:

          I have to disagree — the food IS different. Pizza Hut switched from making the dough in-house to using a frozen crust disk for pan pizza. The cooking method has changed too. By contrast, you never hear people say “the Big Mac was so much better in the ’80s!” (And btw, calling a commenter on a fast food blog pretentious is very pretentious.)

  3. MP says:

    Another dissatisfied customer.

  4. Robert says:

    I had one of these a few days ago because it look good. It was meh. I kind of though the cheesy crust might have some flavor but it did not. Had to dip in my breadstick sauce, that made it better. One time is enough for me.

  5. Old Fogey Paul says:

    Mabey it’s just me, but I think along with several other “popular” chains… Pizza Hut fell off… Other pizza chains took a good long hard look at themselves and at least tried to fix themselves. The real problem is value… Pizza Hut tends to skimp on toppings and the tomato sauce tastes funny… and their “Large” looks a lot like other chain’s “medium” I remember the glory days of pizza hut, arcade games, buffets, and breadsticks galore… my how they have faded… For now at least, I will stick to take and bake. 🙂

  6. Daniel n says:

    I personally think out of the big three chain (ph, Dom, papa) Pizza Hut has the best normal pizza. Papa johns just sucks at everything and had a lousy crust.

  7. Keith says:

    Just picked one up. The taste of the cheese pockets reminds me of a grilled cheese sandwich. I lay off carbs, cheese and grease most of the time, so probably for that reason I thought it was darn tasty. Had not had a Pizza Hut pizza in years, either.

  8. D.Y. says:

    Maybe I have not been around long enough to know the older 80’s Pizza Hut, but our local Pizza Hut we never have problems with anymore. The pizza has a great taste with plenty of toppings and the employees are nice. I mean its not gourmet pizza or something, but it’s a good quality with a good amount of toppings. Also the Crazy Cheese Crust pizza you got looks a lot different than the ad pizza, the ones I get from ours looks so similar to the ad. I guess it depends on how much time and effort the cook takes on prepping the pizza. Locations is what it’s all about I suppose.

  9. IowaGal82 says:

    I don’t know what but I will also swear it’s changed and I think you are on to something Mike N. with the dough now being shipped in frozen instead of in house. Different type of quality with YUM! branding? I used to go when I was little (I loved and still love any restaurant that serves their drinks in red semi-translucent cups)and their pizza and breadstix where amazing to me. I loved the pan, I love the thin and I loved their breadstix. Now when I eat their stuff it just tastes off. I get horrible heartburn! I’m guess I’m getting old. 🙂 Usually though, the pizza I eat from the Hut is at a party or delivered so I haven’t tasted it fresh from the oven to Pizza Hut’s table in years. Maybe it’s better that way?

    I love the classic look of the dark tones, boothes, etc found in the old style Huts. When I see a Pizza Hut in a place like Target all fast food like with it’s ready to go food and bright colors I want to hurl.

  10. Edg78sim says:

    I usually order cheesy breadsticks cause can’t physically tolerate pizza meat (no matter who’s). So ordering this pizza was gonna be great. I’m afraid I can’t even give it a 5. Maybe a 3 since had plenty cheese and was warm. However, after eating just a couple pieces my husband got sick. I ate 3 of the little crusties. I got ill too. Outer crust is really lacking, crust stiff and didn’t even had their normal crust taste. Definetly not a do over.

  11. sherm says:

    This is not the first review I’ve read about this product, but it surprises me that you didn’t mention anything about the giant, cheese-filled cups that PH is using as crust on this one. I can see them either being delicious, melty cheese-filled nuggets or coagulated, heart-clogging slabs of grease.

  12. Raul says:

    I agree with the differences in location. At first, my pizza hut made this pizza crust like some sort of hybrid between the regular cheesy stuffed crust and the new pockets.Now the location makes it like the ad.

  13. Arron says:

    As an employee of Pizza Hut, I have one argument to make. Contrary to the review, the crust is not a pre-formed frozen crust. Yes, the hand tossed dough is brought in frozen, but it is then stretched and placed on the screens by hand. In the case of the Crazy Cheesy Crust, the dough is formed and the pockets shaped by hand.

  14. […] Now through the end of the year, Pizza Hut is promoting the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza.  The Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza is a large one-topping pizza with 16 pockets filled with a 5-cheese blend made up of mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, asiago and fontina.  If the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza looks familiar, you might remember it under the name Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza (our review from 2013). […]

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