Additional Jamba Juice Reviews from the Internets

Jamba Juice had many other writers taste their new items. Here is a list of those involved and links to their reviews if they’ve posted them:

Ken Kuhl – Fast Food News

Jessica Simmons – Epic Portions

Taylor Corner – Food Beast

Leng Touch – Fat Cat Who Created a Vegetarian

Abby Abanes – Pleasure Palate

Stephanie Stiavetti – Wasabimon!

Wandering Chopsticks

Carol Green – Uncovering Food

Mari Suzuki – Secrets of a Kitchen Wizard

Denise Lee – Denise Does Dessert

5 comments on “Additional Jamba Juice Reviews from the Internets

  1. Leng says:

    Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for posting this list of people who attended the food tasting event! 🙂

  2. Hi
    Benefits of juice have been known for years. They are safe and inexpensive form of preventive medicines and help in the treatment of illness as well….

  3. Bear Silber says:

    @Leng – No problem 🙂

    @Ryan – Thanks for the correcto. P.S. What’s it called when you make a verbal mistake? A taco 😛

    @Mathew – Tanks for da info!

  4. Hi Bear,

    You’re pretty fast with the post. Can I ask that you please remove my name from the post? I don’t mind the link to my blog, I just prefer to keep my real name private.


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