Burger King Promotes $1 Crispy Taco

Starting today, Burger King will be promoting a Crispy Taco for $1. The Crispy Taco features a crispy tortilla filled with seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce topped with a savory taco sauce.  Available nationwide for a limited time only.Burger King Crispy Taco

9 comments on “Burger King Promotes $1 Crispy Taco

  1. Robert says:

    No shame admitting it, I love the occasional BK taco, but this looks different than their typical Jack in the Box ripoff. Not just the shredded cheese, but the shell itself doesn’t look like it’s fried there. Hmm.

    • Robert's Conscience says:

      How on earth does the shell not look fried? Oh, you’re with BK corporate’s marketing division? I see.

      • Robert says:

        First, creep, I have no idea what you mean posting as my ~conscience~. Second, I said it doesn’t look like it’s fried THERE. This looks like a pre-fried Old El Paso taco shell out of a box. But in actuality, and in Ryan’s reeview, you can see it’s clearly fried on site. Which tastes better. There, did I dumb it down enough for you?

  2. Jar says:

    Willing to give it a try (with low expectations) but is the price supposed to be some kind of a bargain? At Del Taco you can get a regular taco, same ingredients as this, for 69 cents.

    • Lurr says:

      Compared to Taco Bell at $1.29 for the same thing I guess it’s a deal. I’ve only seen a couple Del Taco locations in my life so I don’t think they are really the competition this product is aimed at

  3. MICHAEL BECK says:

    I had these Sunday and it does look different not as greasy shell was crisp

  4. Simon says:

    I understand the actual item not looking like the picture but come on this picture is not even close to the same item! Anyone who has never had it and tries it based on that picture will be severely disappointed

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