Cereal Review: Chocolate Frosted Flakes

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Every couple of weeks an 84-year old man named Tom drives me 45 minutes to the nearest town. After speeding down country and mountain roads in a beatup, stick-driven pickup truck, Tom and I (God willing) typically arrive in the parking lot of Walmart.

And so begins the dash.

Tom has his routine, and needless to say, it doesn’t involve taking his time in the cereal aisle. Besides, who am I to mess with the routine of an 84-year old World War II vet?

Don't you just love Walmart?

So I dash. Or rather, I walk extremely quickly and frantically, overwhelmed by end-caps and flatscreen advertisements as I attempt to spot the latest and greatest in the world of limited-time only food products in the amount of time it takes Tom to grab his New York Times and whatever other old-guy stuff he wants.  Typically speaking, I come into the “dash” with a plan, and execute that plan accordingly. Obviously I make sure I hit up all the essentials — chip aisle, check; canned fish aisle, check — but last week I was thrown for a major loop. Or Flake, that is, because I’ve yet to see the coveted chocolate covered Froot Loops that tease me in my dreams.

But I did see Chocolate Frosted Flakes, or rather, Choco Zucaritas. With a bold and inviting “NUEVO!” above the outstretched “number one” finger of Tony the Tiger (or Antonio el Tigre), I was, for a moment, completely taken by surprise. So surprised that I almost forgot about my dash-imposed time limit, recovering with just enough ticking seconds to left to grab a box and make for the exit like a football playing tiger making for the endzone.

Actual serving size.

Fortunately I made Tom’s deadline, but as I anxiously awaited the long-looked forward to first bowl of this bilingual bounty of milled corn and high fructose corn syrup, I admitted to myself that I was probably getting my hopes up. I’ve met good — but not GRRRREEEAAT — chocolate cereals before, and remembering a less than stellar review of the autentico Mexican version of Chocolate Frosted Flakes from my esteemed colleague Leandra Palermo, I hesitated to think my high hopes would be met with “ambiguous tasting” mediocrity.

Being the “meh, milk” cereal eater I am, my first taste of Chocolate Frosted Flakes came as my first taste of actual Frosted Flakes came some 17 or 18 years ago. The “hand to cereal box” method may not be the way to a complete breakfast, but hey, I wasn’t in it for the essential vitamins and minerals anyways. Taste-wise, those first bites were everything I could have asked for. The chocolate flavor is more than respectable, and a slightly oily sheen (my guess coming from the palm kernel oil) lent an element of donut-glaze like lickability to the already rot-your-teeth-out sweetness level. As for that sweetness, it’s good old-fashioned Frosted Flakes at its finest, with a sturdy crunch and burst of cocoa flavor. All things considered, the sheen of the flakes reminded me quite fondly of the now discontinued Frosted Flakes Gold, providing the sensation of dissolving sugar and cocoa on my tongue.

Practically giddy with excitement — or, perhaps more likely, a serious sugar high — I eagerly anticipated a more civilized breakfast of Chocolate Frosted Flakes the next morning. That’s when things started to go down hill. It started with actually measuring the serving size out. Everyone knows that the actual cereal serving size on the label is smaller than your standard bowl, but for whatever reasons, 30 grams of Frosted Flakes always seems to be a lot smaller than a standard bowl. All things considered, a serving is just a handful of flakes. Now, as for the milk. With a strong cocoa flavor and chocolate sheen, I was expected a solid transfer of chocolatey sugar into the milk. That transfer was disappointing, however, with the chocolate coating dissolving into the milk, but the sweetness remaining in the flakes. What you’re left with is a disjointed cereal experience, essentially reducing one to eating Frosted Flakes in a brown but otherwise flavorless milk. To be sure, Frosted Flakes of all kinds take on an especially pleasing sogginess in milk, but when it comes to rendering a slurp worthy end-milk, Chocolate Frosted Flakes do nothing for me. All in all, a really enjoyable snacking cereal and a fine way for me to learn Spanish, but not quite the holy grail of chocolate kids cereals.

Lousy end-milk

Adam’s Cereal Ranking Index: Chocolate Frosted Flakes

  • Sweetness: 9.25/10
  • Flavor: 7.50/10
  • Snackability: 9.00/10
  • Healthy Junk: N/A
  • End Milk: 3.00/10
  • Nostalgia: 7.00/10

Final Score: 7.15/10

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14 comments on “Cereal Review: Chocolate Frosted Flakes

  1. Kevin says:

    Upon seeing these, I do wish Cocoa Pebbles were bigger so it wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass at the end.

  2. The Holy Grail of chocolate cereals is Oreo O’s. They say they’re discontinued, but really that means that you have to go on a quest for it.

  3. Rodzilla says:

    Who else put original Frosted Flakes in chocolate milk?

    I’ve been meaning to try these, but I just don’t know that anything can top chocolate chex for me. Chocolate Mini-Wheats are a close second.

  4. Lisa says:

    WHY are they in spanish!?! lol so bizarre.
    but good for you! another yummy kiddie cereal to eat 😉

  5. larry says:

    I would like to know more about

    1) Tom

    2) The trips to town

    3) Tom

    Fabulous review Adam! Those flakes do not appear to be truly worthy of chocolate cereal dessert. More like an afterthought of spraying the flakes with some type of chocolate just because others have a chocolate cereal on the market.

    I’ve never been a big fan of sweets but a bowl of cereal for dessert works just fine for me, especially if it’s a solid chocolate or some captain crunch..regular, berries, or peanut butter.

    • Allokago says:

      Ha, I agree! You should do a side blog about Tom and these trips. They sound like they could be good blog fodder.

  6. missouri says:

    These caught my attention in WM a few weeks ago – I was actually suprised at how crunch they were – more so it seemed than plain Frosted Flakes. Have to disagree with the milk slurp tho’ – mine was chocked full of chocolate – almost the same as a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.

  7. missouri says:

    And keep the cereal reviews coming please :0)

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  10. Julia says:


  11. dude says:

    i was disipointed in the product due to the coconess of the flakes. They smelt just likc choclate but i know its not really. Just having problemms understanding why they arnt flat but textured. its like they box isnt even real.
    – Thanks, Jesus

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