Papa John’s New Donut Holes Coming June 1st

On Friday, June 1st, Papa John’s will be celebrating National Donut Day by introducing new Donut Holes.  Papa John’s will be promoting their new dessert by offering free 10-piece Donut Holes with every online pizza purchase.  While supplies last.

4 comments on “Papa John’s New Donut Holes Coming June 1st

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Why is papa Johns doing these? I hope they are fried up fresh like real donuts and not just frozen ones baked. Did they get some of Dunkin Donuts overstock?

  2. MP says:

    Strange…. these type of donut holes are usually fried, but as we know most pizza chains don’t have fryers (as evident by the horrible rubbery flubbery chicken wings they sell that people actually pay money for). I guess they fry them off-site at a factory and then warm them in the pizza oven or microwave….

  3. Ruth says:

    Why? Papa Johns needs to stay in pizzas.

    • Bubbsy says:

      What’s the problem with a them offering salads, sides and desserts? They’re not a specialty fancy-pants artisan pizza shop, but instead a big coupon-based pizza chain offering something for everyone.
      I don’t know why you would look to a cheap chain like this when you want to get the best pizza in the neighborhood, if so you’re doing it all wrong….. People order from PJ because it’s edible pizza delivered they have a coupon for, and they can also get a salad for their anorexic “vegan feminist” teen daughter, chicken nuggets for their 4 yr old, and maybe some kind of warm & gooey dessert for a treat.
      Do you also feel that Burger King should just “stick with burgers” and get rid of french fries and shakes?

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