Nacho Fries Return to Taco Bell

Taco Bell has brought back Nacho Fries for another LTO run.  It seems like Nacho Fries are going away and coming back every few months doesn’t it?  Nacho Fries are fast food style of French fries flavored with Mexican seasoning and served with warm nacho cheese.  My local Taco Bell has them priced at $1.29.  Check out our review from their initial launch in early 2018.Nacho Fries Taco Bell

5 comments on “Nacho Fries Return to Taco Bell

  1. Johhnyboy says:

    Authentic Mexican food like this should be on the menu permanently not as an LTO. The portions on these are really small so it takes 2-3 orders along with 5-6 crunch tacos to fill me up. Me and the hubby usually split a box of 10 tacos and a few orders of these fries and wash it down with some Baja Blast mountain dew.

    • Me says:

      So you’re saying you need two orders of fires and five tacos to “fill you up?” There is no way in hell you way less than 200 pounds.

    • Johhny walker says:

      LOL if it takes all that to “fill you up” then you need to quickly go on a diet. that is extremely unhealthy. I love taco bell as much as the next guy but come on!

  2. El Chapo Stick says:

    tried them in the $5 box, they were limp and bland, really nasty

  3. BBB says:

    I don’t understand why they keep taking these away and bringing them back a few months later. I find it hard to believe they make more money this way as opposed to leaving them on the menu permanently. I don’t really care as I could take or leave these but it just seems dumb to me.

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