Popeyes Introduces Bring Your Own Bun Campaign

Popeyes launched its new Chicken Sandwich (review) on August 12 and ran out of their supplies within a couple of weeks.  The supply couldn’t meet the demand and in the meantime while we wait for the return of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Popeyes is encouraging fans to Bring Your Own Bun.  We’re being trolled:

Introducing BYOB: Bring Your Own Bun.  Popeyes still has the best fried chicken in the game, so bring your own bun, order 3-piece tenders and voilà! You can make your own sandwich.

Popeyes BYOB

4 comments on “Popeyes Introduces Bring Your Own Bun Campaign

  1. Robert says:

    1) Ha.
    2) No.
    3) My local Popeye’s charges like $7 for three freakin’ tenders. So they’re being cutesy and asking me to pay waaay more? Nice try.

    • Stanley says:

      Their app has a coupon every week for 3 pc tenders, regular side and biscuit for $3.99. Add a drink and you’re still under 6 bucks. Other good deals in the app too.

      • rick felt says:

        Stanley, I don’t understand why individuals take the time to check out blog sites like this, but somehow don’t have the time to download an APP like Popeyes offers. There are many other FF apps out there as well.

        You can also get 5 piece tenders or bone-in and 2 regular sides plus 2 biscuits for 7.99.

  2. FoodForThought says:

    So is this their cutesy F-U to the customer for their lazy supply issues?

    Lol nah.

    If you’re going to play dirty rotten cheapskate actually be good at it, because this sucks.

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