New BBLT & Tots from Sonic

For a limited time, Sonic is promoting its new BBLT & Tots combo for $3.99.  Includes medium Tots (review).  The BBLT features crispy bacon, hand-cut tomatoes, lettuce and mayo on a brioche bun.  Available at participating Sonic locations.  Prices may vary.

5 comments on “New BBLT & Tots from Sonic

  1. M-Logan says:

    I am happy those ‘maters are HAND CUT, because as we all know, if they were MACHINE CUT they would be, like, totally different ‘maters.

  2. Joe K. says:

    Extra bacon = at least 6 ounces or more. Those ‘maters look anemic as hell, also.

    • B Martinez says:

      Had this for lunch yesterday
      Couldnt eat it. The bun was overtoasted(burnt). The bacon was chared and crumbled not in pieces. The most horrible experience from sonic.

  3. M-Logan says:

    I hate tomatoes actually, when I was a kid I worked at a pizza place that also had good sammitches, and I would make a “BLO”, Bacon Lettuce & (black) Olives—- it was spectacular.

  4. Waldo says:

    Nothing is a ‘mater

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