New Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp from Popeyes

The latest LTO at Popeyes is new Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp.  Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp are marinated in their traditional authentic Louisiana seasonings and breaded in a sweet shortbread coating.  To give you an idea of the Sweet Heat name, there is a dipping sauce description that says “sweet honey kicked up with Louisiana hot sauce, vinegar and a special blend of peppers”.  Get 8 shrimp, a side and a biscuit for $5.  Or sub out 4 shrimp for 2 Chicken Tenders to make it a $5 Surf & Turf.  Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp will be available through February 25th.

10 comments on “New Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp from Popeyes

  1. ACS says:

    That’s really strange, I stopped at Popeye’s yesterday and they did not have this, they were advertising a $5 Boneless Wings Combo (6 wings, side, biscuit, and drink), which had just been added to the menu within the last few days. I also saw a commercial for it on TV last night. No signs or anything for the surf and turf or shrimp.


    That’s a great deal, too bad shrimp is nasty. People eat shrimp poo without even knowing. It is not Kosher or Halal and they are bottom feeders. They eat the dead or decaying animals in the ocean.

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    So basically this is just their breaded shrimp with different flavor breading. Still nothing new in fast food for 2 months now. I can make better shrimp at home, and they sell better quality shrimp at the market I go to get the organic fruits & veggies for my daily pre-workout smoothies that I drink before beginning the reps for my arms and my core. I can usually finish my workout before going to work.

    • Bill says:

      You’re comparing pricey market shrimp to a $5 fast food offering. That’s like saying an Audi is a much nicer car than a VW – of course it is because you’re paying more. Your organic this and that paired with your arms and core are not interesting to anyone but you.

  4. JohnnyBoy says:

    Honestly though, I agree with DAVO ARMANIAN….shrimp is gross.

    read this:

    Think twice before eating this.

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