New Loaded Sides from A&W

For a limited time only, participating A&W locations are promoting new Loaded Sides.   Get your fries or onion rings topped with BBQ sauce, ranch, bacon, and spicy jalapeños.  This might be the first time in history that loaded sides didn’t include cheese.  Calories 648-688, Fat 36g-39g, Carbs 65g, Protein 16-19g.

2 comments on “New Loaded Sides from A&W

  1. Aquita Buffalobutt Mormen says:

    This month keeps getting better. I will be getting a sackful of these to eat on my way home. I gotta be skinny next month after New Years. Currently my thunder thigh and big buffalo backside is at 280 pounds.

  2. Joe Cool says:

    I would try this but I’m afraid to be sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes.

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