Jack in the Box Introduces Two New Sauced & Loaded Fries

Jack in the Box has brought back the Really Big Chicken Sandwich and is also featuring two new Sauced & Loaded Fries options.  Jack Box Sauced Loaded FriesAvailable for a limited time only, participating JITB locations are promoting new Cheddar Bacon Sauced & Loaded Fries along with new Steak & Parm Sauced & Loaded Fries.

  • Cheddar Bacon – These curly fries have made it official: there’s no better combination than bacon and cheese. And more cheese. That’s why they’re topped with bacon and yellow cheese sauce, shredded cheddar and drizzled with Green Onion Ranch. A mouthwatering classic combination that doesn’t need any forks or knives.  (730 calories)
  • Steak & Parm – Why have steak and fries when you can have steak ON fries? Pretty smart, if you ask us. But the brilliance of these fries doesn’t stop there. They’re also drizzled with a garlic white cheese sauce between the curls to make a creamy combination for any sized craving. Boom, genius. (640 calories)

One comment on “Jack in the Box Introduces Two New Sauced & Loaded Fries

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    I wish we had JITB here on the East Cost, suck and tired of Taco Bell and the sort.

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