New Lemon Glazed Doughnut Coming to Krispy Kreme This Spring

For one week only this spring, participating Krispy Kreme locations will be featuring Lemon Glazed Doughnuts.  After millions of votes were cast by fans online, Lemon was the top choice getting 36% of the vote.  Coming in second was Caramel, then Blueberry, and Maple coming in last.

America dreamed, debated and, now… has decided. After millions of votes online, lemon was selected to be our next, all-new Glazed Doughnut flavor! The doughnut will be available for a full week this spring at participating Krispy Kreme shops. Thanks to all of our fans who voted. We can’t wait to create this new flavor. Stay tuned!

2 comments on “New Lemon Glazed Doughnut Coming to Krispy Kreme This Spring

  1. alek says:

    I think that blueberry lemon donut would be perfect. Blueberry donut with lemon glaze. No brainer

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    Krispey Kreme should sell their PIES at the store too. Those are super delish…especially the banana one. You can’t always find them in Wal-Mart….when they do. YUM!

    They taste especially good after microwaving them for 15 seconds.

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