New King’s Hawaiian Sliders from Arby’s

For a limited time, participating Arby’s locations are promoting new King’s Hawaiian Sliders.  Arby's King's Hawaiian SlidersThe trio of sliders are priced at $1.49 and feature Ham, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken or Roast Beef.

  • King’s Hawaiian Ham Slider – Everyone knows a King’s Hawaiian® dinner roll. The one that’s sweet and fluffy. Everyone knows pit-smoked ham. The one that’s smoky and savory. Everyone knows Swiss cheese. The one that’s Swiss. And everyone knows Arby’s. The one who brought this all together for you for a limited time.  200 calories
  • King’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Slider – The King’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Slider comes with a crispy chicken tender, island-style sweet pineapple BBQ sauce, and a world famous sweet, fluffy King’s Hawaiian® dinner roll.  250 calories
  • King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef Slider – This is the first time in modern history that Arby’s famous thin-sliced roast beef has rested upon the fluffy throne that is a King’s Hawaiian® dinner roll. As far as snack-sized sandwiches go, this slider here is the stuff of legend.  210 calories

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