Burger King Promotes Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

For a limited time, Burger King will be promoting new Chicken Caesar Sandwiches.  Available in Crispy, Spicy, or Grilled, each Chick Caesar Sandwich features lettuce, tomato, Caesar sauce, bacon, and shaved parmesan on a potato bun.  The Crispy version will set you back 810 calories while the Spicy is 830 and the Grilled is 710.  My local BK has the sandwiches priced at $6.39 but prices may vary by location.Burger King Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

One comment on “Burger King Promotes Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    These may be tasty but too pricey for subpar sandwich. I’d rather eat a Popeyes sandwich for $3.99 or a Chick-fil-A or a Wendy’s Spicy for far less.

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