New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is introducing the country to new Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza.  This creation is a side item that features four baked jumbo squares topped with real sharp cheese from Cheez-It baked on and stuffed with either cheese or pepperoni and cheese and served with a side of marinara dipping sauceStuffed Cheez-It Pizza HutThe Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza is available starting today at the regular menu price of $6.49. On Tuesday, September 24 it’ll be added to Pizza Hut’s $5 N’ Up Lineup for $6 when you buy two or more $5 N’ Up Lineup menu items. Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza Hut

6 comments on “New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    I will order this tonight, I love me some Cheezit. My favorite flavors are Hard to find now, maybe discontinued: Gouda and Provolone.

  2. A Love Gordita says:

    They look small, *you* will probably have to spend $20 to fill up.
    Might be tasty though, hope you don’t get bound up, better get some crossword puzzles to be safe.

  3. Steven says:

    Tried this tonight. I wanted to like it but it was just… not good.

    • Robert says:

      Any more details? I honestly can’t even imagine what these would taste like. My bf is obsessed with Cheez-Its, though — I think I have to buy this just once as a joke/surprise.

      • Steven says:

        The shell was rather heavy (like it soaked up grease) and there was too much of it compared to the filling. I got the pepperoni variety and I’d be hard pressed to tell it was even included flavor wise. The cheez-it flavor was there which was good, but I’d rather eat actual cheez-its and get something better from Pizza Hut. Will not be getting again.

  4. Bryan says:

    Tried these last night. I thought they were pretty decent, but a bit over priced at $7. They are smaller than expected. They have a good cheez-it flavor, but the filings are rather bland and are more for texture. I couldn’t even taste the pepperoni. Overall, not bad, but a better value at $5-6.

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