New Black Eyed Peas from Popeyes

Cajun fries and Red Beans & Rice have some new competition for your side item choice at Popeyes with the introduction of Black Eyed Peas.  New Black Eyed Peas feature a smoky broth of stewed peas blended with jalapeño and poblano peppers.  Priced at $1.49 at participating Popeyes locations.  Prices may vary.

One comment on “New Black Eyed Peas from Popeyes

  1. Aquita NoThighGap Mormen says:

    Yum yum yum, i had to order 4 of these to feel full. Then i pooped enough and it felt like i delivered a baby. Since I am big bonedid, this is the closest thing to having a real baby. Lol. Well worth it. I love my Popeyes, they always give me freebies.

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