Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken Sandwiches

The most annoying fast food story in recent memory for me is Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches versus Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches.  The social media beef was free publicity so it was great from a business standpoint, but so very cringey.  Can we please stop the “y’all” vernacular trend please?  Also Popeyes has run out of their Chicken Sandwiches after two weeks of availability.  They are milking this because they’re finally getting the attention they’ve deserved for the last decade.  This will change Popeyes I’m sure.  Popeyes Chicken SandwichEyes are on Popeyes now and they finally updated their website… still no easy access to nutrition info though.  Remember when they were humble?  My opinion means nothing of course… but at least their new Chicken Sandwiches are legitimately great.  What do you think of Popeyes running out of their new Chicken Sandwich?  Is this just a redirected business plan from this viral social media nonsense?  I’m sure supply can’t meet demand and all, but I never expected this sandwich to be just another LTO.  If it’s another LTO, I’ll be very disappointed.

18 comments on “Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken Sandwiches

  1. John says:

    What is the y’all vernacular trend?

    • Ryan says:

      So many people using “y’all” on social media… gets on my nerves for some reason. Am I the only one?

    • JB says:

      This is such an ignorant comment. Especially considering I come to this site for one thing, none of which involves southern vernacular critiques. Definitely not a trend. smh speaks to your lack of cultural competency more than anything.

      • Ryan says:

        It definitely IS a trend. Yes it’s a southern thing… yes it’s been around forever… but spend enough time on social media and you’ll see it IS the trendy thing to use. When suburban millennials from Minnesota start using it, you know it has branched out. It has zero to do with lack of cultural competency. You should know trendy social media vernacular since you used smh.

        • JB says:

          Trendy also, yes. But keep thinking that isn’t a lack of cultural competency. Still sounds pretentious as hell but I guess I shouldn’t expect much from folks in MN who don’t understand how this works lol

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    I was able to eat this sandwich 4 times in July before people knew about this. It’s the best sandwich ever!

  3. Robert says:

    Running out, real or not, does generate a bit of buzz I suppose. But you’re right that it’s bonkers that it took until now for KFC and Popeye’s to have good, competitive chicken sandwiches. I mean, isn’t the whole point of fast food to get you to pay for bread/tortillas/potatoes to fill you up faster? Like, the idea of a 2 tender combo doesn’t sound like much food. But wrap ’em in a tortilla and bam, you have a big wrap sandwich. (R.I.P., Twister)

  4. M-Logan says:

    I agree the “rivalry” is goofy, why can’t they both just have good sammiches?? I like a Big Mac now and again, doesn’t mean I don’t also sometimes want a Stacker. But I did get the new Popeyes one a couple weeks ago, and it was EXCELLENT. Almost too huge to finish! Based on that alone, a much better deal than anything at CFA.

  5. Shanoon says:

    I was raised hearing and saying the word y’all. So if any of y’all don’t like the word and its use then just know that I don’t care. We don’t have a Popeye’s where I live anyway.

  6. Stephanie says:

    As someone who grew up in the Deep South, I hate the “y’all” vernacular trend (it’s an abbreviation for “you all” and should never be used in the singular). Cringe-y when it comes from people who are using it to sound hip and trendy.

    Much like if “youse guys” or “aloha, dudes and dudettes” or “good day, eh?” was a annoying vernacular trend.

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