Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza Returns

Little Caesars started their ExtraMostBestest Pizza campaign in May of 2017.  The pizza boasted the “most pepperoni and cheese of any large round standard menu 1-topping pepperoni pizza sold by the top four major national pizza chains”.  The Stuffed Crust ExtraMostBestest Pizza was introduced early last year and it’s now back for a limited time only. Stuffed with 3 feet of cheese and priced at $9 plus tax.  Available at participating Little Caesars locations.Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza

4 comments on “Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza Returns

  1. Sascha says:

    Stuffed crust is played out. I’d love to see another release of the smokehouse pizza. Perfect for summer.

  2. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Or a nationwide release of the Chorizo pizza would also be nice!

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