Triple Double Crunchwrap is Back at Taco Bell

Back in 2016 we reviewed the Triple Double Crunchwrap from Taco Bell and it’s now back on the menu for a limited time only.  The Triple Double Crunchwrap features a double serving of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and crunchy tostada shell plus the standard lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla. It also comes in a spicy version with spicy ranch sauce and jalapeños.  Priced at $3.49 or in a $5 combo box with a crunchy taco, Cinnamon Twists and a medium drink.Triple Double CrunchwrapAlso available at Taco Bell and new to the menu is the Cherry Sunset Freeze.  Priced at $2.39, the Cherry Sunset Freeze is a pineapple drink with swirls of cherry flavor.Cherry Sunset Freeze


7 comments on “Triple Double Crunchwrap is Back at Taco Bell

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    This is a great deal, but would be better with soemthjng else jnstead of those lackluster Twists. I wish they had another taco or nacho fries.

  2. Russman says:

    My only issue is that it never closed at the top of the crunchwrap, so after taking a couple of bites the stuff either came out or it fell apart.

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