The S’mores Blizzard Returns to Dairy Queen

The very popular S’mores Blizzard is back as the featured Blizzard of the Month for May at Dairy Queen. The S’mores Blizzard features marshmallow filled chocolates and graham pieces blended with vanilla soft serve.  Check out our full review of the S’mores Blizzard from back when it was introduced in 2013.Dairy Queen is also kicking off summer early by promoting the new Summer Blizzard Menu (S’mores Blizzard included).  This summer-long promo includes some new Blizzard flavors like Jurrassic Chomp, Summer Berry Cheesecake and Twix.  Returning for the summer is another fan favorite… Cotton Candy.  Here’s the official line-up of the newcomers:

  • Jurassic Chomp Blizzard: Colossal choco dipped peanut butter bites and fudge topping blended with vanilla soft serve.
  • Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard: Cheesecake pieces and real raspberries, blackberries and blueberries free of artificial colors or sweeteners blended with vanilla soft serve.
  • Twix Blizzard: Twix cookie bar pieces and caramel topping blended with vanilla soft serve.

DQ is also offering 2 for $4 medium dipped cones and sundaes after 8pm every night at participating locations. For the non-dessert news, Dairy Queen’s $5 Buck Lunch has expanded to include a couple of new options: the Crispy Chicken Salad or the KC BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries.  Both entrees served with a  21 oz. drink and a small sundae. Upgrade your sundae to a small Blizzard for $1.

5 comments on “The S’mores Blizzard Returns to Dairy Queen

  1. DAVO ARMANIAN says:

    I had this last night with my husband, my exboyfriend and the gardener who was cutting my bush. We shared a large smores blizzard together and ate it off each others body. This was extra tasty. And melted so fast.

  2. Barnaby says:

    It’s always interesting to see the lengths mentally challenged people like this Johnnyboy go to in order to get even with anonymous users on discussion forums, apparently angry because some other user had a similar username and he feels like people should care that it makes him feel less special. So he just craps all over the whole message board because nobody is paying attention to him when he’s trying to point out which posts are his.

  3. Geforcepat says:

    Well, I’ll be making a stop this weekend at DQ for one of the cotton candy. and many more stops throughout the summer will try the cheesecake too.

  4. Johnnyboy says:

    I saw the customer for this morning on TV and it makes me want to get one.

  5. Steve says:

    They lady at my local DQ looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for the KC bbq bacon cheeseburger 5 buck lunch. I live near St. Louis.

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