New Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich from KFC

Earlier this year, KFC took a shot at a simple, no-frills chicken sandwich known as the Crispy Colonel (I reviewed the original Crispy Colonel Sandwich back in April).  Considering the competition from Chick-fil-A, the Crispy Colonel Sandwich was long overdue.  Now comes even more sandwich with the introduction of the new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich.

Get ready, because you’re gonna need both hands to get a grip on our new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich. Oh, yeah. It’s that big and crunchy. And with two pieces of fried chicken—double-breaded and perfectly fried on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside—that means twice the extra crispy, crunchy, golden goodness!

The Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich will set you back 710 calories, 39 grams of fat, 5.5 grams of saturated fat, 1910 milligrams of sodium, 50 grams of carbs, 3 grams of sugar, and 43 grams of protein.

13 comments on “New Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich from KFC

  1. BigBelly says:

    I imagine this one is going to be kind of hard to keep together when you eat it.
    It looks like they took the pickle fried version of the menu, that was a good sandwich 🙁

    • Brad says:

      The pickle fried chicken was announced as very limited from the beginning.

      As for this bad boy, I’ll try it once just to cross it off my list. Too big and unwieldy to get more than once, I have a feeling…

      • BigBelly says:

        Ya, it was like the least advertised option ever. Even though it isn’t on the website anymore, I was still able to get one by asking tonight

    • alan rodriguez says:

      not really.. its a good sized amount and meat is the star of any dish and this is wat id get if i wanted a good sandwich.. id then mke my own mayo sauce and add some franks.. no meat no sandwich.. taco bell ahould make it permanent.. serously

  2. M-Logan says:

    The last one I had (single) was so dried-out, tough and chewy, that doubling it would NOT have been any improvement. It seemed like it was HOURS old.

    • Robert says:

      The ones I get (admittedly at lunchtime) are always crazy juicy. I’m surprised how consistently good they are.

      There’s already too much chicken almost on this sandwich, so a double ses insane. I’d just take one of these off and eat it separately. Mmm!

    • CulinaryZerg says:

      Yeah, the freshness is the wild card on this sandwich. When I get them fresh out of the fryer, they are the BEST chicken sandwich on the market. I even like it much better than Chick Fil A, no joke.

      But when you get it after they’ve been sitting in a heating tray for a couple hours, they are TERRIBLE. Dry, chewy, stale just like you described. I wish KFC could find a way to keep their product fresher.

  3. Gr8pimpin says:

    Ok, I’m stuck watching carbs, so this is out.

    But, not questioning this sites reporting, just KFCs.

    I think someone needs to investigate the Colonel for misinformation on their nutritional info. Unlikely this sandwich has only 50 g of carbs. I also think they lie about their regular chicken sandwich claiming that it only has 27 g. It’s impossible. A plain bun by itself has like 21 gm of carbs and the extra crispy coating?

    They claim a chicken little has 27 grams, which IS believable, and it’s half the size of the regular size sandwich.

    • Robert says:

      Where are you even getting your info? The KFC website says the single version of this chicken sandwich has 37g of carbs. It’s practically on their main page.

      • BigBelly says:

        Ryan wrote it (50g)in the description.
        But you’re correct in the single version showing 37g, and if you hover over “crispy chicken filet” it shows as 13g, so adding a second would bring it to 50

  4. Scram says:

    I got the Nashville Hot version, and it was awesome, and GIGANTIC. Very tall sandwich, and I had to mash it down to eat it. But it was a flavorful, juicy, awesome sandwich.

  5. alan rodriguez says:

    now thats how u effin do it.. bring on the portions.. .. this is what id get if i had one choice and then instead of boring mayo put some soy and make a paste out of it… garlic so mayo on the buns and then ur fav hot sauce.. for those thst apprecite this..

  6. alan rodriguez says:

    stupid to delete my post.. we can cuss if we want.. change he modertors around here.. this sandwich does the rignt thing by ading double meat.. thats how its done and serosly for the price your stuffed and also make own won mayo sauceand ur set.. this is wt i would get evry weekend.. could care lessabut the rest.. for peets sake make it permanent..

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