Four International McDonald’s Items More Interesting than the Worldwide Favorites Menu

The Worldwide Favorites menu has reached the official national launch day.  We reviewed the Stroopwafel McFlurry (The Netherlands) along with the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger (Spain) and the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich (Canada).  I’m currently debating on whether or not to get the Cheesy Bacon Fries (Australia)  because they’ve been on U.S. menus in the past.McDonalds InternationalSo far, the menu items I’ve tried have been average to pretty good, but nothing really too interesting.  Here are four international McDonald’s items that are more interesting than the current Worldwide Favorites menu.   Also included is their sometimes-funny Google translation into English:

  • The Ahoj-Brause McFlurry from McDonald’s Germany

“Now there is the completely crazy shower fun: the McFlurry Ahoj-shower strawberry with tingling Ahoj shower pearls in the classic flavors woodruff, raspberry, orange and lemon. Encased in white chocolate, the shower pearls come as a bubbly-sour taste explosion. Get the eternally young Prickel-fun!”  –  As Dubba would say, this one has “fun factor.” Fizzy candy in a McFlurry is something I could see happening at some point in the U.S.

  • Big Malt from McDonald’s Brazil

Big Malt McDonalds Brazil“2 burgers, bacon, beer mustard, crispy onion, lettuce and loaf special”  –  Looks very interesting. I almost picked the McFire from McDonald’s Brazil for the name alone. The Big Malt’s loaf special was hard to resist.  Definitely doesn’t appear to be a good grubbing on the go pick.

  • Fillet ‘o Shrimp from McDonald’s Japan

Fillet o Shrimp McDonalds Japan“Renewed in 2018! Aurora source is a highly reliable product with excellent compatibility with Zakuzak shrimp cutlet that boasts the original texture and deep taste of shrimp.”  I love this one on multiple levels.  The name, the translation, and that it looks absolutely disgusting.  Japan is far from uninteresting.

  • McRib Onion Rings from McDonald’s Guatemala

McRib Onion Rings McDonalds Guatemala“Boneless pork rib bathed in a delicious barbecue sauce, gherkins and onion rings breaded in special bread.”  Onion rings as a replacement to slivered onions on the McRib is an idea that needs to happen in the States.  Those pickles have got to go though.

So that’s my list of international menu items from McDonald’s that are way more interesting than the safe picks on the Worldwide Favorites menu. What are four international McD’s menu items that would make your list? TravellingMcDs is a great source to check out… and his Instagram.  If you’re a reader from outside the U.S. or have traveled and tried international McDonald’s menu items, let us know in the comments.

4 comments on “Four International McDonald’s Items More Interesting than the Worldwide Favorites Menu

  1. DC says:

    Tried a Filet ‘o Shrimp in early April…was very good and didn’t look gross or even weird in person. The most different/best McDonald’s item i had in Japan was a potato and bacon pie. It was just like one of the dessert pies except with a savory potato and bacon filling. Also they still deep fry the pies there so it was outrageously crispy and delightful.

    • Ryan says:

      I can maybe see a Potato Bacon Pie being successful here with a sour cream dipping sauce or something

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, the patty of tiny shrimp/crab deep fried as one big piece is quite popular in Japan. There’s a Japanese burger place outside of Chicago called Gabutto, and their version of this outsells all of their burgers.

  2. Marco says:

    How about Poutine from Canada? That’s more interesting than fries with cheese and bacon. How is that Australian anyway?

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