Cereal Review: Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal

Please note: The following may at times become convoluted and absent minded, mostly on account of Adam putting a buttload of sugar into his bloodstream. That being said, here is his review of Kellogg’s latest cereal offering.

Have you ever played that game where you ask your friends what the one thing you would eat all the time would be if we lived in that fairy tale world where health concerns didn’t often trump our adventurous sense of taste?  Well, if I lived in that awesome place, I would feast on the original Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I’d wash it down with liquefied Cinnabon cream cheese frosting. Just, you know, to stay hydrated and all that good stuff.

Alas, in the real world such a  lifestyle wouldn’t support my athletic pursuits (read: I’d be extremely huge) so the Cinnabon has been relegated to a once-n-a-year type treat. Or has it?

Kelloggs has recently come out with a Cinnabon Cereal, which, I am told, is a bit different from the “old” Cinnabon Cereal” (this according to our friend Josie) that I never even knew existed. Described as allowing you to have “the indulgence of a Cinnabon” with the “goodness of Kelloggs,” a cup of this new stuff will also save you about 600 calories from an actual Cinnabon.

Think of this cereal as a cross between Cookie Crisp, Apple Jacks, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s a “multi-grain” cereal but at its base is the kind of corn meal texture you find in cookie crisp. Likewise, the airy little cinnamon bun “bites” have a kind of jet-puffed texture and artificial oil coating like Kelloggs kids cereals tend to have. The mini-rolls remind me a lot of Princess Leia’s hair in A New Hope. They have slightly noticeable glaze that is suppose to represent the cream cheese frosting, and eaten alone they have an addicting rich and “spicy”-sweet flavor that tastes remarkably similar to the way apple jacks tasted when they still made it with partially hygroginated oils. In other words: this might just be the best snacking cereal ever concieved.

As you would expect, the preeminent flavor of the pieces is sweet. That being said, the first thing that gets you is the aroma. The package smells strongly of cinnamon and butter, and also has that bakery smell of cream cheese frosting and egg wash. Personally, the smell is so intensely pleasing that you might as well just buy the cereal for the aroma: it’s just that good. It was so good, in fact, that I was struck by an almost unconquerable desire to just dump the entire bag into my mouth right then and there. Cooler heads eventually prevailed, but only because I had a review to do.

While I found the cinnamon roll bites to be incredibly tasty on their own, I was actually somewhat disappointed with this cereal once in the milk. Unlike Cinnamon Toast Crunch the pieces don’t lend themselves to immediate dumpage of their sweetness into the drink, and the buns themselves don’t get as moist as  would have liked. Still, the milk does help to bring out their rich and buttery-sweet taste in the bites themselves, with each spoonful delivering a strong flavor that has hints of brown sugar and the flavor of cream cheese. The cinnamon flavor is exceptionally strong, and tastes more complex than just cinnamon alone. It’s quite rich for a cereal, although the “cinnamon topping” fails to gooeyfy to a creamy state. Instead, you get a kind of palm-oily glaze like you get with Froot Loops, except with a brown sugar and cinnamon flavor.

Cinnabon Cereal is good, but does it live up to its billing? It’s hard to say. Obviously a pre-packed cereal can only come so close to a fresh baked good, and for only 120 calories a cup it won’t kill your waist nearly to the extent an actual Cinnabon will. But then again, it’s the over-the-top decadence of the Cinnabon which makes it so good, and this cereal just can’t replicate that. While yummy in milk, you’re better bet is to snack on these pieces right out of the box. They lend themselves well to just dissolving their cinnamon sugar taste in your mouth, while their slightly oily texture will keep you coming back for more.

Pros: Bursting with Cinnamon-sugar flavor and sweetness. Surprisingly rich for a breakfast cereal. Smells like the greatest thing ever.

Cons: Eating Princess Leia's hair buns. Fails to replicate fatty goodness of an actual Cinnabon. Not as sweet in milk as you'd expect. Bouncing off walls. Contains hydrogenated oils.

