New Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches from Arby’s

Meatoberfest is still ongoing and Arby’s has quietly added a couple of new sandwiches to the menu in the form of Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches.  There are two Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches to choose from:  the Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich and the Steak & Bacon Melt Sandwich.  Arbys Petite Filet Steak SandwichesThe Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich (520 calories) features thick-cut tender petite filet steak, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce and tomato on a toasted ciabatta roll and finished with roasted garlic butter.  The Steak & Bacon Melt Sandwich (640 calories) features thick-sliced tender petite filet steak topped with melted cheddar, pepper bacon, crispy onions and steakhouse ranch.  Arby’s Petite Filet Steak is served medium with a warm pink center.  Available for a limited time only while supplies last.

Carolina Classic Burger Now Available in All Wendy’s Locations in the Carolinas

The Carolina Classic Burger is a regional menu item at Wendy’s which, to date, could only be found in the Charlotte, NC market.  It’s now available in all Wendy’s restaurants across North and South Carolina.  The Carolina Classic features a quarter-pound of fresh beef, a couple of sweet onions, chili, chopped slaw and mustard on a toasted bun.  Priced at $4.39, but may vary by location. Carolina Classic WendysThe Carolina Classic will set you back 520 calories, 29 grams of fat, 9 grams of saturated fat, 670 milligrams of sodium, 39 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 10 grams of sugar, and 28 grams of protein.  Available for a limited time only while supplies last.

Burger King Teases Ghost Whopper with White Bun

Burger King posted on their social media channels, “don’t blink…it’s coming”, with a gif attached.  Pausing the gif at the right spot will reveal a sandwich with a white bun.  Is this a Ghost Whopper?  Burger King Ghost WhopperBK is no stranger to different colored buns.  In 2015 BK gave us the A.1. Halloween Whopper with a black bun followed by the Angriest Whopper with a red bun in 2016. In 2018 we had the Nightmare King with a green bun.  We’ll keep you posted on this mystery white bun burger that we’ll just call the Ghost Whopper until official details are revealed.Ghost Whopper

New Baja Blast Birthday Freeze from Taco Bell

Taco Bell is celebrating 15 years of Mountain Dew Baja Blast by offering a limited edition Mtn Dew Baja Blast Freeze.  The Baja Blast Birthday Freeze is just like the Baja Blast Freeze but with added confetti candy.  Priced at $2.59 for the regular 16 oz. or $2.89 for the 20 oz large.Baja Blast Birthday Freeze Taco BellAlso for a limited time only, Taco Bell is promoting the Sour Skittles Freeze.  Taco Bell can no longer give a basic description of any of their products so I’ll just grab one of the four paragraphs used for the Sour Skittles Freeze on the Taco Bell website… “Picture this. We take your favorite round candy. Take the beloved sour-ified version of it. Turned down the temp. And transformed it into your new favorite drink. Good, now, stop picturing it. Because we have a literal picture of it. See above. That’s the new Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze.” Correction, see below:Sour Skittles Freeze Taco Bell

Burger King Brings Back Cheesy Tots for a Limited Time

Burger King’s Cheesy Tots (review) have been on again, off again for the last five years and they’re back on the menu for another limited time run.  BK describes their Cheesy Tots as melted cheese potato bites covered in a crunchy bread crumb coating. Served hot and crispy with your order.  Priced at $1 for a 4 piece order.Burger King Cheesy TotsNutrition info: 310 calories, 15 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 780 milligrams of sodium, 34 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 9 grams of protein.

Double Chalupa Returns to Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Double Chalupa is back for another LTO round.  First introduced in the summer of 2017, the Double Chalupa (very similar to the XXL Chalupa from 2010) is an oversized Chalupa shell filled with a double portion of seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, a three cheese blend, reduced-fat sour cream and nacho cheese sauce.  Also available as the Spicy Double Chalupa with added jalapeños.  Priced at $3.49Double Chalupa Taco BellThe Double Chalupa will set you back 590 calories and is available in a $5 Box served with your choice of a Double Chalupa or Spicy Double Chalupa, a Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a Medium soda. If you grab Taco Bell’s Double Chalupa Box you’ll have the chance to win an Xbox One X Eclipse Limited Edition Bundle. The bundle includes an Xbox One X Eclipse Limited Edition console with Taco Bell’s iconic ring at startup, the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and a six-month Game Pass Ultimate membership.

New Smoky Sriracha Wings from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s WingStreet Wings have added a new flavor… introducing Smoky Sriracha Wings.  New Smoky Sriracha sauce is made with a blend of red jalapeño chili puree, garlic and vinegar.  Available in boneless or traditional for a limited time only.  Priced at $7.99 for 6 traditional or $7.69 for 8 boneless.Sriracha Wings Pizza Hut

Review: Voodoo Tenders from Popeyes

The latest LTO at Popeyes are new Voodoo Tenders and it seems like until the Chicken Sandwich returns, a lot of people won’t be paying attention.  I’m not sure even Popeyes is paying much attention.  The Popeyes website has been stuck on the missing Chicken Sandwich for almost two months now and we’ve gone through at least two new offerings in the meantime with barely any promotion.Popeyes Voodoo Chicken TendersNew Voodoo Tenders are basically a trio of Popeyes Chicken Tenders with a drizzling of new Voodoo Sauce and a sprinkling of chives.  It looks interesting and it sounds interesting, but it’s so very forgettable.  Let’s review:  … continue reading “Review: Voodoo Tenders from Popeyes”

New Voodoo Tenders from Popeyes

There’s still no update on the return of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.  Until that happens, we’ve got new Voodoo Tenders to check out.  Popeyes new Voodoo Tenders are three chicken tenders topped with Sweet Chili Voodoo Sauce and chives and comes with a side of Sweet Chili Voodoo Sauce for dipping.  My local Popeyes has them priced at $3.99 or $5 with the additional side item and biscuit.  Available for a limited time only at participating locations while supplies last.  Currently Voodoo Tenders are not promoted on the Popeyes website.Voodoo Tenders Popeyes

Checkers and Rally’s Promote 2 for $6 Big Buford Deal

Checkers and Rally’s are putting the spotlight on their Big Buford with a limited time only 2 for $6 deal.  The Big Buford features two hand-seasoned, 100% beef patties topped with two slices of American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo on a toasted bakery-style bun.  Participation may vary by location.  Big Buford CheckersOne Big Buford sandwich will set you back 660 calories, 39 grams of fat, 1730 milligrams of sodium, 39 grams of carbs, 9 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fiber and 38 grams of protein.

Papa John’s Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza Returns

The Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza from Papa John’s is back.  The Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza is a large thin-crust pizza with appropriately placed pepperoni and black olives.  Arrives uncut and available for $11 now through Halloween.Jack O Lantern Pizza Papa Johns

Carl’s Jr. Introduces The Really Big Carl

New at Carl’s Jr. and available for a limited time only is The Really Big Carl.  The Really Big Carl consists of three charbroiled beef patties, classic sauce, three slices of American cheese and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.  This is The Big Carl with an extra beef patty and slice of cheese. Available at participating Carl’s Jr. locations.The Really Big Carl