New Kentucky Fried Wings from KFC

New at KFC and available for a limited time are Kentucky Fried Wings.  This is more of a rebranding than anything actually new… we reviewed KFC Hot Wings over 7 years ago… (anyone remember Fiery Grilled Wings?)  Kentucky Fried Wings KFCIn addition to traditional Buffalo sauce, KFC’s Kentucky Fried Wings will take advantage of the variety of sauces that we’ve been introduced to over the years including Honey BBQ and Nashville Hot.  You can also get Kentucky Fried Wings unsauced.  Each order also comes with Ranch sauce for dipping.  Prices and participation will vary, but my local KFC breaks down the prices like this:

  • 6 Wings, $5.00 with one ranch sauce
  • 12 Wings, $9.99 with two ranch sauces
  • 24 Wings, $18.99 with four ranch sauces
  • 48 Wings, $37.99 with 8 ranch sauces

KFC Kentucky Fried Wings

8 comments on “New Kentucky Fried Wings from KFC

  1. Scram says:

    Got a 12 piece yesterday. The Nashville Hot is so good…

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    I may have to give these a try, price is not too high. I hope they are not tiny size.

  3. Jay Melo says:

    I’ve been a customer at KFC since the 70’s. You got whole wings back then and they sometimes gave you extra ones because nobody wanted them and they had too many. Times change.

  4. Christina Burns says:

    I work… I’m ignoring the whole thing. Lols. Maybe when I get hungry. Original or Crispy? (To her, the customer….no they arent hot wings…..just drums and flats)

  5. JP says:

    They have a combo with 5 “whole wings” for $7 and change at my local KFC

  6. alan rodriguez says:

    kfcs so rather get real fried chiken from the south and most of the time u get nothing and pay to much.. and for wngs.. dont even say that any fast food sghould even try it.. u want real food g to a real sports bar… nice try kfc.. though the price is good i wll prob just go because were bored and broke…a tip fr those that like it hot.. get urelf el yucateo brand.. that stuff will blow ur mind

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