New Sour Patch Kids Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month for July is the new Sour Patch Kids Blizzard.  The Blizzard features Sour Patch Kids Bitz blended with Sour Patch Kids Redberry flavored soft serve.  Available at participating DQ locations nationwide through July.Sour Patch Kids Blizzard

One comment on “New Sour Patch Kids Blizzard from Dairy Queen

  1. Stephen says:

    The ice-cream is delicious, with a tart sweet sugar taste similar to that in the discontinued Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop Tarts. Unfortunately, the Sour Patch candy pieces are alternately like unchewable gummi bears and like the stick-to-your-teeth peppermint stick pieces in peppermint stick ice-cream. You might switch to dentures after a few of these Blizzards.

    We just need a tart ice-cream flavor!

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