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GrubGrade is an internet destination where you can feast your eyes on the latest news in the quick-serve industry and peruse over 700 (and counting) food reviews. We cover everything from snacks, fast food, fast casual restaurants, regular chain restaurants and maybe even your local neighborhood hole-in-the wall. Launched in February 2009, GrubGrade is updated daily.


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The reviews we write are subjective! We have personal opinions and experiences with the items we write about. If you disagree or want to put in your 2-cents, go for it, but please no attacks on writers or other readers leaving comments. Much of what we do here is driven by our readers and the comments we receive on our posts. So thanks to everyone participating enough to turn this thing into a forum for discussion. We do not get paid for publishing food news or reviews from any companies whatsoever. If any post is sponsored, we will let you know (it rarely happens). Any freebies that come my way go directly back to the readers in the form of various giveaways.

How to reach us: If you would like to contribute content to GrubGrade, make suggestions or if you just want to drop us an email, please contact us at GrubGrade@Gmail.com

So who exactly is GrubGrade? Who are we? Here’s the GrubGrade crew:

Ryan, Chief Editor/Admin/Writer:

Ryan, Maryland

Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m the Man Behind the GrubGrade Mask. I live in Maryland so if you want me to review more Jack in the Box I will disappoint you. I like Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Minis, BK Rodeo Cheeseburgers and long walks on the beach. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not 600 pounds. You may remember me from such publications as Woman’s World Magazine or maybe you’ve spotted my car at a drive-thru window. I stand firmly by my claim that the Arby’s Fish Sandwich rules over all other fast food fish sandwiches so don’t hate on this. The GrubGrade empire is operated from the comfort of my recliner.

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Chefprotoss, Writer:

Chefprotoss, Virginia

Hello all! I’m Chefprotoss. When not cooking food for rich people, you can find me posting here about how nothing is as good as my childhood told me it was. I love sweet local spots in the DC/VA area, and want to take a bath with a toaster when my beloved fast food joints fail to deliver like the neighborhood gems. Don’t get me wrong, I’d marry any woman if their father offered a Cheesy Gordita Crunch as dowry, but I yearn to keep the big boys in check. Unlike Ryan, I do weigh 600 pounds, and I really like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Probably too much…

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Erin Jax, Writer:

Erin, California

Hi, I’m Erin. In addition to reviewing the occasional fast food item for GrubGrade, I also write content for Serious Eats and two personal food blogs: EJeats and San Diego Sugar. I’m a Toronto transplant covering the Southern California scene, which means I’m happy to be in the land of In-N-Out and carne asada burritos, but I still sometimes pine for Timbits.

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Dustin, Writer:

Dustin, Missouri

What it is, yo? I’m Dustin, one of the GrubGrade writers. Working on being more consistent here. (Aren’t all writers struggling with that?) I live in Springfield, Missouri. Yes, we invented cashew chicken. You’re welcome. Without a doubt my favorite foods are pizza, both supreme and buffalo chicken and most sushi rolls. I also enjoy libations in case you can somehow read but didn’t look at the pictures. Hobbies include exploring new places, reading fiction, tearing down B movies a la Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and getting people to like me, even if I’m not particularly fond of them.

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