Popeyes Brings Back $4 Wicked Good Deal

Popeyes Wicked Chicken (review) is back for a limited time with the return of the $4 Wicked Good Deal.  Wicked Chicken is described as “thin strips of tender, juicy, all white meat marinated in authentic Louisiana seasonings and cooked in our uniquely crispy coating until twisty and curly.”  Combo meal includes Cajun fries, a buttermilk biscuit and choice of dipping sauce.  No mini bottle of TABASCO unfortunately.

5 comments on “Popeyes Brings Back $4 Wicked Good Deal

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Finally some great deals at Popeye’s, but this type of chicken is puny and a ripoff, but tasty however.

  2. CulinaryZerg says:

    8 years later and it’s still priced at $4?

    Assuming it’s the same size as before that really is a wicked good deal. Glad to see inflation hasn’t crushed this.

  3. Paul says:

    Good stuff. Good deal. Pre-tax total with medium drink, which is really a large drink, is $5.90 at my local Popeyes (19 cents less than buying separately). As of yesterday, they still had the $5 boneless wing LTO, which I consider to be a better deal since it includes the drink, but I expect it will be gone soon.

  4. ACS says:

    Got this yesterday it was really good! Came in a box with the side and biscuit. They were also offering an Oreo Cookies and Cream Pie which I didn’t get but I might have to next time.

  5. jtk says:

    Why is it never the garlic pepper wicked chicken? I loved that stuff.

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