New King’s Hawaiian Subs at Select Subway Locations June 27

Subway and King’s Hawaiian are the latest partnership in the quick serve industry. Starting on Thursday, June 27, select Subway locations will be offering King’s Hawaiian bread that is baked fresh in their restaurants.Subway King's HawaiianIf you’re in the test market area of Champaign, Illinois, Reno, Nevada and Richmond, Virginia, there will be over 300 Subways with the new King’s Hawaiian bread.  Get your Subway sandwich Aloha Style with King’s Hawaiian bread and 50% more meat and double the cheese.  There will be two promoted sandwiches during the test run:

  • New Turkey Bacon & Provolone – Savory turkey, provolone cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo piled on freshly baked King’s Hawaiian 8″ bread
  • New Ham & Swiss – Ham, Swiss cheese, spinach, tomatoes and mayo all on a freshly baked King’s Hawaiian 8″ bread

The test run will be through September 4.

One comment on “New King’s Hawaiian Subs at Select Subway Locations June 27

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    They could use Sourdough bread and I still wouldn’t buy their sandwiches. Their food is bland and lacks any flavor, I unfortunately had to eat it twice at my job earlier this year, because they were to only option versus Ramen noodles from the vending machine. The latter tasted much better.

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