New Bacon BBQ Burger from McDonald’s

McDonald’s has quietly released a new burger that is right up my alley… introducing the new Bacon BBQ Burger.  The Bacon BBQ Burger features a quarter pound beef patty topped with Applewood smoked bacon, bourbon BBQ sauce and fried onion strings on an artisan roll.  My local McDonald’s has the Bacon BBQ Burger priced at $6.19 and there’s a Double Bacon BBQ Burger priced at $7.49.  The Bacon BBQ Burger will set you back 710 calories while the Double is 920 calories. Available at participating McDonald’s for a limited time only.McDonalds Bacon BBQ Burger

5 comments on “New Bacon BBQ Burger from McDonald’s

  1. Jay Melo says:

    Recently I got a double BBQ bacon cheeseburger with sm fries and drink at Jack in the Box for $4.99. Makes you realize how over-priced Mcd’s is.

  2. Catherine says:

    Tried it at lunch. Taste was okay but nothing that great. Price wasn’t on the ordering board in the drive through. I was a little surprised how expensive it was. Wouldn’t have ordered it had I seen the price on the board.

  3. Stephen M. says:

    This has to be one of the best burgers that McDonald’s has put out in a number of years. I love it; especially in the double patty format.

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