Taste: 8.50 (Very Good)
Value: 7.75 (Good)
Price: 1.66 (on sale at Giant)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.25 (Very good)

More Info: Kelloggs.com
Nutrition Facts:
Kellogg's Cinnabon Cereal
Calories: 120
Total Fat: 2 g
Saturated Fat: 0 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Sodium: 115 mg
Potassium: 40 mg
Total Carbs: 25 g
Fiber: 1 g
Sugars: 12 g
Protein: 2 g

18 comments on “Cereal Review: Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal

  1. I do indeed own a Cinnabon branded candle. I feel it’s slightly more efficient than leaving an unopened box of Cinnabon cereal on my nightstand. 😉

  2. Jessica Leigh says:

    I just don’t like sugary cereal. I know, I’m weird. My favorite is Cheerios. Have you tried the new Cinnabon snack bars? They are really good!

  3. Adam says:


    Yea, I’ve tried them and thought they were just ok. I like other sugary bars much better though. I actually really like regular cheerios too. The thing is, I only like regular cheerios with NOTHING else. No added fruit, no milk, no other cereal of any kind. It’s like there is a nuttiness that defines the cheerio which is lost when you screw around with it. But otherwise, I’m a sugary cereal fiend.

  4. maxchain says:

    Between you and me, I hate Cookie Crisp, but two out of three for the flavor blend is reasonable enough for me to give this stuff a shot.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Modern day Cookie Crisp is a travesty compared to the original version that came out back-in-the-day. It’s nowhere near the same as it was. We bought a box not long ago, and it was just plain nasty. They had to have changed the mix, just as they did with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. All be it CTC is still half way decent. Just not nearly as good as the original version.

  5. Adam says:


    Flavor wide they are much more a cross between apple jacks and french toast crunch.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Oh my God!! French Toast Crunch was THE bomb. Well, when it was in the shape of actual French Toast. When they changed it up to look like regular cereal, it went down hill. Sadly it was beyond hard to find, and now it isn’t sold in the U.S. anymore as far as I know.

  6. Keith says:

    New my butt….

    I distinctly remember cinnamon bun cereal from when I was a kid, and I seriously doubt this is much different. In fact, this is the third version….

    The first incarnation of this cereal was introduced by Kellogg’s in 1991. Cinnamon Mini Buns was advertised as “Eating 70 Cinnamon Buns Can Be Nutritious.”


    I’m not exactly sure when these were discontinued, but they look exactly the same and I remember eating them.

    Then a second generation came along – in 2005, Kellogg’s introduced us to Mini Swirlz Cinnamon Bun cereal which, as far as I can tell, may have been slightly different from the 1991 version, but not by much…


    Discontinued in 2009, this Cinnabon cereal is considered a re-introduction of Mini Swirlz, only re-branded.


    One thing I remember is that these smelled way better than they tasted – and they tasted better straight out of the box than sogged up with milk.

    Also, I didn’t realize how many websites were out there dedicated solely to reviewing cereal 😉

  7. Yum Yucky says:

    “Convoluted” is such a cool word. Jus sayin’.

  8. ChrisLad says:

    Wow working on your dissertation Keith?

  9. SkippyMom says:

    It makes my teeth hurt just looking at the pic’. I like the smell of the rolls in our local mall but would never buy one – they are HUGE and so, so sweet. [Yes, I know that is the point, but I am a savory kind of gal. Except for DQ. tyvm]

  10. oscar says:

    ummm just like cinnamon grahams, they never seem at home in liquid thou.
    i really like that u do both fast food, and convience stuff like cereal. thanks for views and website

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m actuall eating it right now right out of the box. I must admit I didn’t think it’d be this good! *puts a handfull more in my mouth as I type*

  12. these look amazing!!!! my mum said she saw some in a store here in SA. I will go get them today!

  13. […] But, it’s hard because I’m such a sucker for cinnamon roll-flavored cereals. […]

  14. i live in around the scranton/wilkes-barre area and am not able to find cinnabon cereal anywhere!! i love it&have been buying it for years. has it been discontinued?? i hope not but have looked in several grocery stores.