New Papa Rewards Program at Papa John’s

Papa John’s has made some changes to its rewards program that will earn you points five times faster than before.

Points earned turn into the gold standard of pizza rewards currency: Papa Dough, which can be redeemed towards anything on the menu – pizzas, sides, deserts and more (excluding alcohol) – including limited time offers and deals.

Changes to the program include:

  • Now receive one point for every dollar spent (previously 1 point for every $5 spent).
  • 75 points = $10 Papa Dough
  • No limitations for the amount of points that can be earned per transaction
  • Now able to earn on any order – on web, apps, by phone or in store

Your current Papa Rewards accounts have been updated to the new Papa Rewards program and points from the old program were multiplied by five to align with the value of the new program structure. New and current members to Papa Rewards will get a free 10” Cheesesticks with any $12 purchase through January 27th. (valid online or app orders only).

2 comments on “New Papa Rewards Program at Papa John’s

  1. Chris says:

    Not eating at Papa John’s is its own reward.

  2. Joe K. says:

    This would be a good deal except that Papa John’s sucks. So does Pizza Hut & Domino’s. In fact – years ago, I was on the Domino’s corporate management “team” at several locations in Florida:

    “During the early 80’s, Domino’s Pizza was actually quite good for a chain. Their dough was good, with a specialty mix of flour that was made chewy with gluten; and their sauce was full of oregano and a bit spicy. Cooked in the traditional gas ovens and with the pizzas hand spun, the ending result was memorable. The toppings were always fresh, and although they never used real pepperoni (they still don’t – it is labeled “sausage for pizza”), the results were quite good. Around 1982 three things happened. Some people complained their sauce was “too spicy” and their dough was “too chewy”. Around the same time the cursed chain ovens were brought in and all went to hell. The focus was now on making “speed pizzas” vs. “quality pizzas”. In my opinion, they have never regained quality at all. It was around this time I left the Domino’s corporate management team.”

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