Popeyes New $5 Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch

As we wait for the national release of chicken sandwiches, Popeyes Boneless Wings are back in a new promo called Double Dippers or the $5 Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch.  This combo features six Boneless Wings with a double dipping container with half ranch dipping sauce and half grated parmesan cheese.  Also included is your choice of side item plus a buttermilk biscuit.  Available for a limited time only while supplies last.Popeyes Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch

2 comments on “Popeyes New $5 Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch

  1. Robert says:

    As for that “choice of side”, all of my local Popeyes force you to get fries with these deals. Yes, they have great fries, but you’re supposed to get to pick whenever it doesn’t specifically say just fries. Grr!

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