Burger Throwdown: Boca vs. Beef

Army vs. Navy. Cats vs. Dogs. Coke vs. Sprite Pepsi.

All great rivalries, and all pressing choices to any American.  Yet can they really compare to the question of veggie burger vs. beef burger?

Where's the beef?  Can you spot the fake?

Where's the beef? Can you spot the fake?

Anyways, I’ll have a further review of the Boca Burger on its own later this week during my regular snack review, but for the time being why not see how the meatless alternative fared against its tried and true beefy counterpart?  The answer may surprise you…

Ok, ok,  so a Boca Original Vegan Burger against a homemade Beef Burger may not be one of life’s greatest rivalries, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw in some hyperbole from time to time, can’t we?…Or not.  Hey, it is National Hamburger Month after all, and far be it from us to turn our backs on America.

13 comments on “Burger Throwdown: Boca vs. Beef

  1. Marvo says:

    The plain Boca Burgers are quite flavorless. I’ve tried preparing them on the grill, microwave and on a skillet. In all situations, they were pretty bland.

  2. Marianne says:

    Coke vs. Sprite? Shouldn’t it be Coke vs. Pepsi? 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      @Marianne…Haha…I didn’t even think about that. Yeah Adam probably meant Coke v Pepsi…Coke/Sprite=same company.

  3. Maybe the poor taste in the Boca is what landed on it at about 58 seconds. What was that?

    Yeah, the kinda taste like cardboard don’t they…not necessarily cardboard but pretty flavorless.

    Nice vid BTW.

  4. Ryan says:

    @Bear…hahaha…I didn’t catch that until you brought it up…and I’ve watched this a few times…good eye. Looks like something fell from a tree.

  5. Great throwdown! I have never been a fan of Boca. I tend to favor Gardenburger if I have to go vegetarian. But I do try to avoid going non-beef at all costs.

    I was hoping to see some of that Old Bay sprinkled on!

  6. Adam says:

    Good sweet Mike why did I write Coke vs. Sprite? Obviously I meant Coke vs. Pespi…

    @Bear, That would be some springtime foliage blowing gracefully in the Maryland breeze. Come to think of it that might of actually added flavor…
    @Greg: Old Bay makes anything taste good, especially if you’re from Maryland.

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    I’ve always preferred Morningstar Farms burgers over the Boca brand. Then again, I haven’t had either in at least 5 years.

    I think that, just for fun, some food manufacturer should reverse the idea of meatless burgers, and make a vegetable composed entirely of meat. Like, Vegetable-less vegetables. We’ve got the meatless meat, so why not? I’d like to see a corn on the cob substitute made from a mixture of pork, beef, and chicken.

  8. Adam says:

    The thing is, the burger I ate was a Vegan soy burger, so technically it’s even lower than a veggie burger as far as I am concerned. I’ve had veggie burgers (like the Gardenburger) in the past and actually gotten some decent veggie flavor, but this things was just flavorless. I’ll have further thoughts in a written review in the middle of the week, but let’s just say that things went somewhat better when I microwaved it and ditched the whole “control” group idea.

  9. I like the vid. I never thought that I would pair Stranglehold and Boca Burgers in the same thought, nice!

  10. Adam says:

    Haha yea. I thought Ted Nugent would be the kind of guy to appreciate the meat option coming out on top.

  11. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and eats Boca all the time. Some of the stuff is decent, but I’ve never preferred any of it over meat.

  12. Bobabooey Jr. says:

    I’ve tried most of the veggie burgers, and only one is really any good, and that’s the Morningstar Farms “Grillers Prime”. It doesn’t taste like meat, but on a decent bun or French bread, it’s not bad. I recently tried a couple of boxes of Boca’s, mostly because they were on sale, and there was a coupon for a buck off, and they were horrible, even worse than I had remembered. The dogs got all but the first one, and only one of them ate them. He eats almost anything at this point.

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