Coca-Cola Resurrects New Coke with Stranger Things Season 3

As you might (probably) have heard, the Coca-Cola company is bringing back New Coke for a promo campaign alongside the Netflix series Stranger Things as its third season releases on July 4.  Who remembers New Coke?  It was originally released in 1985 to replace the original Coca-Cola recipe because blind taste test results showed people picking Pepsi over Coca-Cola because it was sweeter.  The Coca-Cola recipe was reformulated due to this feedback and “new” Coke was born.  Test market results and sales were strong for a couple of months, but people in the south weren’t happy (Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta, Georgia)… there were boycotts/protests if you can believe it.

There’s a lot more to it, but within a few months, the original formula returned and was rebranded as Coca-Cola Classic, while the new recipe stuck around with the name Coca-Cola. I won’t go on with the history lesson, but read up if you’re interested.  The bottomline is New Coke eventually disappeared and now it’s back.  The Coca-Cola Company sent me some to try out so let’s take a taste.Yes, New Coke obviously is a sweeter-than-the-original-recipe version of the cola we all are familiar with… and yeah it’s more reminiscent to the sweetness of Pepsi.  I also found New Coke to have smaller carbonation bubbles, so it’s a fizzier and smoother drinking experience than regular Coca-Cola.  That fizzier/smoother quality is pleasant at first, but you can tell it’s going to go flat on you if you don’t down it fast enough… especially after the first half is consumed.  It’s worth checking out for nostalgia purposes alone or to find out what you missed out on.  I was four years old when the New Coke campaign kicked off and my taste buds weren’t mature enough to understand the differences much anyway. Check out the to order merch and get your New Coke too.

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